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  1. Has anyone heard back about funding from UTD?
  2. I just created one if you want to join! Just search "UTD Audiology class of 2024" and it should come up!
  3. Has anyone made a facebook group for UT Dallas?!
  4. I haven't heard from UT Austin about funding. I'm wondering if things are delayed a bit due to the COVID-19??
  5. Does anyone have any suggestions of scholarships to apply for?? I have been trying to look for some but wasn't sure if anyone knew of any good ones!
  6. Just got an email with an offer of acceptance! I think I am still leaning towards UT-Dallas though
  7. I think for me personally my personal statement, letters of rec and unique life experiences helped me stand out as an applicant. Although my GPA and GRE were not as high as others, I have still been able to compete for top programs. I think focusing on things such as research, volunteering, etc. combined with having solid letters of rec and personal statement throughout the next year should help you!! Good luck with the whole process, you're gonna do great!
  8. Is anyone going to the interview day at UT-Dallas on the 28th? Or has anyone gone to the previous visit days who can help me figure out what to wear, bring etc?!
  9. That actually makes me feel a lot better, thank you so so much!!! Guess I will just have to wait for now Congrats on your acceptance to UTHSA!
  10. I got waitlisted, I'm still happy to be considered but obviously disappointed 😕 do you know long until they start sending out offers to people who are waitlisted??
  11. Just got an invite for an interview at UT-Austin! Check your emails if you applied!!
  12. I got an invitation for an interview but I know that some of my friends who applied have not received one or heard anything back yet. My guess would be that there may be a second round of interview invitations sent out soon and/or wait-lists. Crossing my fingers you hear back good news soon!
  13. I applied to UT-Dallas and UT-Austin as well! Have you heard anything from either of them yet?!
  14. Ok good that makes me feel better!! Yes if you could keep me updated that would be great and glad to hear its a good program. Good luck to you too!!
  15. I applied to 6 schools (some for Aud and the rest of SLP) and got interviews at 2 so far! Waiting has been so stressful, hopefully we will hear back soon 😅 @Caitzilla I also applied to UNT for SLP! Do you know when we will be hearing back from them?
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