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  1. https://find.asha.org/ed/#sort=relevancy&f:@degreeprogram=[Entry-Level Clinical Doctoral Degree in Audiology]
  2. Yes! Not too personal! It’s an accelerated program, since I have a lot of experience and I’m 27, I’m ready to get the show on the road! It’s also only an 8 hour drive from home, and I really connected with the person I was communicating with from the beginning of the application season. Very friendly and warm! So it just felt right.
  3. I did my undergrad in speech and Language and fell in love with the audiology classes we had to take. Then I did a post grad in Communicative Disorders and was placed on externship in 2 big hospitals in Toronto where I got to see Cochlear implant surgeries and watch them subsequently hear for the first time in follow up visits. I was HOOKED!!! I’ve been working in a hearing clinic for 2 years now doing audiometric testing for ENTs and applied to a Canadian program last year which is really competitive and screens at grades before even looking at experience, and I was rejected. There are only 3
  4. Has JMU sent out rejections/waitlist offers yet? Assuming I wasn't admitted as I wasn't offered an interview, but haven't heard anything about waitlist/rejection either.
  5. Has anyone heard about funding from Indiana?
  6. It’s tough! But I’ve been watching all of the virtual tours, and YouTube videos. Kinda just gotta trust your gut with this.
  7. I think it’s dependant on the specific program. I was waitlisted at a school and then Waitlisted applicants had to do an interview once on the waitlist. I think other schools are different, where you are likely rejected if you don’t receive an invite for an interview. But, again, I believe it’s different from school to school.
  8. I've committed to Indiana University in Bloomington!! Has a group been made yet on Facebook?
  9. If you're wait-listed, and then subsequently accepted, do you still have a chance to be considered for funding?
  10. I hear you and its totally valid to want to stay close to home because that's where your support system is. I'm Canadian and applying only to American schools because, as great as our programs are here, I wanted the opportunity to explore and escape my comfort zone. I think the best way to grow and truly focus on your future is to put yourself in that position. HOWEVER...money is a thing forsure..and it isn't cheap to got to grad school. There are definitely financial pros to staying near home. You need to decide based on your own situation, all I can say is that you only live this life once!
  11. Yeah, they sent it to the e-mail I applied with on CSDCAS :) good luck!
  12. Indiana University-Bloomington just released their decisions!!
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