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  1. I haven't heard back from Chicago or Columbia either. I checked Chicago's website (FAQ) and it explicitly says that they batch the applications and send out results (acceptances, rejections, waitlist) as soon as they review them, so if you haven't heard back it means they haven't reviewed your "batch" yet. I mean, I want to believe them, but I can't help but think otherwise... And as for Columbia, I emailed the department today asking about my status. The struggle is REAL.
  2. I was not aware that Washington and Duke were considered second tier schools.. Although I am just an applicant myself, I always got the impression that Stanford/Berkeley/Chicago/Washington/Harvard/Duke/UPenn etc. were all grouped into the "top tier" and thus had comparable students within them (even though technically they have different rankings) and students accepted into multiple schools in this "tier" made their decision based on other factors (research fit, geography etc.). Also, I am skeptical about how to objectively measure "talent". Maybe students at Stanford and Berkeley
  3. Wait, I don't think I was clear in the above comment. Sorry if this is super dumb, but does your status say that you are accepted on the Cornell ApplyWeb portal? I got an email of admission from the chair but my status on the portal is not updated to "accepted". It's probably not a big deal but hmm.. I should probably email the department about this right?
  4. I haven't heard back from Chicago either. Harvard and Michigan too.. Hope to hear back from them soon!
  5. Hi! First off, congratulations! I was also accepted to Cornell via email but was wondering if your status changed on your portal yet. My portal seems to be unchanged, while people on the grad cafe results page say that their status was updated to "rejected" without any email.
  6. I checked my portal and email as well and nothing yet.. Maybe Chicago is doing their process in waves? This waiting game is surprisingly stressful. I should really do something better with my time! 😕 Good luck to all of us waiting!
  7. Thank you for the replies! I asked because my GPA for this semester was lower than my total GPA, so I was opting not to report it. But with your advice, I have decided to report the grades to any school that asks explicitly!
  8. Hello, I took four major courses (in statistics) in the fall and got a B+ in one of the subjects. It's not a very important subject for Ph.D. admissions (like Real Analysis or Mathematical Statistics) but it still is a statistics course nonetheless and I was wondering if it would be disadvantageous to report my grades. For the other three subjects I each received an A+, but I was worried that since Ph.D. admissions are so competitive nowadays that the B+ might act as a minus on my application. Wisconsin sent an e-mail not so long ago to update my fall grades and I have been on the fence
  9. Hi! Congrats on your acceptance! If it isn't too inconvenient could you share which school it was? Again, congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Edit: Never mind! I just saw your signature!
  10. I would like to update my GRE scores so that it reflects the scores I actually submitted to the schools, just in case anybody stumbles onto this page and wants to take reference. Q/V/AW 170(96%)/170(99%)/5.0(92%) I ended up applying to a whopping 17 schools all around the US and will definitely be posting about that later with more news!
  11. Ohio State for me also. Received word on the 18th and was notified that I was in the running for the Univerisity Fellowship.
  12. Thank you for the helpful reply! Yes I am an international student and I was unaware that the classification of upper and lower division classes were different in each country. Thank you for the clarification! I will be sure to include all of my math major courses beyond calculus that were proof heavy (including the linear algebra that I took). Also, the regression class that I took was linear algebra based and proof heavy so I will probably be including that in my list as well. Thanks again!
  13. Hello! I am currently preparing for PhD applications, and I noticed some schools require you to list upper division courses in math and statistics separately with specific information on the textbook used, concepts covered etc. I previously thought that "Upper Division" meant courses with numbers in the 300s and 400s only, but now that I think about it, this doesn't include any of my Analysis, Linear Algebra or Mathematical Statistics courses (not to mention differential equations, number theory, discrete math etc.) as they are all considered subjects for second years in my school. I
  14. It's nice to see a fellow Korean student on this forum! I am assuming you attend KAIST? Although I myself am applying this year, I think your GRE subject score is your strongest point! Good luck with admissions!
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