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  1. Info on Ohio schools

    This was so helpful. Thanks a lot!!!
  2. University of Toledo 1000 words or 1-2 pages?

    Maybe email them and ask? Toledo seems to respond back quickly. I'd be interested to know this too.
  3. This is exactly the type of info I was looking for! Thanks. Just trying to get a time frame on how short/long it took at different times of different months.
  4. I believe once you turn in your first school's app it gets in line for verification and you don't need ALL school's apps.
  5. I'm just curious about how long the verification process took for others based on the time period they sent their first application. I know that it's on a first come first serve basis so it probably takes longer for CSDCAS to verify later in the application cycle I am planning to submit my first application in around 11/19. For those who remember, when did you turn in your first application and how long after was it verified?
  6. 2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants

    Hands down my biggest concerns about my applications are - Letters of Rec: I asked professors in the CSD major whose classes I got As in and did really well.. I just am nervous that they do not know me well and my letters will be pretty generic. - Statement of Purpose: I really am having trouble with how to stand out! I know I have strong grades and stats, I just don't want to be another boring SOP. Plus, I have so much trouble with staying concise. I feel like there's not enough room to fit everything in (Illinois for example has a 500 word limit!). I'm trying so hard not to be cliche too but it's hard when the actual reason I want to be an SLP is to "help people". Gotta figure out how to express that in better words. - Lack of real-world experience: I never was able to secure a volunteering position with an SLP. All I have are shadowing hours... again, I just feel very generic as an applicant and I feel as though i'm gonna look like someone who did the bare minimum. However, I have babysat for many many years so i'm considering showing that as real-world experience in my SOP.
  7. Is it true that it takes FOUR WEEKS for CSDCAS to "process" applications?

    Do you remember what date/time of what month you sent in your first application for it to only take a week for verification?
  8. Medicore Score for GRE and grades

    I'm not gonna sugar coat it-- you will simply not get in with a 2.5 writing score. You need a 4 to be competitive. The writing section is very easy to study for. I recommend getting the Magoosh test prep book on Amazon. They easily outline how to do fine on the writing.
  9. Did anyone make it with under a 150Q?

    Your projected quant score is fine, especially if your verbal is gonna be that high
  10. What info does CSDCAS need to "verify" your application?

    Ok great thanks! It wasn't confusing I just wanted to make sure not ALL schools' applications need to be fully complete. That would freak me out more!
  11. What info does CSDCAS need to "verify" your application?

    Thank you! Quick question, when you say "until you submit your application" you just mean each school's individual application?
  12. What info does CSDCAS need to "verify" your application?

    As far as I know I think it's just transcripts and fees??? I really am unsure though.
  13. I understand that CSDCAS needs to verify your application and this can take up to four weeks to complete. However is it just transcripts that need to be sent in for CSDCAS to verify? Or do they need EVERYTHING including evaluations/letters of rec? What exactly does CSDCAS need in your account for them to move onto the verification process. I am especially wondering because I am nervous that my professors will not get in my evaluations four weeks prior to my application deadlines but I still want my application to get verified before the before the deadlines.
  14. Hi everyone. I thought it would be interesting if we shared what school is our top choice/dream school that we're applying to. It could be a good way to learn about other programs! 1. What is your top choice school and why? 2. Have you visited the school or attended before? If so, what did you learn about it on your visit/with your experience?