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  1. I suspect that UW is doing this because of state laws that explicitly bar them from considering sex, race, etc. in university admissions decisions (Google 'washington state initiative 200'). I heard once (though cannot verify) that race information was not even included in the application packets provided to committee members. Bottom line, I doubt that the diversity statement will be an important decision factor for non-underrepresented students. By all means, write about your experience, but be straightforward and honest, and don't try to "puff up" what you've done.
  2. You should get into most of the Masters programs you're applying to. While the Calc I and II grades may give some pause, your later grades in Calc 3 and LA will help offset them.
  3. I don't want to be too much of a downer here, but I think you'll likely struggle to get admitted to a top 10 biostatistics program. Your undergrad GPA is substantially below what most admitted students at these programs have (in my top-10 program, the median is north of 3.8), and your Masters degree in Applied Stat is not going change the equation much (in many Masters programs, a 3.8 is around average). In the absence of something else really outstanding in your profile, I think you're looking at places like Iowa/Pitt/BU/Vanderbilt as decent bets, and schools above them as reaches.
  4. cyberwulf

    Letter of recommendation

    This is a no-brainer to me: get one from the econ prof. You want letters that are "difference-makers", and it sounds like that's far more likely to come from the former than the latter.
  5. cyberwulf

    Supplemental materials/additional documents

    Yeah, supplementary materials generally don't get read. As advised by @Stat PhD Now Postdoc, if you have publications, obviously put them on your CV and highlight them in your statement.
  6. cyberwulf

    Are 10-11 MS applications too much?

    I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. Many programs have a way to accommodate this, assuming your grades are in before application reviews start. Suggest emailing the coordinators of the programs you're applying to to inquire about their policy.
  8. Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a big deal.
  9. cyberwulf

    Metric of "Overall GRE performance"

    GRE scores aren’t independent. If you assume scores are normally distributed, and you know the means and correlations (posted above), then you could work out (or simulate) the probability of someone scoring higher on all three sections than you. In your case, I would bet it gives a number higher than 0.05.
  10. The problem with letters from non-faculty is that the main purpose of letters is to put your performance and abilities in context. Since non-faculty haven't had as much interaction with students, it's harder for them to contextualize. Non-faculty know this, and so I've noticed that their letters tend to be a bit more guarded and less enthusiastic than those from faculty. So, a positive letter from a postdoc certainly won't hurt you, but it's also unlikely that a super-positive letter from a postdoc will substantially boost your application.
  11. I think you're under-applying. You've already got enough math background (and a decent GRE Q score) to be a good candidate for Biostat MS programs at the level of UNC. Schools like Michigan, Berkeley, Minnesota, Penn, etc. should be your wheelhouse.
  12. cyberwulf

    2019 Biostatistics MS Profile

    You should be in decent shape to get into a good chunk of the biostat MS programs on your list.
  13. You might be asked for fall grades if you're on the borderline for admissions and the adcom would like a little more information. Otherwise, you likely won't be asked to provide them.

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