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  1. Statboy

    Fall 2019 Statistics Applicant Thread

    I checked my portal and email as well and nothing yet.. Maybe Chicago is doing their process in waves? This waiting game is surprisingly stressful. I should really do something better with my time! 😕 Good luck to all of us waiting!
  2. Statboy

    Whether to Report Fall Grades

    Thank you for the replies! I asked because my GPA for this semester was lower than my total GPA, so I was opting not to report it. But with your advice, I have decided to report the grades to any school that asks explicitly!
  3. Hello, I took four major courses (in statistics) in the fall and got a B+ in one of the subjects. It's not a very important subject for Ph.D. admissions (like Real Analysis or Mathematical Statistics) but it still is a statistics course nonetheless and I was wondering if it would be disadvantageous to report my grades. For the other three subjects I each received an A+, but I was worried that since Ph.D. admissions are so competitive nowadays that the B+ might act as a minus on my application. Wisconsin sent an e-mail not so long ago to update my fall grades and I have been on the fence about it since. Should I update my grades just for Wisconsin because they asked for it? Or should I update it for all the schools I applied for? Or should I ignore their email and not update my grades at all for any school? (How important are these fall grades in the decision process anyway?) I know it sounds trivial, but at this stage of the admissions process, there is so little that I can do, that I tend to overthink anything I have any actual control over. I would appreciate any advice regarding the matter! Thank you in advance.
  4. Statboy

    Fall 2019 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Hi! Congrats on your acceptance! If it isn't too inconvenient could you share which school it was? Again, congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Edit: Never mind! I just saw your signature!
  5. I would like to update my GRE scores so that it reflects the scores I actually submitted to the schools, just in case anybody stumbles onto this page and wants to take reference. Q/V/AW 170(96%)/170(99%)/5.0(92%) I ended up applying to a whopping 17 schools all around the US and will definitely be posting about that later with more news!
  6. Statboy

    Fall 2019 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Ohio State for me also. Received word on the 18th and was notified that I was in the running for the Univerisity Fellowship.
  7. Statboy

    Fall 2019 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Got my first offer last week. (Statistics PhD)
  8. Thank you for the helpful reply! Yes I am an international student and I was unaware that the classification of upper and lower division classes were different in each country. Thank you for the clarification! I will be sure to include all of my math major courses beyond calculus that were proof heavy (including the linear algebra that I took). Also, the regression class that I took was linear algebra based and proof heavy so I will probably be including that in my list as well. Thanks again!
  9. Hello! I am currently preparing for PhD applications, and I noticed some schools require you to list upper division courses in math and statistics separately with specific information on the textbook used, concepts covered etc. I previously thought that "Upper Division" meant courses with numbers in the 300s and 400s only, but now that I think about it, this doesn't include any of my Analysis, Linear Algebra or Mathematical Statistics courses (not to mention differential equations, number theory, discrete math etc.) as they are all considered subjects for second years in my school. I looked up the curriculum of several American universities and found that Analysis courses and Mathematical Statistics courses are indeed in the 300s for a lot of them (Cornell etc.) even though they seem to teach the same material. My question is: Should I include Analysis and Mathematical Statistics in my course descriptions (even though the 200 is blatantly there) or should I leave them out? I heard that Analysis and Mathematical Statistics are important subjects in statistics PhD admissions and so felt that if many students do include detailed descriptions of them, then I should too, especially because I got very good grades in those classes. Thank you in advance!
  10. Statboy

    2019 stat PhD profile

    It's nice to see a fellow Korean student on this forum! I am assuming you attend KAIST? Although I myself am applying this year, I think your GRE subject score is your strongest point! Good luck with admissions!
  11. Thank you for your encouraging words! I will definitely consider some of those programs.
  12. Thank you very much for the generous input! I was wondering if I should even bother applying to the top 5 schools at all because I felt like I might just be throwing away the money. Since it's hit or miss for everyone I guess it's worth a shot!
  13. Undergrad Institution: Top 3 South Korean University Major: Mathematics and Statistics GPA: 3.91/4.0 Major GPA: 3.96/4.0 Type of Student: (International) Asian male Relevant Courses: Calculus I,II (A+)(This includes Multivariate Calculus in my country), Differential Equations (A+), Analysis I, II (A+), Linear Algebra I, II (A), Discrete Mathematics (A+), Number Theory (A+), Probability and Statistics (A+), Stochastic Processes (A+), Complex Analysis I (A+), Abstract Algebra I (A+), Differential Geometry (A+), Topology (A+), Real Analysis (B+), Introduction to Probability Theory (A+), Mathematical Statistics (A+), Statistical Computer Software (A+), Regression Analysis (A+), Econometrics I (A+) Planning to take next semester : Algorithms, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Non-Parametric Statistics, Sampling Theory TOEFL:117; 30/30/30/27 GRE: 169/160/4.5 GRE Subject Mathematics: 880 (91%) Programs Applying: Statistics PhD Research Experience: - one semester long research experience (scholarship included) with a math department professor (basically reading and analyzing recent interesting papers regarding probability and applied math). Ended with a written report submitted to the department. Teaching Experience: Tutored several middle/high school students off campus. Recommendation Letters: Three; one from a math professor and two from statistics professors (One of which is very strong) Coding Experience: R, SAS Research Interests: regression analysis methods; theoretical/mathematical approach to statistics, statistical modeling Applying to: Statistics PhD Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, UWashington, UChicago, UPenn, UWisconsin, UNC, NC State, UMichigan, Columbia, Cornell, Iowa State, Penn State, UMinnesota, Purdue, Yale, UCLA, OSU, UofIllinois Concerns: Not having a specific field of interest within statistics Not having enough research experience/published papers etc. Being an international student Hello, everyone. I am new to this website and I posted my profile because I honestly had no idea where to start in looking for schools to apply for. I basically listed most of the schools on the US News top 40 list for statistics (minus biostat programs). I would really appreciate any sort of feedback, especially regarding school range. Also, any recommendations for schools that I failed to mention above would be extremely appreciated as well! I read from other posts that the standards for international students are much higher than for domestic students, so it was harder for me to get an idea of where I stand. Thank you in advance!

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