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  1. Hi, a quick update: I just received my GRE general score and got 165(Q), 162(V), 5.0(AW). Would this score (particularly the 165Q) keep my application competitive for the top Biostats (i.e., Harvard, JHU, UWashington) and Stats (i.e., Columbia, Berkeley) programs I mentioned? Or should I retake to try and up the quant score? Thank you!
  2. Thank you so much! In your opinion, would it be necessary or advantageous to take the math gre subject test for these programs? Also, are there other math courses beyond real analysis that I should take before applying?
  3. Hello! I'm starting to look at Stat/Biostat PhD programs and hoping for advice as to what schools I should apply and what I can do to enhance my application over the next two semesters in undergrad. Undergrad Institution: Low Ivy League Major: (B.S.) Biometry & Statistics Minors: Mathematics, Data Science GPA: 4.05/4.30 (approx. 3.92/4.00) but this is a bit inflated with research grades Type of Student: Male Domestic GRE General Test: n/a - taking soonGRE Subject Test in Mathematics: n/a (and not sure if should take) Programs Applying: Statistics/Biostatisti
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