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  1. Decided to go to UCSD math/stat PhD! Declined offer from ISU stat PhD, good luck for those who applied to ISU.
  2. Got an offer from Iowa State Stat Phd today!, with TA.
  3. No email notification, but when i just checked my applyweb account, there was Cornell Rej letter
  4. rejection from penn state as well..glad that i got an offer from UCSD math phd couple weeks ago
  5. I got mail from ncsu that my application is still in review, but asked me if i am interested in PhD track Masters of Statistics (MR)
  6. Thank you! I'm quite interested in theoretical research tho.. do you know their names?
  7. I got a generous offer from UCSD mathematics department yesterday (I have applied there with specialization in statistics). As a mathematics undergrad student, i know that UCSD is well renowned in mathematics, but i don't know much about there in the field of statistics. (I have applied only one math phd which is UCSD, and 19 other stat phd programs) Since, there are no stat professors in my undergrad institution, they also don't know much about it. How well UCSD renowned in the field of statistics research?
  8. btw, how can i use such signature preferences? p.s. Never mind, i found it out
  9. Got an offer from UCSD math phd today! Specialization in statistics, with fellowship!
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