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  1. Personal Statement

    I got you dude
  2. (I didn’t realize I already commented and don’t nkow Khoi to delete my comment )
  3. Personal Statement

    I started with a short insight into my life growing up in another country with autistic brothers, then went straight into how desperate the field is for bilingual therapists and that my clinical pursuit can easen the necessity for Spanish-speaking therapists. Then I explained how double vulnerable autistic immigrants are, and how I would like to give them autonomy. Then I wanted to return to my alma mater, then I mentioned a professor I wanted to worked with and mentioned his research, and how it intersected with my interests. Then I listed my experience as an SLPA and how I wanted to develop my clinical experience. I'd be happy to send you mine for reference
  4. I also suffer from anxiety and just recently got accepted into a program --- I just about went insane from the agonizing wait, and I only had to wait a month! I can't even imagine waiting until Spring! Only advice I can give is to pick up a hobby or take up exercising or a new tv show to binge (I picked up Grey's Anatomy lol). Best of luck!
  5. I was going to apply to all Florida schools come January if I didn't get into UCF's Spring 2018 program, but, luckily, I did. Whew. First time applying, and it was so stressful! The process is so draining. For those of you who are bilingual, emphasize this repeatedly throughout your application. The field is desperate for bilingual therapists -- you have to let the programs know that you are a valuable asset for the field because of this. Know your worth.
  6. I turned my application in Sept 24 (app due Oct 1) and it was verified by Oct 2. However, I'm sure CSDCAS will be saturated with applications for the Jan 15 deadline, so I'd suggest submitting by mid-December.
  7. I got in my first try with a 3.4 and a bunch of Cs and one F in my first sixty hours. You’ll be fine!
  8. GRE frustration!!!

    What did you use to study? I used the Kaplan book the first time around and got 145Q / 154V, then I bought the magoosh subscription, studied every day for a month, then got to 154Q / 159V / 4.0 W. It really helped that the online program has a billion practice problems and lesson videos. The GRE doesn't measure intelligence, it measures one's ability to take the GRE. I have a coworker who is an incredible therapist, but has abysmal GRE scores and has a hard time getting into grad school because of it.
  9. NJ, NY, CT, FL Grad program Advice

    University of Central Florida is less competitive during the Spring and Summer admissions terms -- the average is about 155 applicants, compared to the 333+ applicants for Fall term. They accept about 32-40 applicants per admissions cycle.
  10. Spring 2018 Applicants

    It's only been four days since the Oct 1 application, and the wait is already unbearable. It's my first time applying to graduate school, and I'm applying to the only Spring school in Florida: UCF. Should that fail, I'll apply to the rest of the FL schools for Fall. Sigh. (My stats: applying for Speech-Language Pathology, am bilingual SLP-A cGPA: 3.48 CSD/Last 60: 3.7 GRE: 154Q / 159V/ 4.0w) How do you keep yourself distracted while waiting for decisions? What are you applying for? How do you mentally prepare yourself for the uncertainty of the decision?
  11. First time applying — really nervous! Bilingual SLPA (Spanish)in FL cGPA: 3.48 CSD/Last 60: 3.7 154Q/ 159V/ 4.0w
  12. I’m a bilingual SLPA applying to Florida schools, so I focused on the field’s need for bilingual and bicultural therapists as the theme of my application. My question is: are second languages significant in applications for slp grad programs in general, or only for programs that specialize in bilingual and multicultural therapy?
  13. SLPA and needing grad advice...HELP!

    the University of Central Florida has a 33%ish admission rate if you apply for Spring or Summer. Fall's admission rate is 10%ish. I'm an SLPA and applying for the first time too.