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  1. E-P

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Another fight with my spouse, with whom I otherwise have a good, healthy, loving marriage. Again, it's him taking issue with me hating most comedies, and not wanting to be around them, even when other people are watching and enjoying them. And no, staying quietly on the couch and reading isn't an option because it's really f---king distracting. I guess next time I either stay at home, or drive myself and am the weirdo who says, "Okay, I'm out" immediately after dinner. I don't understand why this is tough to "get." If my friends and enjoyed listening to country music, which he hates, I would never ask him to grin and bear it and entertain himself or leave. I would do something else that included him.
  2. E-P

    Required transcript

    Yeah, they for sure want you to have your school send them a final transcript, just so they can make sure you finished and graduated. Be sure it's sent directly from the school to them; they assume that if it comes from the student, it might have been modified. That transcript will probably indicate that you've had your degree conferred, but doublecheck with the school once they've received it in case they want, I dunno, a photo of your diploma.
  3. E-P

    Low Grade

    I'm dealing with a similar problem and asked a similar question. I asked my department head, and was told that they understand that lower grades will happen in an undergraduate course, and so it's not a big deal, especially since your overall GPA will work out to be over a 3.0. I'd talk to your graduate advisor, but I wouldn't worry too much.
  4. E-P

    Practical Info For Foreigners Moving to the US

    Welcome to the US! The vast majority of us are glad to have you! I'll try to answer the questions I know: Which bank(s) do you think is/are the best according to their quality of service? Which bank you use depends on where you go. I've had to switch banks when I've moved across the US, although there are one or two that are nationwide (Chase, for example). Personally, I'd go to google maps in your city, type in "Bank," and see how many come up. You'll want ones that have lots of branches and lots of ATMs, preferably ones that don't charge you fees to go to out-of-network ATMs. Your school may also have a school-specific credit union (another type of bank, basically), and those sometimes offer better deals than a generic bank. Do you pay annual fees for credit cards in the US? It depends on the credit card. You can get CCs with no annual fees. That said, your bank will also give you an ATM/debit card, which functions as a credit card that withdraws from your account. So you don't NEED a separate credit card for doing online purchases. Finally, I am asking these questions assuming that I will have freedom to choose my bank, but do schools sometimes force you to open your account in a certain bank because they have a deal with them or something? Not that I've ever heard. My second set of questions is about GSM Operators.  Since I will mostly communicate with my friends and family members in my home country via Skype, Hangouts, and similar apps, I will not be using my old phone number. I will switch to an American GSM operator and get a new number to communicate with my new contacts in the US. Which GSM operator would you recommend based on your personal experiences? Again, it depends on your area, since cell phone providers have better coverage in some areas than other. For example, my school is in a small city, and Sprint isn't very good here. But I live in an even smaller city, and neither Sprint nor Tmobile are very good there. So yes, it largely depends on your school, and where specifically you live. Check with some members of your program and see what's most common. Speaking broadly, Verizon is the most expensive. I would suggest trying to go with Tmobile or AT&T if possible. Most cell phone services have unlimited talking and messaging, but some require more payment if you use more data. That said, Boston will probably be fine. I can't imagine that any of them have "bad" service in a major US city.  And my final questions concern the issue of Home textiles. The residence hall will not be providing me with linens, pillows, blankets, and suchlike, so I have to buy them myself. I know IKEA is probably an affordable option for purchasing such things, but is there any other place that you could recommend? I'd probably look on Amazon first. IKEA is cheap, but low quality for such things, so you'll probably be happier with the quality of the "AmazonBasics" stuff. If you have more questions, keep 'm coming! I'll respond as I have time.
  5. E-P

    Laptop recommendation

    I'm taking the opposite approach. I've been a Mac for a long time, and I find that Macs retain their functionality for years longer than PCs. For example, my husband - on average - goes through a PC once every 3 years before it's obsolete. My current average is closer to 7 years. So I'm buying a new Mac and spending as much money as I can to get the most computer I can, with the idea that I won't have to buy another one until after my program is over. That said, not everyone can afford that approach.
  6. Duuuuuude. I graduated undergrad in 2004, and I'll be finishing my PhD around age 39. Most of the people starting the PhD program at my school are in their 30s. Looking in this forum, a good chunk of folks are in their 30s, with a handful 40s+. Doing a PhD/academia as a second career is very, very common. Basically, don't let being in your late 20s stop you if that's what you want. You would certainly not be the oldest person in your PhD cohort, if you go that route. And it's probably a good idea to not say you're "too old" to do something in a mixed audience, since there will certainly be people present who are older than you. Probably more relevant a pro-tip for future day jobs than random strangers on the Internet.
  7. Along the lines of what Sandmaster said, I would consider what your objectives are. I can't tell immediately by the credentials listed in your signature. If you're planning on a professional job, it might be worth it to rush through. If you're planning on a doctorate, it's probably worth it to take your time and use the "spare" time to try to get a publication of some variety and otherwise improve your PhD application.
  8. It may differ in your field. Personally, I'm a believer in the halfway point. I've done a bit of transcribing for a company (not academia), and they first used temi.com to get a rough transcription, then used me to proofread and edit. It was way better with English speakers, so if you're interviewing people with thick accents, it may not be the best solution. It's also probably more trouble than it's worth if you're transcribing them linguistically (ex: If you need to reflect durations of pauses, that sort of thing). But for most basic transcriptions? It does quite well.
  9. I had similar frustrations. Very smart, but full of failure with the GRE. Ironically, despite being a prolific reader, I was terrible at the verbal section, simply because the way they word things is really tricky. I found that reading a lot about how the GRE is constructed helped me, and going over the specific areas where I was having trouble. I wasn't worried about writing, so I just ignored studying for that, and focused on verbal and specific math competencies. I agree with Resilient, though - my MA program didn't require a GRE, so I didn't take it. Are you sure your schools/programs require it? If not, I wouldn't.
  10. E-P

    Grad. School Supplies?

    In what way do you use Excel for lit reviews? It wouldn't occur to me as the tool of choice. I've used either Mendeley (adding my review in the notes section), or in Evernote.
  11. The answer is: Probably. To some degree, if it's a different college, they're probably not going to know. But you do sign paperwork to the effect of "This is truthful," so presumably there could be academic dishonesty consequences for not submitting it. How bad they would be probably depends on the program and whether or not you could pass it off as "I forgot." For example, I did a couple of classes at a community college back in '02 that were then transferred onto my main transcript. I'm pretty sure I reported them separately when I applied for my MA, but I'm not sure. I doubt my degree would be revoked if I didn't though. Therefore, I'd suggest a few alternatives: 1. Drop the class. If it's not too late, drop it and retake it. 2. Talk to your professor about extra credit. Even if there's no mention of it in the syllabus, you can ask. 3. Go to office hours. All of them. If your professor sees you making a lot of extra effort to understand, they're more likely to help you out with #2, or give you the benefit of a doubt if it's the difference between an A and a B, B and C, etc. Good luck. I'm in a similar situation right now and tearing my hair out.
  12. E-P

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    That's not cool. Your friend needs to keep his dreams in his hands and his lusts in his pants. Either man up and leave his wife, or get some therapy and make it work. Either way, keep his wandering thoughts away from you. That's no way to treat a friend.
  13. E-P

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I'm taking an undergraduate statistics class during the summer, since my department doesn't offer any grad classes this semester. So it's me, age 34, and the professor, aged ~50, and 20 kids. We're probably the only two who can buy alcohol. One of these whippersnappers complained about me eating breakfast in class because it evidently smelled bad, and now eating is banned. I was eating oatmeal and cooked apples; I have no idea how the scent of apple pie could be that offensive. What the hell are these kids going to do when they get real jobs where people -- gasp -- eat, smoke, stink, and talk too loudly? Complain to their boss and expect their boss to police behaviors? KIDS THESE DAYS. Get off my lawn.
  14. E-P

    Purdue Fall 2018

    I asked my spouse, who lived in Florida for a while. He said that the humidity is about the same, but the temperature isn't as hot, so it doesn't feel as bad. "Here, I can get through the day wearing just one shirt; in Florida, you can't do that."

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