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  1. I have had an interesting day. I got an accidental letter of acceptance from NOAC, even though I withdrew my app months ago. They just emailed me to let me know it was a mistake. I'm very glad I already am confirmed to be going to grad school, or else I would be very angry right now!
  2. In addition to the above, newborn hearing screener (I know this is SLP but you are probably at least familiar with audiology too!), and research assistant for otolaryngology and other medical research labs/hospitals. If you have any office/administrative experience, you could work in an ENT/SLP/audiology practice or department.
  3. Right? Two of the classes that are listed in the handbook as being first-semester classes don't even exist within Buckeyelink/Schedule Planner for this fall semester. It does not make any sense. I'm dying for spring semester to finish-- hopefully that's when we'll hear more. And the FB group isn't exactly teeming with new people either, lol. I hope it's just that people aren't finding the group instead of the cohort being so far from full!
  4. This waiting is almost worse than waiting to hear whether I was accepted in the first place.
  5. Ok, I'm not trying to be rude to anyone, but I'm seeing this come up on the results page a lot. If you have already committed somewhere, take your name off of any waitlists you are still on. By leaving yourself on the waitlist, you are wasting the time of the school and the people who are below you on the waitlist but actually want to go there. It's the polite thing to do.
  6. I grew up in Fairfield and I know lots of my high school classmates commute every day to UC from Fairfield/Hamilton. It's definitely doable and you can save unbelievable amounts of money by living with your parents/living farther away. I think it's the best idea!
  7. Same. My current job ends in June so now I'm looking forward to a long, uneventful, likely income-less summer. I'd love to get the syllabuses/textbooks for my fall classes so I can start studying but I don't even think my cohort is filled yet and they haven't given us much info. Doesn't help that I currently live in rural Ohio, aka the absolute middle of nowhere.
  8. When do you guys plan to move to your new city (if you need to move)? Right before the semester starts?
  9. It's really about what time you go. 4-9 pm will be packed, the mornings are practically empty. If you google each facility, it will give you a basic idea of when not to go using the popular times feature. I also recommend going to the ARC instead of the RPAC/JON/JOS, as it's on far west campus where undergrads living on campus tend not to go.
  10. I am apparently "out of reactions for the day" so I can't upvote you but that's great!! Congrats!!!
  11. My husband and I absolutely despise the area we live in right now but can't move until either he finds a job in Columbus or until I start earning my stipend in August. This place is literally my worst nightmare and I would sell my soul if it meant I could move back to Columbus now.
  12. I have a beefy desktop PC at home for working. I also have a slightly aging (3 years old, I think) Surface Pro 4 with keyboard and pen. Is that sufficient to bring to class/campus, or does anybody have some cheap Chromebook/laptop/tablet suggestions for note-taking/homework/on-campus work? My school is giving iPads to all the incoming undergrad freshmen this year. I'm jelly.
  13. From what I understand, you're not obligated to, but it is the polite thing to do. Especially if you were awarded any departmental funding that you need to decline as well. Tell them thank you for considering your application and accepting you but you are pursuing your education elsewhere. You don't have to tell them why or where you've chosen instead either, though they might ask.
  14. Hey, just so you know, audiology has its own subforum! https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/96-audiology/ There are ongoing threads about waitlists there.
  15. Has anyone had success in finding external scholarships for grad students? I've found a couple but not much.
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