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  1. stayhappy123

    Why did you choose AuD over SLP?

    Did you shadow SLPs and AuDs before applying? For me, shadowing helped me decide that I wanted to go for AuD.
  2. stayhappy123

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    Some how I got accepted to USF, but rejected from NOVA... there is still hope for every single one of you out there. I'm shocked asaf right now!
  3. stayhappy123

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    Has any one heard from SDSU-San Diego State University?
  4. stayhappy123

    Illinois State University Interview

    Does anyone know if the interview is open or closed file?
  5. stayhappy123

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    To those who got an interview at the University of Pacific SF, when did you guys apply? and if you do not mind sharing your stats and your undergrad major. Thanks and best of luck to you all!
  6. stayhappy123

    AuD Applicants!!

    Hey, what are your stats if you don't mind sharing. Thanks
  7. stayhappy123

    How to prepare for interviews

    Please help a soul out and give some tips!
  8. stayhappy123

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    I did in-person interview in early December. I submitted my application mid nov. It was all generic questions as to why AuD? your motivations etc. I would just recommend to be yourself and stay calm. I was super nervous and I guess I asked too many questions. I'm non CSD major and I think NOVA likes people who have CSD background. Take my experience with a grain of salt and go in there and get that acceptance letter! All the best!
  9. stayhappy123

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    Yes, they did! The University of the Pacific also extended their deadline. And yes I am! I hope your interview goes well. I would love to get some pointers just in case I get called for an interview.
  10. stayhappy123

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    I understand! Its already so expensive to apply to all these schools. Florida has three AuD schools ( NOVA, USF, UF). I have applied to all three!
  11. stayhappy123

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    @jml2411 Hey, when did you get an interview for Pacific U? P.s when did you apply? I thought the application deadline is Feb 15. are the admissions rolling? Also, did you already have the interview? If yes, please tell me how it went
  12. stayhappy123

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    Are you going to the open house? Does UF have interviews? I know USF does not have any interviews. Also, I got rejected from NOVA P.s I have applied to all Florida schools for AuD. I hope I get into one of them.
  13. stayhappy123

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    Hey, what is the open house at UF, and when is it?
  14. stayhappy123

    Fall 2016 Admissions!

    @Ram09 how did pacificu and usf calculate your gpa?
  15. stayhappy123

    Pacific University Oregon Status 2017

    hey phoenix484! Congrats on your acceptance! I was wondering if you don't mind sharing your stats in term of GPA, shadowing etc and what major you did in undergrad? Thanks. Also how does Pacific calculate GPA?

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