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  1. I wouldn't bother; it's not worth the time.
  2. cyberwulf

    Biostatistics Masters Chances

    Yes. Suggest taking probability and math stat if you can fit them in, but regardless you're in pretty good shape.
  3. For whatever reason, this forum has evolved into a very stat/biostat-centric space. You'll probably find more people with useful advice to give at http://www.mathematicsgre.com/
  4. Outside of the most intensely mathematical stat programs, the linear algebra requirement is there to ensure that you know what vectors and matrices are and how to do basic operations with them. For example, you should be able to interpret what (X'X)^(-1)X'y means (with X a matrix and y a vector). It's nice but not essential to have seen eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and various matrix decomposition techniques.
  5. If anything, it might (slightly) help you stand out from other applications, since a quadruple major is pretty uncommon. Good performance across a range of disciplines is a promising indicator of future productivity, particularly in a collaborative discipline like biostatistics.
  6. Students from one of the SKY schools in Korea tend to do pretty well in terms of admissions results, particularly if they have strong GPAs and good TOEFL scores like you. The top handful of schools are always going to be hit-or-miss, but I like your chances at places like Wisconsin, UNC, NCSU, Michigan, etc. Definitely worth a shot at some higher-ranked schools as well.
  7. I think you're in pretty good shape. Washington has been a really tough nut to crack recently, but I'd be surprised if you didn't get some decent results in the next tier of schools.
  8. cyberwulf

    Biostats at McGill

    The best way to get information like this is to contact whoever is in charge of the graduate program there, which appears to be ... searches Google ... Dr. Robert Platt.
  9. cyberwulf

    GRE Quant Score

    No, that's fine.
  10. cyberwulf

    How to stand out for Biostatistics

    From what I've heard about biostatistics PhD admissions, the admissions commitees look at (1) If you have taken high level math (Advanced Calc + Real Analysis), (2) research experience, (3) letters of rec, (4) GPA, although it seems like if your above a reasonable threshold (~3.7?) then your fine. (1) Yes, (2) A bit, (3) Yes, (4) Yes (but there is a big difference between a 3.7 and a 4.0) I understand that these are all very important aspects. However, it seems like the majority of students applying to biostatistics programs have these qualifications. What are the factors beyond these main points that allow top schools to choose between a very competitive applicant pool? My thoughts: they want students who are a good research match, Nope, not something that is considered strongly. This means that publication record can be a deciding factor. Nope, because... it is extremely difficult to publish a statistical methods paper (or any paper) as an undergrad. Bingo! This inherently gives applicants with a masters degree a great advantage. Most Masters students don't have papers, either. There also may be weight on a good personal statement, but I havent heard much emphasis on this (I obviously will make it as good as possible, but this may not be something that gets you in). This varies from program to program, but it's unlikely to be a major difference-maker. Is it worth it to get a masters degree first? Depends on what the weaknesses in your application are. If you are an excellent student but lack math background, a Masters may allay some concerns about your quantitative ability. Otherwise, it's not easy to radically change how an adcom sees you after one year of Masters coursework. What can make an undergraduate applicant stand out (besides the obvious points made in the first paragraph) There's a reason those points are "obvious"; they really are the main considerations. Applicants who stand out are the ones who are strong across all those points; good prep, stellar academic performance, and glowing letters.
  11. cyberwulf

    Biostats profile eval

    From your profile, I think applying to Michigan and other similarly ranked biostat programs is very reasonable.
  12. cyberwulf

    Advice: PhD Biostats 2019

    Yeah, a lot of students have no formal biology background.
  13. Yes, that seems like a reasonable list for PhD applications given your profile.
  14. cyberwulf

    Evaluation/Advice for 2019 Biostat Ph.D. chances

    I think some of the responses thus far are a touch optimistic about your chances, given the increasing strength of student cohorts in biostat over the past several years. A lot will depend on which "large public university" you attend; there's a big difference between (say) Michigan and Kansas State. Your letters will also be important. Based on the information you've provided thus far, I'd say you've got a decent shot at getting into some places in the 4-10 range, which sounds like where you're aiming. Oh, and don't bother taking the Math Subject GRE.
  15. No, you wouldn't. Many students in the discipline have had minimal, if any, training in biology.

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