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  1. Rankings aren't everything, but the difference between #64 and beyond #100 is pretty large. Do VT.
  2. I want to echo was xyz234 said. I had zero sociology courses when I applied and it worked out for me at a T20 program. Research is infinitely more important. That plus a strong writing sample is 100% where your energy should be.
  3. Selfishly happy to see UCI break T20 but at the same time, the reality is placement is what matters, no matter what U.S. News says. This does, however, seem to better reflect placement as of late. Yale being in the T20 is odd (no offense to anyone who goes there — talking about placement, range of research) but okay then, U.S. News ...
  4. To @EggplantFondue: An NSF reviewer from a few years back who did an AMA said that NSF reviewers give number ratings we can't see, so the whole G/VG thing doesn't tell you much about what they actually said. On top of that, they use z-scores to standardize between reviewers, so that's how some people with several VGs and Gs get it while others with all Es don't — if you happened to get easy reviewers, your Es didn't mean as much, and conversely, if you got hard reviewers, positive reviews from them meant more. Not sure if they're still doing it this way but hopefully that helps explain a littl
  5. Legitimately shocked to be recommended and so thankful for all of you amazing people for being supportive and begging me through the app and waiting period Social sciences- sociology: VG/E, E/E, E/E
  6. Some kind, neurotic soul from last year made this nifty spreadsheet (thank you, person in old thread!), if anyone wants to obsess more. FYI, the first to post about last year was ~11:15 EST. Edit: Also check out that thread for detailed analyses regarding average time between maintenance starting and results being released.
  7. Oh fail re: the mass email. That's a bit funny.
  8. Care to share any info about what school this is for? Even just a ranking or location range? This seems very strangely numeric for a lot of programs.
  9. Just wanted to let soc people know that they're starting to release decisions! Got a nice rejection with some scattered (but helpful) feedback. If you're still waiting, hang in there! ❤️
  10. Also waiting in soc! Glad I'm not alone in being ghosted haha.
  11. To people who are alternates (congrats!): We think NSF is going to announce tomorrow based on the maintenance schedule for the website, so that will probably get some people to turn down Ford in the next couple weeks just due to the $ difference. Not sure how many actually do turn it down, but I'd imagine that the turnover is greater in hard sciences than social sciences/humanities just given the dearth of social sciences/humanities fellowships out there.
  12. Still nothing over here. Why they haven't figured out how to mass email everyone at the same time, I haven't a clue. Reminds me of the grad school app process haha. 🤷‍♀️ Serious congrats to everyone on this thread, though. Just doing the application (and waiting for the results) is a lot of work and stressful, and I think you all sound like you're doing amazing things.
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