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  1. Thank you for your encouraging words! I will definitely consider some of those programs.
  2. Thank you very much for the generous input! I was wondering if I should even bother applying to the top 5 schools at all because I felt like I might just be throwing away the money. Since it's hit or miss for everyone I guess it's worth a shot!
  3. Undergrad Institution: Top 3 South Korean University Major: Mathematics and Statistics GPA: 3.91/4.0 Major GPA: 3.96/4.0 Type of Student: (International) Asian male Relevant Courses: Calculus I,II (A+)(This includes Multivariate Calculus in my country), Differential Equations (A+), Analysis I, II (A+), Linear Algebra I, II (A), Discrete Mathematics (A+), Number Theory (A+), Probability and Statistics (A+), Stochastic Processes (A+), Complex Analysis I (A+), Abstract Algebra I (A+), Differential Geometry (A+), Topology (A+), Real Analysis (B+), Introduction to Probability Theory (A+), Mathematical Statistics (A+), Statistical Computer Software (A+), Regression Analysis (A+), Econometrics I (A+) Planning to take next semester : Algorithms, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Non-Parametric Statistics, Sampling Theory TOEFL:117; 30/30/30/27 GRE: 169/160/4.5 GRE Subject Mathematics: 880 (91%) Programs Applying: Statistics PhD Research Experience: - one semester long research experience (scholarship included) with a math department professor (basically reading and analyzing recent interesting papers regarding probability and applied math). Ended with a written report submitted to the department. Teaching Experience: Tutored several middle/high school students off campus. Recommendation Letters: Three; one from a math professor and two from statistics professors (One of which is very strong) Coding Experience: R, SAS Research Interests: regression analysis methods; theoretical/mathematical approach to statistics, statistical modeling Applying to: Statistics PhD Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, UWashington, UChicago, UPenn, UWisconsin, UNC, NC State, UMichigan, Columbia, Cornell, Iowa State, Penn State, UMinnesota, Purdue, Yale, UCLA, OSU, UofIllinois Concerns: Not having a specific field of interest within statistics Not having enough research experience/published papers etc. Being an international student Hello, everyone. I am new to this website and I posted my profile because I honestly had no idea where to start in looking for schools to apply for. I basically listed most of the schools on the US News top 40 list for statistics (minus biostat programs). I would really appreciate any sort of feedback, especially regarding school range. Also, any recommendations for schools that I failed to mention above would be extremely appreciated as well! I read from other posts that the standards for international students are much higher than for domestic students, so it was harder for me to get an idea of where I stand. Thank you in advance!

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