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  1. Oh! I see you've studied at University of Manitoba! I got into that uni for my Master's Fall 2020 then they deferred my admission for Winter 2021. Then the department mailed me stating that they aren't considering students for Winter 2021 and to apply again. The wait is killing me and I am literally dying inside.
  2. Hi! Does anyone mind sharing his/her template used to contact professors whether or not they accept graduate students and that you are willing to work with them. I've mailed over 15-20 professors and none of them have got back to me. It's been very stressful. I don't know whether to send them a reminder again or let it be. Please any advice on this is much appreciated! Thanks.
  3. So I just received a generic rejection mail from Simon Fraser University Canada. Does this mean that there is a high chance of me being rejected from the universities ranked above it? Schools am planning to apply to (Fall Term 2021): University of British Columbia McGill University Simon Fraser University (Rejected) University of Manitoba University of Guelph McMaster University University of Waterloo Programs: M.Sc. in Statistics PROFILE! Type of Student: International South Asian Female Undergraduate Institution: Top 5 Sri
  4. Looking for a top tier universities for postgraduate (MS/PhD) with scholarship. Hi! Based on my profile I would much appreciate if there's any top 100/150 schools you think I could possibly get into with a scholarship and that do not require to contact a supervisor beforehand. Type of Student: International South Asian Female Undergraduate Institution: Top 5 Sri Lankan University Degree: B.Sc. Honours Degree in Mathematics Majors: Pure Mathematics and Statistics Cumulative GPA: 3.79 (First Class Honours) GPA for 3rd year: 3.97 GPA for 4th year: 3.9
  5. Hi! I'm looking for the same program and same country too. TBH I applied last year to several MS in Statistics programs in Canada and got accepted to one of them. But due to COVID they deferred my admission and recently told me to re-apply in order to be considered for the Fall Term 2021. So I will be applying this year too. If you'd like to have a chat, drop me a message. Cheers!
  6. Hi! I need some advice please. So I have an offer from a Canadian University - Master's program and the course will be commencing in Jan 2021. And now that Canadian unversities have come up with a quarantine plan for internationa students it is possible to travel to Canada. I also have a PhD offer from an Australian University - not an offer exactly but my prof has agreed to accept me as a PhD candidate and I've also been working on related work. But the only issue is that with the current situation my Australian prof has told me that they are not quite sure when international students will be
  7. @movingtostats Why did you previously mention that UofToronto doesn't take international students? @SPIWizard Thank you so much for the info. I appreciate it. In my opinion if you are planning to go further in the academic field, that is for PhD, it would be best to do a 2-year MS with thesis. But if you plan on joining the industrial field after studies 1-year MS would be sufficient.
  8. Actually I took my GRE just because I had applied to that one US uni. Most of the Canadian universities do not require GRE. The one's I applied to never wanted me to submit the GRE scores at all. It is only required when you apply to the US. I don't know much about US universities tbh. More on the Canadian side. Going for a PhD directly doesn't work in Canada you need to have your Masters done before PhD but it is not the case in US if you stand a chance you can apply directly for PhD. I did get my profile evaluated here most of them suggested that I retake and improve m
  9. Type of Student: International South Asian Female Undergraduate Institution: Top 5 Sri Lankan University Degree: B.Sc. Special (Honours) Degree in Mathematics Majors: Pure Mathematics and Statistics Cumulative GPA: 3.76 CGPA for 3rd year: 3.97 CGPA for 4th year: 4.00 Subject GPA: Pure Mathematics: 4.00/4.00 and Statistics: 3.79/4.00 Awards: Dean's List Research Experience: Supervised undergraduate research IELTS score: 8.0 (L - 9.0 | S - 8.5 | R - 7.5 | W - 6.5) GRE General Test: 300 (Verbal: 145 | Quantitative: 155 | AWA: 3.5) Let
  10. Just for my information but why doesn't UofToronto take international students? I am also pursuing my studies in Statistics so I am quite interested in your profile. This is my opinion as a Sri Lankan applicant and this is based on the opinions I've heard from Professors who have studied abroad. 1. It's good to aim for a higher ranked uni, even my goal was to join UBC or McGill but unfortunately I was rejected from both but I got into UofManitoba with a good funding offer. It's not that I am telling you not to apply go for it. It's your choice so you need to apply to see if yo
  11. @cropop Is it the same with acceptance?
  12. Have you submitted all the required documents? Did you check the portal to see if they had received and viewed your documents? If they did then you'll probably hear from them. I was expecting them to like update the status of the application as time goes by but it only stated "In Progress" and then around mid last week boom they mailed me that I was rejected!!! Other universities keep informing of the stage of review like "Submitted" "In Progress" "Under Review" "Under Department Review" and then comes the final decision but UBC never had aby of that!!! Even I started freaking out cu
  13. Thank goodness... @cropop Thank you.
  14. Does anyone know that if we receive a rejection letter from a university do they inform the referees as well of my rejection.
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