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  1. CSDCAS Academic Update for Planned Pre-Reqs

    Why not just copy and paste this question to ask CSDCAS?
  2. Character limit for SOP

    To be honest, that is a lot over the limit. They'll probably see it as you unable to follow directions. They put character limits for a reason.
  3. Also-- I personally know someone who had not so good GPA and GRE stats but highlighted that they were a native Arabic speaker and got accepted into a school that is nearby a large Arab population. So maybe also consider applying to schools that have a bilingual emphasis or are nearby populations that speak your other language.
  4. Extremely beneficial. Make sure you take advantage of discussing that in personal statements.
  5. Coming up with list of schools to apply to

    I first made a big list of like 20+ schools with all their info from EdFind (location, average GRE, average GPA, acceptances divided by # who apply, other info) then narrowed down from there. I first put on my list schools that are nearby, then I explored more schools in states around me and added to the list those that I could realistically get into. The key is to be strategic about how you narrow down your list. With the final 3-4 I was trying to remove from my list I researched tuition and cut down the super expensive private schools
  6. CSDCAS Academic Update

    Can anyone clarify for me how to go about doing the "academic update" for CSDCAS?
  7. Rounding GPA

    Write it the same way it is reported on your transcript
  8. Personal Statement Grammar

    I say trust your instinct and judgement. At the end of the say it is YOUR statement.
  9. Cal States, CSDCAS, Transcripts

    Why not just email or call each department and ask? That's how you'll get a for sure answer.
  10. What info does CSDCAS need to "verify" your application?

    For those reading this post in the future, I figured out my own question. To get verified you need - All your transcripts in, complete your transcript entry, and submit/pay for at least one app. Then you get in line for verification. Letters of rec do not need to be submitted to be verified.
  11. What info does CSDCAS need to "verify" your application?

    It took about 2 weeks for me to get verified after all my transcripts came in and I submitted & paid my for my first app
  12. What info does CSDCAS need to "verify" your application?

    Pretty sure that verification = your entire app. So if one is verified, they all are. All of mine suddenly changed to verified. It didn't go one by one.
  13. Official Transcripts sent to CSDCAS

    That's not what I meant. Look at this: https://portal.csdcas.org/csdcasHelpPages/participating-programs-2/index.html There a blue deadlines, orange deadlines, and green deadlines. Use that drop down bar to see what your school's deadline means.
  14. GRE again?

    Everyone has a different experience. Magoosh raised my score significantly (10+ points).
  15. Resume for Grad School

    I did not