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  1. I echo the others and say raise your GRE. How did you prepare for it last time? Change it up and use new study methods. I also really love Magoosh, it's worth the 3 month price. Make studying for the GRE a priority and take a ton of practice tests
  2. Shadow in multiple settings to show you have experience with multiple populations
  3. Pro tip to any future applicant reading this: never apply to a school you would not be willing to pay for or cannot afford. Look up tuition before applying to any school.
  4. I have a high GPA but still applied to 10 schools because I was nervous lol
  5. Chill out homie and enjoy your summer. The ride hasn't even started yet.
  6. Raise your GRE! Pay for Magoosh and study your butt off!!! Magoosh helped me raise my score almost 20 points (no they didn't pay me to promote it). Take a ton of FULL and TIMED practice exams in a realistic setting... this will raise your score and get you comfortable with the timing. Second, contact the schools you're rejected from and ask them how you can improve for next time. Take their advice above and beyond. Work or volunteer in a related field so you have a lot of new experiences to write about in a personal statement and resume. MAKE THIS TIME OFF WORK FOR YOU
  7. No offence but I don't think people listing where they are declining offers is of help at all to those who are waitlisted/still waiting because there could be a ton of people ACCEPTING their offers. A couple people saying things on grad cafe is way too small of a sample to give any worthwhile information.
  8. Cost is the #1 deciding factor IMO. As long as the program is fully accredited who cares if it's less highly ranked. Employers don't look at rankings.
  9. Save hundreds of dollars and apply to way less schools lol (applied to 10, got into 5 and waitlisted at 4)... but better safe than sorry right?
  10. I don't think it necessarily means you're rejected. My best guess is that they are sitting on your app and will further review it once their initial offers have been accepted/denied.
  11. Sorry to hear this If you want a legit answer-- what was your GPA? GRE? Experience? Personal statement? Did you apply strategically to programs you could have a shot at? There are so many factors. You can always contact programs and ask them why you were not considered and ask what you could do to improve your applications.
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