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  1. I think that's a good list (for biostats at least, I don't know as much about stats). I'm confident you'll get into many of the biostats schools. For reference I think your profile is better than mine was and I got into many of the schools on your biostats list. Under normal circumstances I would say your biostat list might be a bit bottom heavy, but given that funding seems a bit more uncertain this year it might be good to have that just in case.
  2. OP, I agree with everything @StatsG0d says, except I don't think it's necessary that you take a gap year. Two years is plenty of time to get in more math classes. Eg perhaps you can take Analysis I/II this year, and 2-3 more next year (more advanced analysis courses, abstract algebra, or numerical analysis). That will be enough for any biostats program and sufficient for most stats programs. Best of luck!
  3. Hey full disclosure; I'm not yet a grad student so I don't know how much you should value what I have to say. But IMO, abstract algebra isn't too important for the subject test. It's never more than a few questions - you can always get >90th percentile by doing well on the other questions. So I definitely wouldn't recommend taking abstract algebra (or number theory) just for the sake of doing well on the subject test. If you have some personal interest in the classes, that's different, but those classes aren't particularly relevant for statistics unless you do something specialized like alg
  4. Undergrad Institution: LAC, considered one of the "top" ones. Major(s): Math GPA: 3.74 Type of Student: Domestic Asian male GRE General Test: Q: 170 (96%) V: 166 (97%) W: 5.0 (92%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: M: 820 (81%) Programs Applying: Statistics/Biostatistics PhD programs Research Experience: REU in math after junior year. Resulted in two (very standard undergraduate type) publications. Honors thesis during senior year in number theory. No publications. Research data analyst for ~8 months at the global health department of a university. W
  5. Thank you so much for the amazingly in depth answer – that's exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. I still have yet to make a decision but you have given me a lot more to think about!
  6. Hey all, This forum has been very helpful to me the past year or so. I think this will be my last time asking you all for help. I've been admitted to Washington and Hopkins for a PhD in biostatistics, and while I'm aware of how lucky I am, I'm also feeling anxious about the choice I have to make now. I was hoping you all could help me compare and contrast the two. I have looked but haven't seen any threads comparing these two explicitly. About me: I don't really have fixed research interests. I think I would like to work in global health, but beyond that, it isn't clear what I'd like
  7. I had an interview with them a week ago. It was really quick, like less than ten minutes, just them checking whether I was still interested in the program and an opportunity to ask a few questions. Then I just got accepted like twenty minutes ago. I was accepted to their Masters program (they don't admit applicants with only bachelors directly to the PhD program I think, so that was expected). They guaranteed funding for one year as a GSI. Interestingly enough the date on the letter they sent me said February 13, so it looks like they waited over a week before sending it to me? So I wonde
  8. Got rejected from Harvard Biostatistics (PhD). Didn't get an interview though so that was expected. Only waiting to hear back from three more schools so hopefully this rollercoaster will be over soon! Best of luck everyone
  9. Got an invitation to Washington's Visit Days in late February (PhD in biostatistics). Apparently they will do two informational interviews in the morning (which will be used to help the committee decide on admissions) and then give attendees more information about the program. They will decide about admission/wait-list by March 6. I'm really surprised because I was under the impression that UW only invited admitted students, not prospective students. Are they changing things this year? Or I wonder if this means that they consider me a borderline candidate and they want to speak with me be
  10. Hopkins biostats PhD. They said they would release decisions late February or early March.
  11. Had a phone call/interview today. They asked me to introduce myself, which led to a few follow up questions, and to describe what I wanted to do in the future. Then I had plenty of time to ask questions of my own. It was very pleasant and casual. All fairly standard and in line with what I'd read it would be like ahead of time. Hope this helps anyone preparing for interviews!
  12. Not who you initially asked, but I got accepted to UNC as well and am a domestic student.
  13. Thanks all three of you for your advice! To follow up a bit with @Geococcyxand @bayessays, my GRE scores are 170Q/167V/5.0W, so I'm not worried about those. Forgot the exact score on the subject test but percentile was 82%... Maybe not good enough (given mediocre gpa) for Stanford, but I'm not planning on applying there anyway cause it's such a Longshot, and biostats programs don't require it anyway as far as I know. GPA was 3.75, definitely on the low end for top schools, but I did well in math classes (all As or A+ with a couple of A-) and also took a lot of math. And I did take a calc
  14. Hi everyone, I graduated in 2017 and am planning on applying for PhD programs in statistics and biostatistics this year, for admission during fall 2020. I was just wondering if anyone has a sense of what I can do between now and when I apply to boost my chances for getting into top programs. Would appreciate any advice at all! A bit about me: I have a decent math background (real analysis, measure theoretic probability, other upper level undergrad/intro grad level courses in analysis and algebra that are probably not very relevant to stats), mediocre CS background (a few courses where I h
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