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  1. University of Central Forida is about $30k for the whole program, and they accept spring summer & fall!
  2. NatRose


    In the program now -- it's more medically-based. Great faculty with experts from several specializations. I highly recommend it!
  3. I worked as an SLPA in an outpatient clinic mostly working in pediatrics, and it was awesome. My grad program is more medical-based, so I'd love to explore adults and geriatrics. Ideally, I'd like to try an acute externship or CF to feel it out, but I see myself eventually returning to private practice.
  4. I'm only a month into grad school, and my boyfriend of 3 years dumped me. I feel awful. How did / do you deal with relationships / breakups during grad school? Did it affect your work?
  5. Off the bat, it's way different from undergrad -- the focus isn't getting an A anymore, but to submerge yourself in the content and absorb everything. Sooooo much reading, and assignments are piling on, but it's AWESOME. It's a lot of work, but it's SO fascinating! You get to really dive into this field; I'm loving it so far, despite being really busy. I'm only a month into the program, so I'm sure it gets harder from here. The work is totally doable -- it's just a lot.
  6. NatRose

    Less Competitive Programs

    @Hoosier27 @sabrono I calculated the total (in state) tuition to be around ~30k? I agree that out of state looks ridiculous
  7. I got accepted for Spring 2018 back in October, and I started this month! I was going to apply to other florida schools come January, but I took the first acceptance & will finish grad school hopefully two semesters earlier than if I did a fall program. Also, yay on alma mater!
  8. Perhaps we could share programs we know are less competitive? Admission info for my cohort (University of Central Florida , spring 2018) just released, and 26/89 applicants were admitted -- that's a good 30% admittance rate, compared to the usual 12% of fall admission programs! For those of you in Florida, UCF is a good safety school for spring & summer admission -- fall receives 300+ applicants because, I suppose, people don't know about the other admissions cycles? Anywho, share knowledge on less competitive programs!
  9. Started Spring 2018 two weeks ago, and grad school is already brutal. Good luck, everyone! There's a program for everyone. Don't lose hope. You WILL get in!
  10. I absolutely would make it a huge point in your application. I focused my letter of intent on my bilingualism and asked a couple of my letters to emphasize that aspect of mine -- I'm pretty certain I got into grad school because of it.
  11. SLP grad programs are extremely competitive -- it's hard to get in. I felt super excited about getting into my choice school and now, two weeks before class starts & moving away to a different city, I feel anxious about the future. I love this field & am excited to have the opportunity to follow this career, so I'm not certain why I'm getting cold feet all of a sudden! Anyone else felt anxious before going away to grad school?
  12. NatRose

    What's your day job?

    Today is my last day as a bilingual SLPA since I start grad school January -- it's been so emotional! I'm gonna miss all my kiddos.
  13. Unrelated, but I'd rather eat my own shoe than take statistics again. Argh. Does grad school make you take it again?
  14. NatRose

    Practice GRE scores vs. real GRE scores

    I took a magoosh practice test a week before the actual GRE Aug 2017 Magoosh (2 Months before Test): 145Q 155V Magoosh (1 Week before Test) 153Q 156V Actual Score: 154Q 159V 4.0AWA
  15. NatRose

    CSDCAS Professional Transcript Entry

    It's not worth it. It takes about 20-30 mins to do it yourself.

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