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  1. Is anyone familiar with UCSD biostat program? I got an offer but I can't decide if I should take it... Any comments or ideas?
  2. I have interviewed with CU Denver Biostatistics last Friday. They said the results will be out in a couple of weeks.
  3. I am international with a degree from the US.
  4. Anyone who is still waiting for BU UNC or UMN Biostatistics? I saw people posting results already but I didn't get anything yet... I wonder if I still have a chance or it's basically a rejection...
  5. May I ask which school and program did you interview with?
  6. @statpoke I saw people posted BU interview on the results page, but I didn't get anything yet. Emailed the department and here is the response: We have started to review applications and expect to make most of our PhD decisions by the end of January.
  7. I don't know if there is anyone who also get this interview invitation. But I figured people may find this useful: It was a 20 minutes Skype interview and the questions were standard. They first asked me some general questions: 1. Introduce yourself 2. Why Duke is a good fit? 3. What's your career goal? And then they asked me some details about the experience that I wrote on my CV, and what I found the most enjoyable doing research. They told me that I will hear from them in February and if admitted, there will be a visit day. Good luck!
  8. Congratulations to those who have already gotten an offer! I just got a Skype interview from Duke biostat. Hope to get more interview invitations soon. Thank you for sharing interview tips @ENE1, it's very helpful.
  9. Thank you for your suggestion. But could you explain a little more why MD Anderson would be better?
  10. Thank you, bayessays. Do you by any chance know anything about biostat program in UTHealth Public health and the program under both MD Anderson and UTHealth?
  11. Undergrad Institution: big midwest U ( ranked <30 on statistics) Major(s): math and stat double GPA: 3.83 Type of Student: international female Grad Institution: School ranked 50-70 on stat US News Concentration: statistics MS GPA: 4.0 GRE General Test: Q: 170 V: 151 (52%) W: 3.5 (<50%) TOEFL Score: N/A Programs Applying: Statistics and Biostatistics PhD Research Experience: Summer data analysis in a biology lab, haven't done much, only used basic lm and glm. Another biostat related machine learning summer research in an
  12. I am currently a MS student in a stat program and I want to apply for mostly biostatistics PhD programs and some statistics programs. I noticed that there are a couple of schools that I want to apply have both biostatistics track under statistics programs and a separate biostatistics programs. The biostatistics programs are usually under Public health school. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion or insights on the difference between such programs? Specifically, Stat and Biostat in Rutgers, and UC Davis? Also, for other schools like UCLA and Duke, is it easier to get into thei
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