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  1. That could be a good thing! They seem to have only sent out some rejections, according to the results board. I received a rejection email too. Wish you all the best to get some good news tomorrow.
  2. I would like to invite people asking about the timelines and interview conventions of a school to refer to the results page (https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/). Use "advanced search", type the school and program (sociology) into the search box, and see the history and timeline of decision notification.
  3. Hi all, I saw it on the latest results page for UCLA that someone wrote to the grad coordinator and received the response as follows: "Some decisions may be released in January and others will come in February. Our admissions committee meet weekly to make decisions but I cannot tell you the exact timeline. We should be able to notify everyone by mid-February. Good luck." Additionally, I agree that the University ID is probably assigned to all applicants.
  4. Congrats with the interview and good luck! I am seeing several interview invites from the result page from Rice and UChicago. I expect there to be more invites from these schools coming in the following weeks now that the long weekend is over. It can feel anxious to see other people receiving interview invites. I have been, for a last couple of days. If anyone is feeling overwhelmed, friendly reminder that you are welcome to log off this site and give your self a break!
  5. Thanks @Fatkiller for the update. My email from Indiana Bloomington says the admissions committee have received the material and will meet in mid to late Jan to select the new cohort. Your report of NYU sent me to a bit of panic. I submitted my application on Jan 4 and didn't receive email from them. What kind of email is that--a response to your inquiry, or a generic email that is intended for everyone?
  6. @letsgetit21See https://www.reddit.com/r/gradadmissions/. It's predominantly related to sciences and engineering programs though. I don't find it to be very helpful; but I check it from time to time because I crave information🤣
  7. Are you on Reddit? Lol. I think there's been some interview invites and final decisions for the sciences and engineering programs. But in general PhD programs in the humanities and social sciences would get back to us in late January, February, or March. If by status updates you mean completeness check--then I received a few notice from the graduate schools or departments stating that my application is complete and ready for review.
  8. Thanks to every one who replied! A brief self-introduction: I'm an international student applying to 13 programs in sociology. My research interests are gender and sexuality, ethnographic methods, and health. Would anyone be willing to share the number of programs they are applying to and their research interests?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I see application threads created roughly around this time of the year for a new cycle and thought of creating one myself. I'm currently drowning in applications and could use some support. Please feel free to share your background, schools you're applying to, how your application is going, your thoughts and concerns, and perhaps results at a later stage!
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