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  1. Is anyone going to the University of Louisville?!
  2. I did too!! So happy for you!
  3. Just got accepted to University of Tennessee! Check your emails!
  4. Towson and Akron should be sending out decisions sometime next week.
  5. Hey! Yes, I got waitlisted.
  6. I was kinda paranoid too lol but I think they said that we will get emails like the second week of march with funding.
  7. I have had interview at University of Louisville, Towson University, Nova Southeastern, Ecu, NOAC tomorrow, and Ohio U on Saturday. I got rejected from a Chapel Hill and Auburn, but accepted to University of Louisville!
  8. Is anyone going to Towson University's interview day this Friday?
  9. Got an invite to interview at Towson University on February 7th! Has anyone else applied there?
  10. Congrats! I'm interviewing at Louisville the 14th too!
  11. Hey everyone! I just received my Bachelor's degree in Communication Science and Disorders this past December! Applied to: Ohio University, Northeast Ohio AuD Consortium, NOVA Southeastern University, East Carolina University, University of Tennessee, Auburn University, University of Louisville, and Towson University. I have been offered interviews at NOVA Southeastern University and Ohio University! Can't wait to (virtually) meet you all!
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