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  1. danny1997

    Fall 2019 Statistics Applicant Thread

    How early in the process did you apply to Rutgers? And did you hear anything from them about how many applied, I have yet to hear back from them at all.
  2. danny1997

    Fall 2019 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Did anyone apply to the Statistics PhD program at UMBC? I had filled out an interest form last semester and got a lot of positive feedback from the program but have not heard anything this semester
  3. Hello all, Would anyone be able to help me with my SoP? I have attached a copy below, it is my second version but I'm struggling with making a complete version that flows well. I feel as if I've talked too much on some areas and not nearly enough on others but I'm not entirely sure. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. The prompt is as follows: There are no specific requirements for the statement of purpose. You should write it in your own words – include why you feel that the UW-Madison program is a good fit for you, and conversely, why you are a good fit for our program. What are you hoping to work on in the field with your degree? Are there any professors here that you would particularly like to work with? Any research areas in statistics that particularly excite you? Thank you for your time! Wolodkin SoP for UW, rough.pdf
  4. I am looking into phd programs in statistics, and a few masters programs in applied mathematics or statistics. I was hoping to take the math GRE subject test to help with this, but cost and distance from the nearest testing center made that difficult, so I did not take it. My math and statistics GPA is right above a 3.5 and will go up before graduation, and on the quant section of the regular GRE I received a 166 (have yet to receive percentile score). Do you think this will hurt my chances of getting into any programs?
  5. Did you take it recently? I took it the other day and also got a 166, but have yet to receive the percentile score. The percentile score varies depending on when you took the exam, so your 166 could potentially put you in a higher percentile then someone who scored a 168 in a different section.
  6. danny1997

    2019 statistics profile

    I was worried that would be true, especially since recently my school got rid of its statistics department. My one worry is that getting Masters would cost me a lot more as I'd be less likely to get funding for it, do you have any advice on getting funding for a Masters degree?
  7. Hello all, I'm planning on applying for PhD programs in applied statistics for Fall 2019. I am wondering what you guys think about my chances for some of the programs I'm looking into and any general advice you guys have. Undergrad: Large State University (R1 University) GPA: 3.3 (All A's and B's except for two semesters of organic chemistry, all semesters outside of sophomore year are much better) Majors: Biology and Mathematics Minor: Statistics Relevant Coursework: Calculus 1-3, Differential Equations, Intro concepts of Mathematics (a class on sets and proofs), Numeric/symbolic methods for math/ stats, Linear Algebra, Biometry, Theory of Probability, Theory of Statistics, Data Analysis (These last four classes are cross listed with graduate courses). I am currently taking Real Analysis and Deterministic Math Modeling, next semester I am taking Bioinformatics and I'm unsure on whether or not to take Real Analysis II or a Modern Algebra course GRE: I have not taken it yet, I did take a practice test and I did very well on the quant section (168) and pretty poorly on the verbal section so I plan to spend a good bit studying before taking it. I will also be taking the math subject test. Research experience: I work in a plant physiology laboratory, and I have for the past three years. I have done some poster presentations, a few at my university and one at NCUR 2017 in Memphis. I have been working on a project for some time that, if the data turns out well, could be published in an alright journal. I have also helped with some bigger projects that could lead to some secondary publishings but that is less likely. I also act as a liaison for my universities office of undergraduate research and am president of our Under graduate research association, this includes helping to start up our undergraduate research journal this year. Teaching Experience: I spent one year leading Supplementary Instruction sessions for calculus two. I now work as a tutor for the university in various math classes and occasional stats courses. Letters of Recommendation: One from my PI, one from the head of the undergraduate research office (who before wrote me a very long one for another position), and either a math department letter or one from a professor I have worked under in the past. Coding Experience: R, MATLAB, some python Misc.: I am in a fraternity that is newer to campus that is working to charter in the spring. I serve as secretary for this. Applying to: Carnegie Mellon (definitely a reach), Cornell (another reach, but my PI has worked there in the past), Rutgers, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Pitt. All in statistics My goal is to perform statistical research in either land reclamation ecology or alternative fuels (my research is about using woody plants for reclaiming certain sites and to later be used as biofuels) If anyone has any thoughts on my chances for these programs, or also what sort of things I should be learning before going to graduate school (ie what math classes I should take before graduation and which languages would be good to learn). Thank you all for your help!

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