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  1. Hey guys! Just wanted you to know that I reached Duke`s Stat Sci department and they said that Duke will not do any waitlist call this year. I was pretty sad, given that Duke was my priority, but I am also happy that I managed to be accepted at UT Austin. I wish you the best! I hope you all end up being accepted!
  2. Tomorrow I am turning down UCSC, FSU, UF, VT and ASU. I will wait until April 10 for any response of Duke's waitlist. Anyone turning down Duke?
  3. @Stat PhD Now Postdoc Thanks again for your response! That makes sense. Maybe I was worried about something that will not have any impact on my future. @Bayesian1701 Thank you for sharing your experience. I will do the same and hope for the best!
  4. @Cavalerius I am sorry for the lack of information. I was accepted at McCombs. @Stat PhD Now Postdoc Thank you for the advice. I thinking about rejecting all offers, except UT, and wait for Duke until the last day, but I do not know if this could cause any damage to my image with the rejected institution since I would wait until the last moment.
  5. I have been accepted at UT Austin (funded) and have been waitlisted by Duke. As you may think, I want to work with Bayesian Statistics, and I wanted to know your opinion about the pros and cons of both programs. Is Duke better than UT Austin? Should I accept UT offer and withdraw from Duke's waitlist?
  6. I received my rejection letter from Harvard today. Have you received any response from UCI?
  7. @Geococcyx Thank you for sharing your experience! You just got my hopes up! By the way, got a rejection letter from Berkeley today.
  8. International applicant here. Just discovered this forum and wanted to share my Stat. Ph.D. application results with you. Since I am in the waitlist, do you guys think that I have any chance of getting in Duke? My idea is that most applicants that were accepted in Duke were/will also be accepted in Harvard/Stanford/Berkeley, so I think that I still may have a chance. My status: Accepted: VT (funding), ASU, UCSC (funding) Waitlist: Duke Rejected: UW, CMU, Chicago Booth(Econometrics) Pending: UCI, Harvard, Berkeley, FSU, Columbia, UPenn, TexasA&M, and OSU (which is strange, since most applicants already received a response)
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