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  1. Undergrad Institution: One of top 10 U.S. private universities Major(s): Statistics Minor(s): Computer Science GPA: Major GPA 3.81/4.00, Overall GPA 3.78/4.00 Type of Student: International Asian Male GRE General Test: Q: 170 V: 160 W: 4.0 GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: M: Did not take it due to lack of time to prepare TOEFL Score: NA Programs Applying: Statistics/Biostatistics PhD Research Experience: I worked on missing data research with a senior faculty for my senior thesis. I also worked on causal inference + ML research with two junior faculties. One paper submission to statistical computing journal. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Graduation with distinction in stats and a bunch of award in music Pertinent Activities or Jobs: I worked as a TA for undergrad-level class in mathematical statistics and grad-level class in Bayesian statistics Letters of Recommendation: Two senior faculties in stats and one junior faculty in CS (I had good working relationship with all of them. They promised they would write good letters for me, so I assumed all letters are strong.) Math/Statistics Grades: Statistics: Bayesian Stats (A+), Machine Learning (A), Mathematical Stats (A), Regression Analysis (A-), Statistical Consulting (A), Decision Analysis (A-), Causal Inference (A+) Mathematics: Linear Algebra & Differential Equations (A), Multivariable Calculus (A-), Probability (A), Real Analysis (A-) Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: I only took the required math courses for statistics major, and was quite concerned with my lack of math background. As a result, I applied to 20+ schools. The total application fee was outrageous. I was extremely frustrated with SOPHAS application portal. It was the most expensive one and it took a month for them to process my transcript. Applying to Where: Harvard - Biostat PhD / Admitted Johns Hopkins - Biostat PhD / Rejected UW- Biostat PhD / Rejected for PhD Admitted to Master UNC - Biostat PhD / Admitted U Michigan - Biostat PhD / Admitted U of Wisconsin - Biomedical Data Science PhD / Admitted Stanford - Management Science & Engineering PhD (Computational Social Science Track) / Rejected NYU - Data Science PhD / Rejected CMU - Stat PhD / Rejected Harvard - Stat PhD / Rejected UC Berkeley - Stat PhD / Rejected U Michigan - Stat PhD / Rejected U Penn - Stat PhD / Rejected U of Washington - Stat PhD / Rejected Duke - Stat PhD / Rejected UC Davis - Stat PhD / Rejected Columbia - Stat PhD / Rejected Texas A&M - Stat PhD / Haven't heard back yet (assume rejection at this point) Wisconsin - Stat PhD / Haven't heard back yet (assume rejection at this point) Johns Hopkins - Applied Math and Stat PhD / Admitted UCLA - Stat PhD / Admitted
  2. I am wondering about the chance for getting off waiting list for Harvard biostats. Is the biostats admission process different from stats?
  3. I received my fall semester grades, where I got A+ for a graduate level statistics class and A- for real analysis (I am a senior at a top 10 school in the U.S.). I am wondering whether it's worth reporting fall grade given that A- for real analysis might hurt my application. Thanks!
  4. I have a similar question. I got A- for real analysis this semester, and A+ for another graduate level stats class (Just got the grade this morning). Should I update my grade to the application? I go to a top 10 schools (Ivy/UChicago/Duke/Stanford level), and I am worried that A- will hurt my application. Thanks!
  5. I just realize U Michigan requires Personal Statement in addition to SOP. How important is the personal statement? In addition, is it okay if personal statement has some overlap with SOP?
  6. I recently submitted a publication to a stats journal, but it hasn't been accepted yet. Can I list it as a peer-reviewed journal? In addition, my name was mentioned in the acknowledged contribution section for a publication. Should I mention it in my CV/resume?
  7. Thank you all for the information! I am wondering since computer architecture isn't really related to math/stats, do I still need to report them when self-reporting math/stats/computing class? Thanks!
  8. Yeah. My overall GPA is around 3.79, which is pretty close to my major GPA. I am wondering how important CS grades count for PhD admission. My grades in core math classes are all A. I actually took some grad level CS classes (machine learning), and I got all A in them as well. The CS classes where I received B grades are computer architecture and database systems. I didn't do well in them since I was never interested at the first place but had to take it for minor requirements.
  9. I went to a top 10 undergrad with a major in statistics and minor in CS. My overall GPA for statistics is 3.82 but my CS grade wasn't ideal (a couple B range grade). I know the admission process is holistic, but I am worried my low CS grade will negatively impact my application. What should I do to make my application stronger?
  10. I am taking two graduate-level classes (analysis and causal inference) and I expect to receive good grades. However, I realize the grades won't be out after I submit my application. Can I update my transcript later since the grades for these two classes will have positive impact on my application?
  11. I am preparing for my application to PhD in statistics/biostats, and just asked three advisors for rec letters. I did statistics research with all three of them, one for a year and the other two for 6 months. This semester, I am taking a grad level stats class related to my research, and I have an amazing relationship with the professor teaching the class. Specifically, we discuss about the philosophical views of the field very frequently, and the professor complemented me for my passion and insights. I am thinking about asking this professor for rec letter. This means I will have total number of 4 rec letters. Is it allowed to submit 4 rec letters? If the limit is 3 letters, how should I choose which letters to include? Btw, this professor is very influential in the research field I am interested in.
  12. Undergraduate Institution: Top 10 by US News Ranking (Ivy League/MIT/Stanford/Duke/UChicago) with top 5 stats program Major//Minor: Statistics major and CS minor Cumulative GPA: 3.79 Major GPA: 3.82 Student Type: International Asian Male GRE General Test: Quant:170, Verbal: 160, AW: score hasn't been out yet GRE Math Subject: not planning to take it Classes: Statistics: Bayesian Stats (A+), Machine Learning (A), Mathematical Stats (A), Regression Analysis (A-), Statistical Consulting (A), Decision Analysis (A-), Causal Inference (in progress) Mathematics: Linear Algebra & Differential Equations (A), Multivariable Calculus (A-), Probability (A), Basic Real Analysis (in progress) Research Experience: I worked on applied statistics research on the topics of missing data imputation and prediction model for my senior thesis in statistics (It is a year-long project). I had a good working relationship with my advisor, and really learnt a lot from this experience. I am currently working on methodology research in causal inference and ML with two other faculties in the statistics department. The research has been going well, and we are publishing the paper in the upcoming few weeks. I have also worked on interdisciplinary research in energy data for about a semester, where I got acknowledged contribution for the published paper. Research Interests: I am interested in both applied and methodology research in statistics. Specifically, based on my past research experience, I find causal inference a fascinating field, and can see myself working on problems related to this field in the future. In addition, I also enjoy building prediction model, and apply advanced statistical techniques and machine learning to problems related to social science/healthcare. Publications: To be submitted: I am submitting my causal inference research paper in the next few weeks. Acknowledged Contribution: Scientific Data (accepted) Teaching Experience: I was a TA for undergrad level mathematical statistics and graduate level bayesian statistics class. Letters of Recommendation: I haven't asked my advisors for rec letters yet. If everything works out, I will have one strong letter from a senior faculty in stats department, where I worked with this faculty for a year for my senior thesis. Another letter from a junior faculty in stats, where I have working relationship with this faculty (research + TA) for around 5 months. Another letter from a senior faculty in stats/CS (also 5 months of research with this faculty). My Questions: Since I am applying for both statistics/biostatistics PhD, there are lots of options. I would like to narrow down my options to 15 - 20 schools. I am leaning more toward statistics program, so I will apply to more stats than biostats school. My target programs are Harvard, UW, U Chicago, and CMU. What are my reach school and safety school? Is it bad if I apply to the same school for both stats and biostats programs?
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