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  1. Hi! Do you know if first year students are feeling the same way? I have heard some negative things about Monmouth's program but only from your cohort so I am just curious if you have heard anything from other cohorts
  2. this is a good question! I am interested in knowing the answer as well
  3. Just declined Montclair's offer and will be declining Monmouth tomorrow
  4. I am so glad it helped you organize your thoughts. Monmouth is a great decision! Like I said, I am trying to convince myself that I can afford going there! It's honestly so ideal for me. It's just hard when you put it side by side with Montclair, 25K difference. I keep flip flopping but I know whatever decision I make will be a good one, I think all the NJ schools have excellent programs Good luck and I hope you get into Stockton!
  5. I am struggling with making a decision myself. I got into Kean (summer), Monmouth and Montclair, waitlisted at Stockton. I live 10 minutes away from Monmouth so I would love to go there but private school costs are outrageous and they don't offer scholarships :/. Kean is the second closest to me but still would put me at a 45 min commute each way and tuition is 66K so its not exactly affordable. I liked this program a lot because the faculty seemed very knowledgeable and friendly. Also a big pro is that they offer a ton of electives which the other schools do not. However, I am having a really
  6. For those who received responses from Stockton...did they email or update your portal? I saw they mailed out a few acceptances but am curious if they are updating portals as well
  7. Hi all, I have been seeing a lot of people starting individual threads with Facebook groups for different universities. Just thought it would be a good idea for them all to go in one place Comment with links or names below please
  8. Thank you!! I was really worried I was missing valuable info haha
  9. Hi all, So I am just a little bit confused about costs because I keep reading conflicting statements by other students. I have read on older forums and facebook posts that Kean is considered one of the more affordable NJ schools. However, if I am not mistaken it is on the more expensive end. Monmouth and Seton Hall are both private so they are the most expensive Then comes Kean at 66K (which puts Kean closer to private school costs than the State schools) Montclair, Willy P and Stockton are the cheapest and under 50K. Am I missing something lol?
  10. I declined my offer to UCF yesterday. Hopefully that opens up a spot for sommeone
  11. Hi, just curious where you found out Monmouth is a shorter program? from what I gather they are the same. TIA
  12. Thank you, you too! I checked before but I couldn't find one. Please let me know if you end up finding one
  13. I received an acceptance from Montclair today! GPA 3.5 / CSD 4.0 // GRE: 150 V 146 Q 4 .5AW Monmouth, Kean, Stockton , William Paterson, Loyola and Montclair University Applied / Accepted / Waitlisted / Interview / Rejected
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