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  1. I was notified a few weeks back and I'm surprised that there are still people who haven't been notified. I would contact the department at this stage.
  2. Hi iwantadog, I preface this by saying that this is my understanding gleaned mostly by reading this forum. You should read some of the other application evaluations, since it will answer your questions. Stat PhD Now PostDoc could have essentially copy+pasted one of his replies to another application evaluation; he's basically answered this before. While stat PhD programs might *require* minimal maths requirements, they value a strong maths background above (maybe) anything else. They are looking for a strong track record showing that you can handle the theoretical requirements of the
  3. I can't answer that at all but just wanted to say that's rough. I got a rejection today and was just glad to finally know for sure. Had been expecting it for 2.5 weeks.
  4. @bayessays @rfan @Stat Phd Now Postdoc @bayessays @rfan @Stat PhD Now Postdoc thanks for your replies. You raise some good points - a PhD is mostly about research and pretty much all the top programs will have good syllabi. @casummit thanks for the info - that sounds great. @captivatingCADo you know what the gyms are like in Cambridge/Boston by chance? I think I will be attending visit day now. It's going to be a really hard decision.
  5. To back this up, I got an email from Penn State yesterday with an offer despite a bunch of offers being sent out more than a week ago. @dberlind I’m not sure if you are referring to Upenn or Penn State but see above if the latter.
  6. I'm trying to decide whether to attend Duke's open day. I'm coming from Australian and I didn't realise until now how far away it is and how expensive the (internal US) flights are to get there. I've talked to faculty but I wanted to get people's advice on how rigorous/tough the courses are there? I talked to a Duke student who said they assume no stats knowledge and he didn't take the classes because he didn't think they were worth his time. I'm actually quite interested in building up my stats knowledge so I have a solid background across the field, so good, rigorous courses are
  7. I think Colorado St admits everyone into the same program (then you qualify for the PhD program later if that's what you want). I heard back from them in late January.
  8. Does anyone know when UC Berkeley's visit day might be?
  9. Looking at the grad cafe survey, UC Berkeley stats released decisions around 5-8 February 2019 and 7 February 2018. So I've got my fingers crossed that we will hear back very soon. Beyond that, I can't say anything more.
  10. I have heard back from Colorado State (Fort Collins).
  11. Congrats Oliver. Sounds like a really good sign - hope you see an offer soon Just wondering, are you coming from a non-English speaking background? I hear that a few places interview international students to see how their English is.
  12. I wonder if the person that said on the results pages that they got an interview at UoW is on this thread. Just wondering how your interview went?
  13. I applied way back in November so maybe I'm one of the first to be notified. Hope you hear soon!
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