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  1. sliz1019

    How to be an amazing candidate?

    Thank you so much! I am pretty nervous about applying as an out of fielder so I really appreciate any feedback that I can get.
  2. sliz1019

    How to be an amazing candidate?

    Hi, thanks for replying! I have only speech and hearing science left as a requirement that I will be taking this summer before I apply Jan 2019. My school does not offer a CSD degree or a minor so that is why I choose Linguistics as my minor because they offer some of the prereqs through that minor. I was also wondering if you thought that I was a competitive applicant?
  3. Hi everyone! So, I am currently an undergrad in NJ at Rutgers, who notoriously does not have a CSD major. I am a psych major and have a minor in linguistics. My current GPA is 3.866 and I have a 4.00 GPA in my CSD coursework. My experience so far includes: 1 yr research for a school psychologist; research involved creating a virtual simulation program for early career teachers in urban areas and required me to observe classrooms, 6 hours of shadowing at an early intervention and hospital setting (going to get the full 25 before applying), volunteering at the Adler Aphasia Center & a rehabilitation center and a fieldwork course with children with autism. I have yet to take the GRE but am aiming for about a 152, 152 & a 4. Currently also have 1 LOR but will get rest from 2 more from CSD professors. I wanted to know if you all found me to be competitive and had any advice on how to make myself a better applicant since I am an out of field applicant. Any comments/tips will help!

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