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  1. Size differences apart, would you put UMich and NCSU in the same tier, @Stat Postdoc Soon Faculty ?
  2. I haven’t, and I know some international people who also haven’t heard.
  3. Thanks. My offer mentioned nothing about a visit; so maybe they’ll separately send emails to invite more people.
  4. To all those who were admitted to NCSU, did the offer mention anything about visiting? Does NCSU typically have visit days?
  5. @captivatingCA Thanks. Also if I may ask, have you received an official email from the NCSU graduate school admitting you (not the unofficial deptl. email)? It's taking forever for me.
  6. @captivatingCA did your email mention funding for all 4/5 years? I also have an admit but with TA support mentioned for the first year only.
  7. @mikstabio @likewater I’ve seen acceptances posted on 2-3 different days in Jan last year for UNC. Let’s hope for the best.
  8. I did have my profile evaluated a while ago, but there are some changes and updates and I'd like to know if the schools I've finalized are reasonable aims. A shout-out to @Stat PhD Now Postdoc and anyone else who'd like to comment. Undergraduate Institution : In India (Not ISI) Major : Statistics GPA : 3.94 Graduate Institution : Duke University-- MS in Stats Graduate GPA : 3.97 Undergraduate Courses: Calculus I,II (Both A), Discrete Math I and II (Both A), Calculus and Analysis I and II (Both A), Linear Algebra I and II (Both A), Computational Mathematics I and II (Both A). Probability Theory (A), Statistical Estimation(A), Statistical inference (A), Linear Models I and II (graduate level; B+ and A; one grade really suffered due to illness, will explain this), Distribution Theory and Estimation I and II(graduate level, both A) and a bunch of applied stats courses with As. Graduate Courses at Duke : Mathematical Statistics (A), Predictive Modeling (A), Bayesian and Modern Statistics(A-), Advanced Stochastic Modeling (A), Causal Inference (A), Spatio Temporal Modeling (A), Study Design (A), Probabilistic Machine Learning(A) and a couple independent studies. GRE General : V :162, Q:162, AWA :4.5. GRE Math: Not taken Research Experience : Wrote a Masters thesis, did some research work in Stat.genetics and Bayesian ML. Also some applied work in analyzing EHR data and stats education. 3 methodology papers in submission to reasonably good journals (~CSDA & Bioinformatics). First author on one, second and third author on the others. One conference presentation in stats education. Currently doing research in environmental epidemiology at a med school. Letters : One from thesis advisor (also submitted a 1st author paper with him), one from stat.gen research supervisor (third author paper with him) and one ind.study supervisor. Schools: Biostat PhD--UNC, Michigan, UCLA, Emory, UPenn, MD Anderson, UPitt Stat PhD -- NCSU, PSU, OSU, TAMU, UFL, UConn, FSU Concerns: 1. Are any of the listed schools absolutely outside my reach? Do I need more safeties? 2. How will a B+ in linear models affect my application? I hadn't mentioned this in my earlier profile evaluation---but this is the only B I have which was a result of being ill on exam day. I got an A in part II of the same course the next semester. 3. Is it worth throwing an app to Washington Biostat? Or is it aiming too high?
  9. Could someone please comment on the size of the Biostat departments at Columbia, Emory and Upenn? Are their cohort sizes reasonably large (likes of UNC, Michigan) or very small (like Brown, Berkeley)? I wasn’t able to find much about this on their websites. Thanks !
  10. I am an international student applying for PhD programs this year. I have taken Calculus, Linear Algebra ,Real Analysis and Computational Mathematics up to the undergrad level and don't have too many advanced math courses. Considering this, I know it would be better to aim for Biostats rather than Stats PhD programs. But I have also read several posts which mention that Biostats programs tend to not favor international students due to funding issues (NIH grants funding US citizens, etc.). Considering this, would it still be advisable to apply to Biostats over Stats ? I am mostly aiming for departments in the 20-40 range in US News. I had my profile evaluated a while ago, if that helps . Thanks !
  11. I’m a current student at Duke. Masters, not PhD, but I have done research here and can give you some insights. From all the professors you mentioned, Berger is no longer taking students ( his last student graduated in 2017) and Wolpert has very few students (only one that I know of). The only professor from your list(that I know of) who is actively taking students is West. Also, measure theory is a big thing here, particularly for the quals. If you need to know more about the department here, feel free to PM me.
  12. What are your opinions about Brown Biostats, Minnesota Stats, UT Austin Stats and some of the lower UCs, like UCI and UC Davis ? These seem to be mid-tiered on the US news list. I was wondering if their PhD programs are really small or if they are fair targets for my profile.
  13. Thanks for all the help. I was also wondering if I stand a better chance at Biostats than Stats, considering that my background is light on the pure math courses.
  14. Thanks for the reply ! Do you also think that NCSU Stats and UMich Biostats are a far shot ?
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