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  1. Hi! This is a bit difficult to follow and is not related to speech pathology graduate programs or the idea that maybe SLP grad programs might start in person because they are typically small cohorts. Thank you though.
  2. Hey guys! I got accepted to CSU Long Beach and have heard very little regarding whether classes will be online or on campus. I wanted to make a post for all things Covid-19 and how it may/may not be affecting Fall 2020. Will your school be online next semester? Are you still going to move there?
  3. Fullerton has 12 pre-reqs that need to be completed during the summer or prior to Fall. CSULB doesn't make you take extra pre-reqs as long as you have 30 CSD units and will incorporate missing classes into your graduate schedule.
  4. I posted this elsewhere but thought that it would be helpful here too: Your best bet is to try and study REALLY hard for the GRE or take some online courses to bolster your current GPA. If you don't want to take any additional courses I would recommend looking into non west-coast schools, specifically private schools. They are notorious for accepting people with lower GPA's but the catch is that they are typically more expensive since they are private and hence offer more spots. Also I'd recommend looking at EdFind (https://find.asha.org/ed#sort=relevancy) From what I
  5. I'm attending CSU Long Beach in the fall and have recently heard about other CSU campuses preparing to teach classes online next semester. Has anyone else heard anything about this?
  6. I took online classes at ENMU and it was $300/unit which is significantly cheaper than other schools. Be careful a bout Utah state because I've heard from others that some grad programs don't accept grades from that school bc of grade inflation.
  7. Hi! I accepted my offer at CSULB and found out that our classes for next semester are SLP 663, 665, 667, and 696. The schedule is basically all morning/early afternoon classes: Mon: 9-11:45 SLP 696- Research Methods: applied and basic (Alani) Tues: 9:30-12:15 SLP 663- Preschool Language Disorders (Sun) Wed: 9-11:45 SLP 667- Autism Spectrum Disorders (Ocampo) Thurs: 9:30-12:30 SLP 665- Aphasia/Neurogenic (Hung) I have no idea what the clinic schedule is though! I accepted because the reviews that I heard from their own students, students that didn't get in
  8. I feel you 100% on that, especially because I have significant loans from undergrad. I actually chose to withdraw my app from Chapman because I didn't even want to get in and have to turn it down for financial reasons. It's really a shame how expensive they can justify marking tuition.
  9. I already got it. I checked FAFSA and noticed that I needed to make a correction early last week and then a couple days later I got an email from CSULB telling me that I was awarded financial aid. I got a Stafford loan and the SUG California resident grant. You just have to accept them through your student portal.
  10. I plan on taking out the Direct Unsubsidized Stafford loans (~20k) for graduate school. I am getting a 3/4 tuition grant so I should be able to pay off my tuition without loans. However, housing is another beast and my parents are not rich. What is your advice for budgeting the $20k and making it last throughout grad school?
  11. California State University Long Beach https://www.facebook.com/groups/2280004835639903/
  12. I applied to 9 and once I got into Long Beach I sent all the schools an email asking to be withdrawn from the application process so others could get my hypothetical spot. I got waitlisted at two schools, rejected from two, and interviewed without hearing back from some.
  13. Make sure that you have federal loans from the government and not just private loans (Sallie Mae). Private loans cannot be forgiven and typically don't have the option for income based repayment. If you have private loans like me, I'd suggest refinancing with a low interest rate and then paying the highest monthly payment you can afford once you graduate grad school.
  14. I think reaching out to the school's graduate coordinator would be a great call because it also lets the school's admin know that you're taking it seriously by looking into applications early! Best luck!
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