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  1. Hi, I am an international student who just got offered to one of US graduate program fro Fall 2017. However, i has been getting a psychological therapy to treat the psychological disorder. I think it would not be finished till the beginning of the new program before I am a completely okay from the disorder. So i would like to defer the admission. May it be a proper justification? the website of my prospective university says that the acceptable reasons for deferral includes medical or family emergency and natural disaster which seems like much worse cases than mine.....
  2. Oh....my.....so you think that Calculus should be taken anyway. I also agree with you. Multivariate Calculus courses may outweigh the additional stat courses since it is listed as a prereq. it means a series of Calculus are somewhat mandatory whereas extra stat courses are optional. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply I am considering the MS program as the stepping stone for the Ph.D programs in the field of social science which heavily requires stat and econ knowledge. So i am thinking of the Stat program provided from the good universities in those fields such as Chicago, Duke, Michigan, Cornell and so on. I don't know whether I will be a strong applicant for those schools. Anyway, your advice gave me a chance to change a plan for this year to some extent. If i understand correctly, your point may be summarized as taking related math courses such as the next sequential calcu
  4. Hi I am planning to apply for a number of Statistics MS program at the end of this year. Now i am considering what courses to take in these upcoming Spring and Fall semesters and i need some advice on it. Undergrad: One of Top 5 Univ. in QS Asia University ranking.GPA: 3.7/4.00Major: Applied. Econ. Related courses i took : Econ Math(A), Applied Econ Methodology(deals with regression and some other related tests) (A), Advanced Psych Stat(Grad)(A), Calculus1(B), Econ Stat(A), Intro to programming(A), Linear Algebra(B), Intro to Analysis(A), Math stat1(B), Econometrics(A), Math Stat2(A)
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