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  1. I'm waiting for Louisiana State University. I'm waitlisted there, really want to go there. @Audball316 @Oddiology have either if you applied to LSU as well?
  2. @brotoscope That's awesome, good luck with the interview!
  3. This waiting is agony. LSU, USA, UT & UF come on already.
  4. GRE, sorry. They have more than one GRE code, and on the day that I took the test I send it to the Memphis location, not Knoxville. I notice this through the ETS site, not CSDCAS
  5. That's awesome. I wish I could do a skype interview, lol.
  6. I had to contact University of Tennessee about one of my transcripts. When they emailed me back letting me know they found my transcript, they added that we'll hear back from them mid to late February
  7. What an awesome forum this is!! I applied to U of Tenn, U of South Alabama, LSU, U of FL and Nova Southeastern U. I got an interview with Nova next week. This waiting game is no fun
  8. Hi @YoungAUD @KGross12 How were your interviews at NOVA? I have an interview with them on 2/23, I'm so excited and a bit nervous. Were the interviews one-on-one? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
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