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  1. Where to apply?

    Florida should still be a possibility. There have been a few admits but you are a good candidate and they probably don't have all their spots filled yet. Maybe you are unofficially waitlisted? It's not that you aren't a competitive applicant it is because your list was a little too reachy. If you apply again and assuming you want to do Bayesian statistics try Baylor, U Florida again, UConn, TAMU (reach but if the application is free it's worth a shot), Missouri, Michigan again, and maybe some of the big departments like NC State.
  2. Where to apply?

    Where did you apply this year and what have been your results so far?
  3. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Virginia Tech gave me an official offer. It's only one semester of funding guaranteed at $1826 a month. I am declining it citing funding concerns (in the off chance that they might fix the problem and give me some security). The lack of funding security and the fact that their completion rate is 30% (as reported by them) makes me too nervous. I am kinda offended because they acted like they were going to give me the fellowship and if they really wanted me to go there like they said they did they should have given me a more stable offer. My other packages are multiyear and are easily renewable provided I pass quals/prelims/comps (or whatever their exam structure is) and have a reasonable GPA and are at places with over double the completion rate and at better programs.
  4. Since you are a domestic student your chances you be pretty good at most middle and lower tier programs. Your grades are going to prevent you from getting into a great MS program but you should have options. I don’t think you will get funding but if you are paying for it the standards will be a lot less. Is your goal to stop at and MS and work in industry or get into a PhD program? Your initial post was a little old so do you have a list now?
  5. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    It's not true for most programs probably right now, but I wouldn't count on Austin. I do mean it would be a second wave slot and their goal class is 5-7 this year so the odds aren't looking too good for those how haven't heard. Sometime in March the second waves will start coming. Who are you waiting on? There are a couple of programs that have reputations (cough cough Columbia and FSU) for being later in the process.
  6. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    @BStat Following back up on UT Austin there are 8 people here. So probably only a few offers left if any. Historical yield rates are 40-45% and there could be people admitted but not attending.
  7. I agree with @bayessays if you rec letters are great you have a good chance at getting into a top department. I might consider applying to Texas A&M as well if their application is still free because it is a Bayesian program and less of a reach than Duke. But since the sample size of people with tons of research experience like you have is relatively small its hard to be certain about what would happen. It's going to come down to whether or not they are willing to gamble that your mathematical maturity is good enough when your math grades aren't amazing (relative to most people in top programs) and you don't have any graduate classes.
  8. Statistics PhD Profile Evaluation

    @huxlb get Magoosh and try their advanced quant plan. Maybe buy the official GRE writing practice to see if you can raise it a little. My first practice test I a 164 and I was able to raise it to a 167 with a lot of studying over three months. I would wait to study for the GRE until the summer and focus on grades instead. If you are in any upper level math/stats classes try to get As in all of them. A solid semester right before applications could really help you out.
  9. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    UT Austin stats visit day is this Friday so I think they sent their first round. However, that does not mean you will be rejected. Historically their yield rate is 40% so there should be more offers coming out. I'll let you know how many people are there. All I know is I am not the only one going.
  10. Tenure Track or Equivalent Means?

    I have no idea what is equivalent to TT but a VAP / adjunct should not be considered tenure track. I doubt they would do that unless they were trying to hide something. If you looked on departmental websites where people have been placed you should be able to see their title and PhD institution. Would you mind sharing the link?
  11. Contacting Top Choice

    What's the acceptance deadline for York, and are you still waiting for Carleton? Maybe ask for an extension at York and check on your status at Carleton if you are still waiting since it's been a few days since you posted.
  12. Rice vs USC

    I am a native Texas and I wanted to clarify taxes. Texas has no state income tax but they do have a sales tax of 8.25%. A lot of what you would probably spend your stipend on (food except like candy and soda, rent, basic necessities) would be tax-free. But clothing, books, junk food, and alcohol (I think it's taxed differently but I don't drink) would be taxed at 8.25%. Even considering this you would have a lot more money is Houston because your rent would be way cheaper. Check the academic placements for the specific programs since it would probably vary which was better in that regard.
  13. Statistics PhD Profile Evaluation

    True. I just don't want her to flood her list with lower tier programs like I did. I really should have covered the middle better.
  14. Statistics PhD Profile Evaluation

    Also to clarify I put Northwestern in the list not because it was a top tier but because it has a large number of applications relative to its spots (it's smaller than Duke and UNC) making it more competitive than other similar programs that are larger.
  15. Statistics PhD Profile Evaluation

    I don't think you have to add any lower tier schools. I guess you could add Missouri (at Columbia) and Baylor, but only if you really want to go there. Don't add schools just so you will have more options. Next year you will have about 2 months to visit programs and decide. Cluttering your list is not a good idea. @bayessays Do you agree she is likely to get in at least one place on her list and that her list is fine in its current state?