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  1. Yes, be honest! Most non-SOPHAS apps won't ask you about it.
  2. When I was applying to biostats PhD programs, I don't remember ever having to report academic violations, only criminal offenses. So, I don't think it should be a problem for you. However, read the questions they ask on the applications very carefully to ensure you are being honest. Does this violation appear anywhere on your transcripts?
  3. Every prospective and current grad student is going to give you a different answer about your "chances" of getting into certain programs, because everyone's background and story is different. I wouldn't bother retaking the GRE, since you got a perfect Quant score, and that's really the only thing stats programs focus on. Competition among international applicants is very high, so I would recommend applying to biostats/stats PhD programs ranked ~20-30 based on your profile. Masters programs are much less competitive, so applying to highly ranked biostats/stats Masters programs seems feasible fo
  4. From your background and profile, it seems like applying to stats Masters programs may be your best bet, instead of applying straight to PhD programs. Then, after your Masters, it should certainly be easier to get into a PhD program. Clearly explain in all your personal statements your reason for transitioning from econ to stats, and why.
  5. Hello! Grad schools may not like the C+ you got in measurement theory. I'm not sure how much emphasis they'd put on the other courses you took abroad. Also, I believe courses in Europe have a different grading scale from the US? But I may be wrong. I've heard getting higher grades in courses abroad, like in Europe, is more difficult than in the US. Make sure to address the hardships from your first year and year abroad in your personal statements. That could help explain your story. It's definitely good that your grades increased sharply over time. Your GPA and GRE scores seem fine. Any resear
  6. Unless application fees are too burdensome, you should apply to Washington anyway. You never know unless you try! With my profile, I didn't think I would get into my biostats PhD program.
  7. Hello! I'm currently a first-year biostats PhD student at Columbia. My cohort is 5 students (1 came in with a biostats Masters from Harvard, and the other 4, including myself, came in with a BS in applied math or stats). Emory's program has a cohort of ~8 (4 Masters and 4 Bachelors). That's what I was told during their summer biostats program. UPenn is approximately 6-8 students, but I'm not sure what their usual Masters/Bachelors breakdown is, but I believe they try to keep them roughly even. They invited me to their Interview Day, and I was rejected shortly after.
  8. I think you have a chance anywhere. Your profile is extremely strong. Just don't apply to too many programs with really small cohorts, unless they are schools you are really interested in.
  9. Mega-congratulations on those two acceptances! Hopkins is consistently ranked the #1 public health school in the country and their biostatistics program is definitely up there, too. However, Hopkins is in a terrible location to me. I currently live in Baltimore, and it just is not a comfortable place to live in (for me, anyway). This fall, I will be starting a biostatistics PhD program at Columbia (that was my dream school, more so than Hopkins). Columbia's statistics program is in the top 15, which is not at all bad. The school still comes with great name recognition. It really depends on the
  10. Your scores are not at all a problem. And don't be afraid to apply to some of those MS programs above the 70th percentile. You never know unless you try!
  11. Has anyone else not heard back from the biostats PhD programs at Columbia, UNC and Vanderbilt yet? Assuming rejection at this point?
  12. Can I assume that since several people have already heard back from UNC for biostats and I haven't that I'm rejected?
  13. I was accepted to the fast-track MS to PhD biostats program at UMich, because I applied without a Master's. In my acceptance letter, they explicitly stated that their policy is to only accept students who apply with a Master's directly into their PhD program. There are very few exceptions, like if you have an extraordinary amount of research experience and publications, similar to the level of a Master's student. So, if you applied to their PhD program with a Master's, you'll probably hear from them soon.
  14. Hello! I will be attending campus visit/interview days at UPenn and Columbia, and will be interviewed via Skype by Emory, in the coming weeks for their biostatistics PhD programs. Has anyone previously participated in these visits/interviews with these schools that could offer some advice on what to expect, what to focus on, how many students were there, etc? Any help/advice would be very greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
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