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    syntax, historical linguistics, Irish Gaelic, mythology/folklore/fairytales, etymology, library reference, academic libraries
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    Spring 2020
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    Linguistics Ph.D.

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  1. Here I am concurrently doing two Masters programs, had pretty well talked myself out of the Ph.D. route....but I’ve got the bug again. Grad school apps, here I come!

  2. Finally got accepted to a Masters program at Michigan State. Not for the semester I applied for; they kept me in limbo for months and I had to defer my application because I couldn't get a response out of them.

    1. E-P


      Ugh, I'm so sorry you had such a hard time. But I'm sure you're going to KICK BUTT when you get there and make them regret they didn't accept you sooner. :) 

      Comhghairdeas leat, a clarwyn!


      (Irish brought to you by Google, so it's their fault if it's wrong, not mine!)

  3. Should get a decision any day, and I’m unable to focus on anything else!

  4. clarwyn

    Spring 2018 Applicants

    And now it is early November. I am becoming crazed, checking for updates every ten minutes, and nothing is distracting me. Anybody have tips on how to deal with this? I am resisting the urge to email the decision maker; I feel like that would be a bad idea. I just want this to be over!
  5. clarwyn

    Spring 2018 Applicants

    I applied to Michigan State. My application has been in for several months, but they told me I probably wouldn't hear back until the last week of October or early November. (I did undergrad there, so I know the people making the decision.) Of course I've been checking all along, just in case; but I'm getting more frantic as it gets to be that time. I wish they could have let me know sooner, as I was deciding between two schools and the other one wanted a decision in July. I told them no, as this is a better program. But I feel like, since they know me, they probably already know what they plan to do, and would it really kill them to just let me know? I am distracting myself with TV and with taking extra hours at my job.
  6. @DBear that's wonderful, so glad you were successful! I'll definitely remember you too since your screenname is one of my best friend's nicknames, lol. Good luck with your program!
  7. Thanks for the encouragement DBear! I hope it's been a successful cycle for you? I haven't kept up with the forum much lately so I don't know whether you've posted any acceptances. I hope you have lots to choose from I think I'm also going to try to get a school teacher's certificate this year (diversifying my career options, haha) since it's something I've always thought about, and it will keep me busy while I wait! And my husband (no longer semi-estranged) is changing careers, so it's good for him that I'm not locked into a specific location this year. So instead of everyone going where I need to go, we'll be going wherever he needs to go. He's applying to a police program, which I think will be six months of training somewhere. After that, we can play the grad school game again next year!
  8. 4 for 4 on rejections. will try again next year!

    1. DBear


      Best of luck! I really mean that because it seems like there are so many factors we can't control in this process.. like maybe a POI would love to have you but they just have way too many advisees that won't be graduating soon... Who knows! I found out during an interview that the POI I was speaking to was down to one advisee as a bunch just graduated and had successfully found jobs. This was dumb luck. So really, I hope everything falls into place and you get into a program you love and also works well with your entire family!

  9. My last reply came today. I got all rejections. We are not going anywhere this year. I'm hopeful for next year though! In the meantime I'm going to do some conference presentations, possibly go to a summer training program with one of the professors I want to work with (if I can come up with the money, it's overseas), and hopefully get some more research experience. So hopefully I'll be more competitive next year. Wishing everyone the best of luck!
  10. That is really good advice! I don't know if I can stop myself from refreshing But you're right, the emails won't disappear if we don't see them right away. Buuuut....I want to KNOW right away
  11. Congrats @GeorgeC07, @eternalwait, @Feanor, and anyone I missed! Sooooo sorry you had to resubmit @Marshall, that's unbelievably awful :((((((( I hope the letter acquiring process turns out not to be so bad! Out of my four apps (why oh why did I think that was enough?!) I've had two rejections, and one school that I've pretty much given up on since I know they did interviews the beginning of January. So I'm really only waiting on one more school, which was my least favorite choice, but at this point I'll take it! Trying to see what I can do to improve my chances for next cycle; I've mostly given up on this one. But I'm still checking my email every 20 minutes, so I guess some part of me is still hoping
  12. clarwyn


    Netflix binging!
  13. clarwyn

    How many times have you checked your spam box today?

    I have never had anything go to my school email's spam folder, but I keep checking it anyway... Probably 3 or 4 times today.
  14. clarwyn

    Any Older (30+) applicants out there

    Hi! I'm 33, just finished my BA in Linguistics after poking at it for 14 years. I have a toddler and I'm about to have another baby (literally sometime this week, could happen tonight!) so that's a good distraction from the application wait! Except at 2am when I start worrying. I only applied to four schools, which now seems like WAY too few; I've received one rejection, and looks like two other schools have sent out interview requests (I didn't get one). So I'm pinning my hopes on that fourth school, which was my least favorite choice, but definitely better than nothing. I feel like the "extra experience" thing doesn't apply to me very well, since I wasted most of my 20s and don't have a solid background in the workforce any more than I have the extra research experience or MA that most applicants in my field seem to have :-/
  15. Just saw this; been avoiding the forum in an effort to try to keep myself thinking about anything but my apps. (tv helps.) Got my first rejection today. I only submitted four apps, now I'm wishing I'd done more. sigh...

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