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  1. Thank you for your help! I hadn't realized UPenn was that small of a program, I'll definitely be looking to apply to three or four programs in that range you listed instead of spending money to apply to such far reaches. Also, with UVA I had been waitlisted last application season for the PhD program (although it seems so were a long list of people), so I was hoping the masters degree could push me through next cycle. Although I definitely can't bank on that as it will be a completely different applicant pool.
  2. Hey all, For the Fall 2019 admission cycle I applied with a 3.3ish GPA from a large state school and didn't get accepted to any PhD programs. After my first year of a masters from a well known school but unranked graduate program (no PhD option) I have all A's and A-'s and will finish the year with a GPA between 3.7 and 3.9 depending on how finals play out. I'm also planning on doing a thesis next year to gain research experience. Realistically, how will this help my chances in the next cycle. I'll likely apply to some reaches (UPenn, Johns Hopkins AMS), some schools I was rejected from (Ohio State) and then some "safe" options (George Mason, UVA). Would having all A's and a good thesis help me crack top programs, or even the top 50 in general? I know there's a lot more at play then this, but I'm wondering what to expect for the next cycle so I can make good decisions while applying.
  3. When I applied I had roughly the same GPA from a large state school, I applied for a ton of PhD programs thinking research in a different field would carry me. PhD programs want to see good grades in math and stats classes first and foremost, and I got declined or accepted for a master's at every PhD program I applied to. However, a kind person on this website sent me a list of some funded masters programs I should apply to, and I got into a few and have been very happy at my current program. My Master's GPA is already much better than my undergrad and its introduced me to focuses in statistics I hadn't really considered before. So my suggestion is, look into some Master's programs you'd like, if funding is a worry look at places that do not have a PhD program as they'll be more likely to fund. Also if there's a PhD program you really like look into masters programs that send many students into those. Also, still apply to a few PhD programs (just not a ton like I did), I can safely say I don't have to worry about that what-if scenario. And a comforting message I got from one of my statistics professors when I was bummed out about not getting into a Phd program: "Best case you get all A's and get into better schools then you applied to this year, or you 'fail-out' into a six-figure salary." Also just general GRE advice, the book made by the ETS is the best study guide in my opinion as it has tons of practice exams that will help more than anything. Magoosh has free apps that are really helpful, as well as paid apps with more practice questions than you'll ever need. And for the math GRE, unless schools want it don't take it. That's really something you should only take if you think it will bolster your application, and those high scores are hard to obtain even if you only took pure math classes throughout undergrad. If you have any questions on programs or anything like that feel free to message me!
  4. Hey all! I'm currently working on my masters in statistics, and I am hoping to next fall apply to PhD programs in statistics. At the moment I have not taken a course in measure theory, so I am hoping to study it myself over the next few months. Does anyone know of any good textbooks for this? I would be even more interested in one that directly relates to probability if a good one exists.
  5. Thank you so much! This should be very helpful.
  6. Hey all, I have my first finals week coming up so I'm studying for my probability exam. However I always feel as if the problems I receive on the exam are a little harder than the ones I see on my homework, does anyone know of a good place to find more difficult questions?
  7. It looks like you have a good upward trend in your courses which admissions committees like to see. I think you could get into a good bit of master's programs, even some decent PhD programs. Rankings shouldn't be your number one concern, as some lower ranking programs are actually much more competitive. I also believe if you don't want to go for a PhD you should apply mainly for master's programs, many of which can be funded at least partially, especially at schools that do not offer a PhD.
  8. Undergrad Institution: Large State University, R1 Research Institution Major(s): Mathematics and Biology Minor(s): Statistics GPA: 3.37 Type of Student: Domestic Male GRE General Test: Q: 166 (90%) V: 160 (86%) W: 4 (59%) Programs Applying: Statistics PhD/ Masters Research Experience: Four years of plant biology research through my undergraduate institution Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Summer Research Funding through my university, National Conference poster presentation Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Calculus II SI leader one year, mathematics and statistics tutoring for one year Letters of Recommendation: PI in biology research, head of universities undergraduate research office, and accomplished statistics professor Math/Statistics Grades: Numerical Methods for Mathematics and Statistics (A), Linear Algebra (A), Biometry (A), Theory of Probability (A), Theory of Statistics (B), Data Analysis (B), Complex Variables (A), Real Analysis (B), Deterministic Mathematical Modeling (A), Numerical Analysis (A), Introductory Design and Analysis (A) Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: (Such as connections, grad classes, etc...)  Applying to Where: School - Wisconsin PhD, MS Rejected School - Rutgers PhD, Rejected School - The Ohio State University PhD, Rejected School - UVA PhD, Rejected from Waitlist School - UMBC PhD, Rejected but accepted for MS. Turned down due to lack of funding, program does not accept students into PhD program without Masters School - UMass PhD, MS, rejected but accepted to satellite campus, turned down due to lack of funding School - Stevens Institute MS (mathematics), accepted with partial funding, declined offer School - Bowling Green State University, MS (Applied Statistics), generous financial offer, turned down. School - Wake Forest, MA, partial scholarship and opportunity to tutor, attending!!
  9. Has anyone heard back from UVA or Wake Forest for their waitlists?
  10. My advice is to apply to both, most importantly apply to masters programs you’d want to go to that will pay you. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t apply for PhDs but if it turns out none of them accept you you’ll kick yourself for not having a good back up plan.
  11. I attend a large state university, not exactly known for its prestige but an R1 research university. And I applied to many public universities for PhDs, almost exclusively Big10 schools and then UVA, UMBC, and UMass
  12. I have plenty of math and statistics course (theoretical probability and stats, design of experiments, linear algebra, real analysis 1 to name a few) but my GPA isn’t as high as it could be, my math GPA is decent but chem courses from my other major. I also have a lot of research experience in biology
  13. Hey guys, I am very much struggling to decide where to attend for next semester, and was hoping an outside point of view could help. I am hoping to earn my PhD in statistics one day, but have only been accepted for Masters programs this cycle. So my goal is to enter a program that will help me for the next time I apply to PhD programs. Here are the programs I am considering currently: Bowling Green State University MS in ASOR Pros: Good funding, may still need loans but a minimal amount. Have been told this is a good route for attending the PhD program at OSU. Cons: Location Through the schools business college, whereas my interests are in applications to scientific research. University of Maryland - Baltimore County MS statistics Pros: Location, in-state Have been told by director that if I show promise they will advance me to the PhD track Research focused university Cons: No funding (although money may be available but not until August) Faculty throughout the college have been hard to keep in touch with, and I have not heard back from anyone after some follow up emails. I am also on waitlists for UVA PhD and Wake Forest MA, I’d say I have an okay shot at wake forest and a very long shot for UVA. What is your guys advice in this situation? I am struggling and any help is very much appreciated!
  14. Hey guys, I applied to UMBC for a PhD but was accepted for an MS as they have a policy to not accept recent undergraduates to their PhD program. I still would very much like to go to this program, especially with how well known UMBC is for their research in all areas. However, I was not offered a first semester assistantship and, as much as I would like to invest the money into this education, I would have to take in a great deal of new loans. That being said, I was told by the program director that many masters students find jobs in other programs and that the program may be able to offer some tuition assistance (although they will not know until about August). I am looking into on campus jobs but I am struggling to find any openings online. Has anyone had experience finding jobs outside of their department? How did you go about doing this, and do you have any general advice? Thank you all so much for your assistance
  15. Does anyone have any opinion on the Applied Statistics program at bowling green state university? There are other programs I’ve gotten into for a masters but they’re the only one so far to give me a good funding offer
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