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  1. If you think you want to go Bayesian/spatial then go with a place where you have good advisor options in those fields. You might change your mind but you don't want to put yourself in a position where you are struggling to find an advisor to match your interests. I would cross Ohio State off the list. At the end of the day, you can only choose one, and a good program overall may not be a good program for you.
  2. Bayesian1701

    PhD 2020 Application

    I don't know anything about Biostat programs. Your stat list looks good assuming your biostat list isn't too ambitious.
  3. What is your end goal? Do you want a Ph.D. in statistics or just an applied masters? An applied masters isn't going to help you get into a Ph.D. program. But if an applied masters is your end goal that sounds like a good plan.
  4. Bayesian1701

    UT Austin vs. Duke

    I would go ahead and reject offers if you know you aren't interested. You can decide to wait until April 15th and that would be fine. However, I would send out an email asking about your waitlist status in early April. I was in a similar boat and I waited on Duke until late March and is what I would recommend you do unless you know you wouldn't take an offer from Duke. Duke is better than UT Austin, but you may not make it off the waitlist.
  5. Bayesian1701

    Texas Stats PhD Programs

    UT Austin is basically 100% Bayesian and very heavy on Bayesian nonparametrics. It's fantastic if that's what you want to do but not so much if you aren't sure if you want to go Bayesian. Austin is expensive, but the student usually get high paying tech internships (some in Austin). Texas A&M has a Bayesian lean but has plenty of classical statisticians. Texas A&M is also much larger than the other Texas programs.
  6. Bayesian1701

    Campus Visit/Interview Day Feedback

    I applied to stats programs but I have some visit/decision advice here.
  7. Bayesian1701

    Report Fall Grade for PhD application

    I didn’t see a system that would have let me update fall grades when I applied. If they want it they will ask. Much to my surprise Duke did not ask me about my fall grades during my interview. They probably only care if you are a borderline interview/acceptance.
  8. Bayesian1701

    Research vs. Comp Sci courses for stats

    I would go ahead and apply for the REUs. I agree with the others that the CS courses aren’t that helpful unless you don’t have any experience and they are in languages you are likely to use. Now onto your second question. You will be judged a little harsher with a masters and the masters probably isn’t going to make you graduate with a PhD any faster. The exception is you do extremely well in a top masters program and get great research experience in your first year but that’s pretty rare. You don’t need any research experience so I wouldn’t worry about that. I would apply to PhD if that’s what you think you want. A lot of programs will consider you for a masters if you don’t get into the PhD program. You almost always have the option to drop out with a masters after a few years.
  9. Bayesian1701

    Prestige vs. Fit

    I think I have it figured out but it was an incredibly stressful time advisor searching for my research credit in the spring. If you are deadset on a particular area make that clear at your visits and interactions with faculty. That was one thing I didn’t do but I regret. Once you are accepted don’t be afraid to ask tough questions and know what you really want. I was way too shy.
  10. I had a bad experience with VA Tech but you may not. I’ve written about it before but there completion rate is low (they admitted most people have to master out because they failed exams) and they do funding on a year by year basis. They said it was because they had to accept students who where really qualified and assured me I would be ok but I couldn’t take the chance of failing out when I had stable funding packages at places with higher completion and better placements.
  11. Things may be different for you as an international student (who are usually held to a higher standard) but stochastic processes and graduate coursework aren’t necessary to get into a PhD program. They are helpful if you have them but not disqualifing if you don’t. Coming from a SLAC that is not good will probably hurt you more than no graduate courses. Where did you apply?
  12. Bayesian1701

    Report Fall Grade for PhD application

    An A- at a top school should be more positive than negative. If it was B- then maybe you shouldn't report.
  13. Bayesian1701

    Prestige vs. Fit

    I just finished the first semester of my Ph.D. program. I have a very narrow research interest and had no great advisor options really anywhere I got in. I was in a similar spot and while I won't say what I chose in the end, I'll offer some advice on what to consider. I thought about everything: prestige, stipend livability, location, happiness, qualifying exam process, and required coursework. No one knows what the best decision for you is like you do and there really isn't a blanket answer for this. However, forging your own research path is hard. It was incredibly stressful to have two advisor options and one of them is only an ok fit. I considered transferring multiple times or dropping out entirely. I had the impression that I wouldn't be accepted if I was a bad fit, but I wonder if my research interests were not taken seriously. Not that I know of. if you have an area in mind you can look at profile evaluations people did in your area and look at where people suggested. Some users are much more knowledgable than others. More experienced users @Stat PhD Now Postdoc @bayessays know many niches, but other newer people like me know only certain niches (mine is Bayesian and southern programs).
  14. Bayesian1701

    Fall 2019 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Don't worry about it. It's super early. My guess is that OSU sorted applicants by GRE/GPA pulled out the best candidates to try to start recruiting top candidates before anyone heard back. I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't done admitting yet. I posted this last year with some timelines of places I applied to and my signature has all the dates I heard back which except Duke and Columbia and Baylor (edited) were the earliest reported dates on hear (unless someone backdated stuff in results without my knowledge): .
  15. Just the professor in charge of all TAs.

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