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  1. Undergrad Institution: Regional School. Not well known or regarded, but on a shared campus with a more known school. Major(s): Mathematics Minor(s): Computer Science GPA: 3.63 Type of Student: Domestic White Male GRE General Test: Q: 166 (89%) V: 157 (76%) W: 4.0 (56%) Programs Applying: (Statistics and one Biostat.) Research Experience: One year long funded research project (~20hrs a week) in conjunction with a local non profit with focus on time series modeling. A summer research project on estimation theory that resulted in a presentation at JSM. Not really resear
  2. Oh yeah I had two semesters of analysis when I went through Kreszig. I met some impressive students who jumped into that with only calculus and linear, but they were very adept learners. Also I can't imagine that many stat students would need to actually take a dedicated course in functional ever. Some will, and personally it's one of my favorite books, but not a pre req for any programs I looked at (and imagine most don't).
  3. I would recommend talking to Dr. Robinson at WFU if you have any questions about the program. I also spoke with Dr. Jadhav who was equally helpful. I'm trying to to decide to between FSU and ISU at the moment. I'm leaning towards FSU for research reasons, but ISU has a strong program that I would be happy in.
  4. Both of these programs have been in my consideration for a year so I'm happy to have them as options. Briefly, I have preliminary interests in functional data analysis and nonparametric regression. I am aiming for academic research positions upon completing my PhD (and likely a postdoc). Due to the crisis I've had limited contact with both departments, but significantly less with FSU. Iowa State: I like the program/department a lot. The students I've spoken with are very positive about the department culture. Being a large program everything seems very refined. I have a friend
  5. I applied to Wake Forest this cycle and had some interaction with the department. They were easily one of the best departments I spoke with, very nice, and clearly have their students in mind. If they had a PhD program, I would have attended in a heartbeat. If you are uncertain about doing a PhD I think the program at WFU is a better option. Being a terminal MS program you might get more support their than at UMN, but don't quote me on that. Also the statistics faculty at WFU is growing and seems pretty diverse for a joint Math/Stat department. I was told there were some sparse RA opportunitie
  6. This outbreak is affecting the entire world, and schools are having to make decisions like this. Adcoms are going to be more than aware of the disruption this causes for all students. Given the prestige of your university and your already excellent background, you have nothing to worry about.
  7. Were any of the people here in grad school during the 2008 crash? I'd heard anecdotal stories of students being asked to self-fund, and am curious is there truth to that. More relevantly, if those concerns are applicable amid the crisis now.
  8. I just want to tag on this thread and say don't be discouraged. This is my 2nd application cycle, and I felt the pain of getting rejected across the board last year. I'm happy to have some good offers this year. Whether you decide to get a masters or take additional math classes to boost your profile. I think you have a good shot at getting where you want to be eventually. The advice to apply to a broader range of schools is the best advice here. There are excellent programs that ranked 40-70 on US News, and some MS programs that aren't ranked at all. I also suggest considering applying t
  9. If you hold the programs equal with regard to research opportunity, I'll add that Gainesville might be a nicer place to live than Ames, and it's certainly a lot warmer. Congratulations on your acceptances! I don't think you can make a "wrong" decision here.
  10. Do the veterans here have any advice on what other questions to ask post acceptance? I've got a generic list of ~8-10 questions including typical TA duties, availability of RAships, placement, maybe a research question if I'm talking to faculty I'd like to work with, talking to other students, but I'm probably missing points that might have a major impact on my decision. Any information that you wish you had known before committing to a program?
  11. This is something I've heard a lot and I'm curious if this sentiment is more to emphasize that you can't build your research from coursework, or if it's a commentary on the role of coursework in a PhD program. With that, what are the intended purposes of coursework in a PhD program? Would you ever advise choosing one program over another based on course offerings (holding all else roughly equal)? My impression is that the classes you take give you some more interaction with select faculty, inform your areas of interest, provide a level of basic/vocational training for when you a
  12. @likewater I got the same memo, but I know there were other admits who did not. Just curious if there were any official funding offers. Best of luck!
  13. I received an email from Florida State over a month ago saying my application was undergoing initial departmental review, and another this week saying the department review committee has it for official review. Hopeful to hear final decision before March!
  14. Whether it's useful or not the GRE Q has a meaningful impact in admissions, a low score will be used to disqualify your application. A 160 puts you well in the bottom quartile for the available data among Biostats applicants, and I think that will really hurt your application. I don't like the GRE, the first time I took it got a 155 on the quant and walked in 3 weeks later with a few practice tests and got a 166. I don't know why a timed test on low level math has such an impact on admissions, but it does and it's absolutely in your ability to boost your score to a 165+. I also think aiming fo
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