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  1. I definitely don't think there's shame in 1. Going to a program outside of the Top 25 (though please get funding!), or 2. Strengthening your application and applying again. Just know it's possible to get rejected from all schools the second time around, so have a back-up plan.
  2. "Full funding" tends to mean: stipend (often uncomfortably low, but should cover reasonable rent in the area) in exchange for labor of some kind or a fellowship, a full tuition waiver, and a large chunk of health insurance premiums and fees covered (though the amount of this varies). If you're in a position where you'd have to pay at all for your PhD beyond out of the stipend they give you, I'd approach with extreme caution, personally. It sounds like you're saying they're only covering tuition with no extra money for you to live on. That's not what other programs tend to mean by "full funding."
  3. I will never understand why programs torture us by holding out on rejecting us for as long as possible. Arg.
  4. Yikes, those numbers are scary. But congrats to all the admits!
  5. There have been some UTs on the Results board; no UPenn's that I've seen.
  6. lkaitlyn


    I actually think this thread represents my mood beautifully.
  7. And Michigan, though at least they didn't email it to everyone and then ghost us.
  8. Until you said Monday is a holiday, I honestly didn't remember that. Oh dear.
  9. Congrats to the Princeton admit! Looks like today might be the day schools finally tell us things!
  10. I called UCLA yesterday and they said they already notified admitted students. Haven't posted the rejection on the Results board until it's official but sounds like that's what it is.
  11. I'm sorry. I also happen to know based on where I'm currently a student that someone big there is probably about to leave (don't want to out them yet because they should get to announce it at their leisure) so it's possible that became known and it changed who they admitted. I just found out myself and it definitely made the program ever so slightly less appealing to me personally. We will find places where we feel at home. ♥️ (And who knows? Maybe they haven't told waitlist people yet.)
  12. Sorry to say this but did call the department this morning and they told me they've notified admitted students already.
  13. Especially considering that the person I talked to thought their admitted students visit was the first week of March ...
  14. Yeah, I don't know what the deal is. I'm beginning to wonder if they sent out acceptances but just no one on Grad Cafe got one? (Sorry — I know that's a very negative way of looking at things.)
  15. It's not just Sociology — there are super delayed Gender Studies things too. I'm beginning to wonder if for some reason there was a huge floodof applications this year?
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