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  1. Based on the school it is I'm assuming the cohort is full. I know I was unsure how to set up my OSU email so that could be part of others issue! Yes I was looking at that buckeyelink schedule thing today! There's just so many small things I need to do (especially since I wasn't a student there before), but it seems like I can't do them until I have more information.
  2. I just want to find out what classes I'm taking, where they are and where I'm living! And know everyone in my cohort. I just can't wait for everything to feel more official!
  3. I’m still trying to find an apartment. But I’m thinking I’ll look for a lease that starts August 1. That way I’m there a few weeks before classes start.
  4. I was in the exact same boat on Monday. I knew for weeks where I wanted to go, I got funding from my top program but I was too scared to make a final decision until Monday. I’m hoping I was able to open up waitlist spots for others from the program I declined!
  5. FutureAuD8

    SLP vs AuD

    I picked audiology and honestly wasn’t 100% confident that I did end up making the choice was right until I got accepted to every program I applied to. Then I knew that was a for sure sign I was meant to be an audiologist. I was very much on the fence and I think a large proponent to that is at my university we focus HEAVILY on SLP. I am the only future audiologist out of my cohort of 20 students. I think a big thing to think about is what do you think you want to do in both fields. Cochlear implants interest me a lot along with educational audiology. So these were big things that helped me with my decision. I also enjoy the idea of learning about vestibular function and that possibility as well. As I done deeper into my undergrad courses I realized I could not be an SLP and i knew I made the right choice for audiology. I also think a difference between the two fields is how your brain works. I think audiology does have the problem solving aspect and individuals are more analytical and technical. This is definitely a difference I’ve noticed between my classmates and myself. If you have any questions feel free to message me. I was in your spot 1 year ago but I am so happy with the decision I made!
  6. I mean worst case scenario most Costco’s do have licensed audiologists. I think t depends on what you’re interested in. There will always be the whole hearing instrument specialists touch our territory but there is a wide difference between the two. I personally am interested in cochlear implants so this was a giant flag to go the audiology route for me. I think I’m the end it matters more on what you’re interested in not the pay rate or any of that. Audiologists will always been needed and it’s a growing field.
  7. I would definitely check your community college. I know I emailed my program because I never took a math in undergrad I received AP Calculus credit for math. They said my AP Credit would be okay. I would double check what algebra class suffices for the needed credit.
  8. AHHH April 15th is only 8 days away and I still haven't made a definitive decision. One second I think I choose Ohio State, but then I look at the new facilities other programs offer and second guess my decision. Does anyone have any experience/opinions with older facilities versus newer ones?
  9. The Germantown area (just outside of Memphis) is VERY safe. It is actually one of the wealthiest zip codes in the entire state. I'd say it is a 15-20 minute drive to the university. The midtown area is also relatively safe. Overall, with Memphis it depends on the street you are on. Very quickly it goes from safe to sketchy just by crossing over a street. I've driven through areas daily that I feel unsafe in in order to get from one area to the next.
  10. Shadowing was a big deciding factor for myself along with the analytical aspects that audiology contains. All of my classmates are future SLPs, within my coursework it has further reaffirmed that audiology is the correct path for me. Once I shadowed and really fell in love with audiology, I just knew and the decision fell into place.
  11. Not an SLP but my undergrad program has a MS program and they said this “technique” is highly frowned upon. They do not keep a blacklist. But the field is so small the information can be communicated because so many universities are connected. It’s just more about your personal morals on the situation. It won’t stop you from getting a degree but it is frowned upon.
  12. Sorry these are older posts, but I was just wondering how you all dressed for your open houses. Business casual or nice jeans and a sweater? I'd prefer not to end up over dressed, but I do NOT want to be the only one in jeans.
  13. For those of you accepted to multiple programs what are you using for your decision making progress? Definitely struggling with picking which program I want to attend (they all have pros and cons). Feel free to message me if you have strategies you're using/used if you've already made a decision.
  14. Sometimes STEM will include the health sciences as well. If it specifies health sciences I would definitely apply. You could always contact someone for where you are applying.
  15. Nope, I haven’t reached out to them though. I’m hoping next week!
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