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  1. Personally, I am planning to work throughout grad school (20 hours) and I'm nervous about how I'll handle it all. However, if I prioritize everything appropriately, I am confident I could be successful! 😅
  2. I'm posting an update to this since I finally heard back from everyone. I applied to 6--accepted to 3, waitlisted at 1 and rejected at 2. Seemed to be a good number!
  3. UT Health San Antonio SLP Class of 2022! https://www.facebook.com/groups/681589989324363/
  4. Speech-Language Pathology hands down. Of course money isn't everything (you would make more as an SLP) but being an SLP is super rewarding too! Social work has a much higher turnover rate because it's a tough job--mentally and emotionally. We definitely need social workers but as far as versatility goes, you could do so many different things with SLP (especially in a hospital setting). Also, let's say you work as an SLP for awhile and decide you would rather transition to social work, it might be easier going that way--instead of social work to SLP. Hope this is helpful!
  5. Rant warning~ PREFACE: I have already made my decision (put down my deposit) and I am REALLY happy with that decision; however, when I applied to schools, it was under the assumption that my application would be looked at and taken into consideration (good or bad). I have heard from every school except UTDallas. Not only have I not heard, my application has not even been reviewed. How is it that I submit my application in November and it's now less than a week from April 15 and my application hasn't even been looked at? So much money and time (and tears) goes into these applications-
  6. Which university are you referring to?
  7. My situation is the exact same: applied in November, application status is still marked as complete and I've heard nothing. I've seen that the last few recent admission decisions have all been rejections.
  8. Faculty and staff are still required to report and work. Only students have been moved online--asked not to come to campus. I'm a student but also a staff member at the University and go to school for work each day.
  9. @AspiringSLP35 Just to clarify, UT Health San Antonio (not the same as UTSA), does not have a portal. University of Texas--Austin (UT) has a MyStatus page where you check to see your admission status. You have to log in with your EID and password that was maybe emailed to you at the time you applied. https://login.utexas.edu/login/cdcservlet?goto=https%3A%2F%2Futdirect.utexas.edu%3A443%2F&RequestID=1584162644788&MajorVersion=1&MinorVersion=0&ProviderID=https%3A%2F%2Futdirect.utexas.edu%3A443%2Famagent%3FRealm%3D%2Fadmin%2Futdirect-realm&IssueInstant=2020-03-14T05%3A10
  10. Check your spam just in case. I know that UT and San Antonio have been sending out both acceptances and denials (I can't confirm anything about the other schools you mention). UT is known for NOT sending an email so you have to check their portal. I have 2 programs I haven't heard from either but I believe they have to notify you by April 15th as that is the deadline for students to make their decision.
  11. To my knowledge, all faculty/staff are still working. At my university, while the Spring Break has been extended, faculty and staff are still working and on campus. Unless they specifically send an email out saying to expect delays, I think it won't be affected.
  12. I was also there for the first open house! I committed as well after seeing and hearing everything--I was sold. Do you know if anyone has started a Facebook page for our cohort yet?
  13. That's a good GPA. For the GRE, I think a general rule of thumb is to stay above 300 (to stay competitive) so try to aim for that when you're taking the practice tests!
  14. Supposedly, they've had a recent delay, with their admission coordinator being away. According to a post above, they should be sending out more decisions this week/next week. I also have not heard but decided to accept an offer elsewhere anyway. Good luck!
  15. This is a very good response. To add, if you're worried about your GRE scores, you can add a school or two that don't require the GRE at all.
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