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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. Yes @Recklessreader and I are hoping to take Linear Algebra and Linear Models, and Analysis - II as non credit subjects since that seems to be our only option. We also think that we will delay applying for an MS by one year so that we can get all the Math courses on the transcript as well as give the GRE Math Subject Test in April. You seem to know the working of the Stats department at Indian Statistical Institute.Do you think professors from the statistics faculty will be willing to write us LOR’s(assuming that we do well in their subjects)?, we hav
  2. Can you please tell me what masters at Harvard did this student pursue, was it biostats? Because last I checked Harvard does not have a MS statistics program.
  3. Thanks a lot, I always thought that there had to be a reason for the (relatively)low math requirements at biostat programs, now it makes sense. Thanks for the advice about wake forest, I’ll definitely check it out. I was also thinking about chicago and duke but they’re very tough to get into. One last thing do you think I should give the mGRE to show my mathematical ability(assuming I can do well on it) or is it a waste of time?
  4. This is amazing!!! Don’t worry, you’re not talking down. If I’m being honest I didn’t find the first three papers to be theoretical enough, and the last two might have been a tad too theoretical , I think I am looking for something in the left neighborhood of the last two papers which I guess can be found more in the stats depts but then again stats depts are too difficult to get into so maybe I’ll have to go the biostats route. But I highly doubt my capabilities being from a non math background, I’m still trying to shift into statistics and will try to get an MS and see how it goes from there
  5. Hey! I am no expert on admissions but am a long time lurker on this platform, so take what I say with a grain of salt. First of all things will be very different depending on whether you are a domestic or international applicant. Also you should give more info about your major and math/stat courses taken in UG and masters. My suggestion would be to take as many grad level math courses and perform well in them. I don’t think taking grad level algebra courses makes sense as it doesn’t really apply to stats, grad level analysis courses will be better, also your LORs can be a factor that might hel
  6. Ohh I had now idea that the funding worked in such a different way for biostat programs.
  7. I see, so I guess biostats is maybe not the best option in general for somebody who wants to work only in theory, but it is probably just as good as the stats depts if somebody is interested in applied or a mixture of applied and theory.
  8. One thing I don’t understand is that why is it so much easier to get into top biostat programs than top stats programs when most people say that the two depts do mostly the same things.
  9. I see, yes they have quite a few guys working in probability/ stochastic processes as well I think. Their department seems more like an operations research and applied math dept rolled into one. How does the difficulty level of getting into their programme compare with that of other programs, I’m guessing it’s maybe rougly the same as that of duke’s?
  10. What do you guys think about JHU’s applied math and stat department, its ranked a little lower , I think it’s at 31, is it a good dept for HD and financial statistics? Also is it really that much easier to get into it given the low rank?
  11. @jelquiades Do you think I have a shot at getting an MS from the schools that you’ve mentioned, I’m not sure how I would fare and what my chances are at schools like Uchicago, Duke and UNC. Previously I thought that masters admissions aren’t that competitive and that given my profile I’d be able to get into a very good school for a masters but now I’m not so sure.
  12. @bayessays Thanks a lot for the helpful advice. Can you also tell me which schools I should apply to for the masters in the US.
  13. I would love to get the opinion of and advice from @bayessays . If you have time please let me know what you think.
  14. @Stat Postdoc Soon Faculty I see, thanks for letting me know, I will now have reasonable expectations regarding where I can get in. What schools do you think I can get into for a masters in the us and canada?
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