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  1. Hi I am a current student pursuing my master of science degree in disability services in higher education. I am actively searching for internships in this field even if it’s remote. If anyone knows of any school still looking for an graduate intern in this field please let me know!!
  2. Hi all, I am a past applicant for AuD school I would like to give you all some advice as you get decisions in, don’t be discouraged that you didn’t get in to the school you wanted to go to, when you get your first acceptance accept the offer you get then if you get more acceptances you can change your mind then. It’s okay if you get waitlisted because I got in to University of Cincinnati’s Audiology program off the waitlist. Don’t be checking your email all of the time for results. That will not make it go faster. Even though the waiting game is tough enjoy it. If you don’t get in the first ro
  3. When I went through the application process last year I was waitlisted at 2 schools and I got off the waitlist at UC so it’s pretty likely you will get off the waitlist. Not everyone is going to accept their offer anyway, schools send out way more offers than how many people are suppose to be in the cohort.
  4. Hi all, I am an applicant of City University of New York’s School of Professional Studies Master of Science in Disability Services in Higher Education. Anyone else applying to this program?
  5. Hi guys I am applying to an master’s of science in disability services in higher education through City University of New York. Is anyone applying to this program? It’s online.
  6. I hope everyone is enjoying grad school so far!! And for those who are applying for the fall of 2019 don’t be afraid to ask us current first years a question!!
  7. I am an incoming first year AuD student at UC, and I applied to UC and got on their waiting list and got accepted off the waiting list and I had a GRE score below 300. I suggest you visit UC too!
  8. Congrats!! Best of luck to you!!
  9. Oh wow! That is interesting!! I bet you are glad!!
  10. If you are looking for scholarships I found an Scholarship by ASHA called the The Graduate Student Scholarship and the deadline to apply is May 23
  11. I know! UC was so slow on letting me just confirm my admission to the graduate school! I just want to know all of my classes I am taking, know who my second year buddy is, and know where I am living in the fall! I haven’t even received my student email from UC yet!
  12. I agree! Can we just fast forward to August please!! It is going to be a long three months of waiting
  13. I finally got into grad school everyone!! I am officially going to be an audiologist! I am headed to the University of Cincinnati for their audiology program! Best of luck to everyone who is still waiting! You will get in!!
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