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  1. Paige Williams is currently the Director of Graduate Studies. She will step down soon and Sebastien Haneuse will take over to become the new DGS.
  2. Undergrad Institution: One of top 10 U.S. private universities Major(s): Statistics Minor(s): Computer Science GPA: Major GPA 3.81/4.00, Overall GPA 3.78/4.00 Type of Student: International Asian Male GRE General Test: Q: 170 V: 160 W: 4.0 GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: M: Did not take it due to lack of time to prepare TOEFL Score: NA Programs Applying: Statistics/Biostatistics PhD Research Experience: I worked on missing data research with a senior faculty for my senior thesis. I also worked on causal inference + ML research with two junior faculties. One pap
  3. I am wondering about the chance for getting off waiting list for Harvard biostats. Is the biostats admission process different from stats?
  4. I received my fall semester grades, where I got A+ for a graduate level statistics class and A- for real analysis (I am a senior at a top 10 school in the U.S.). I am wondering whether it's worth reporting fall grade given that A- for real analysis might hurt my application. Thanks!
  5. I have a similar question. I got A- for real analysis this semester, and A+ for another graduate level stats class (Just got the grade this morning). Should I update my grade to the application? I go to a top 10 schools (Ivy/UChicago/Duke/Stanford level), and I am worried that A- will hurt my application. Thanks!
  6. I just realize U Michigan requires Personal Statement in addition to SOP. How important is the personal statement? In addition, is it okay if personal statement has some overlap with SOP?
  7. I recently submitted a publication to a stats journal, but it hasn't been accepted yet. Can I list it as a peer-reviewed journal? In addition, my name was mentioned in the acknowledged contribution section for a publication. Should I mention it in my CV/resume?
  8. Thank you all for the information! I am wondering since computer architecture isn't really related to math/stats, do I still need to report them when self-reporting math/stats/computing class? Thanks!
  9. Yeah. My overall GPA is around 3.79, which is pretty close to my major GPA. I am wondering how important CS grades count for PhD admission. My grades in core math classes are all A. I actually took some grad level CS classes (machine learning), and I got all A in them as well. The CS classes where I received B grades are computer architecture and database systems. I didn't do well in them since I was never interested at the first place but had to take it for minor requirements.
  10. I went to a top 10 undergrad with a major in statistics and minor in CS. My overall GPA for statistics is 3.82 but my CS grade wasn't ideal (a couple B range grade). I know the admission process is holistic, but I am worried my low CS grade will negatively impact my application. What should I do to make my application stronger?
  11. I am taking two graduate-level classes (analysis and causal inference) and I expect to receive good grades. However, I realize the grades won't be out after I submit my application. Can I update my transcript later since the grades for these two classes will have positive impact on my application?
  12. I am preparing for my application to PhD in statistics/biostats, and just asked three advisors for rec letters. I did statistics research with all three of them, one for a year and the other two for 6 months. This semester, I am taking a grad level stats class related to my research, and I have an amazing relationship with the professor teaching the class. Specifically, we discuss about the philosophical views of the field very frequently, and the professor complemented me for my passion and insights. I am thinking about asking this professor for rec letter. This means I will have total number
  13. Undergraduate Institution: Top 10 by US News Ranking (Ivy League/MIT/Stanford/Duke/UChicago) with top 5 stats program Major//Minor: Statistics major and CS minor Cumulative GPA: 3.79 Major GPA: 3.82 Student Type: International Asian Male GRE General Test: Quant:170, Verbal: 160, AW: score hasn't been out yet GRE Math Subject: not planning to take it Classes: Statistics: Bayesian Stats (A+), Machine Learning (A), Mathematical Stats (A), Regression Analysis (A-), Statistical Consulting (A), Decision Analysis (A-), Causal Inference (in progress)
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