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  1. I would urge you to take Intro to Physics and take it credit/no credit. I recently have been talking to admissions about the new 2020 changes and they are getting more and more strict about what they are accepting. An alternative would be to reach out to the schools that you are applying to and make sure that they will accept this class as an alternative. Good luck!!!
  2. Hey Laurel! My interview is on Thursday! Let me know how yours goes!!
  3. Has anyone taken online classes at ENMU? I'm pretty sure classes start in less than a week and I haven't received any information about a syllabus or anything. What was your experience with this? Any tips? I'm taking Aural Rehab with Hall and Research and Evidence Based Practice with Bennett. Thanks!!
  4. I'll PM you my template. Rearrange the categories as you wish!
  5. I was curious if anyone knows about the reputation at UH Manoa as of recently? I know that in the past their program was not the most highly revered, but has it changed? Also, I was curious if anyone knows if non-resident students get any financial aid (not in a loan form)? THANKS!
  6. I highly recommend taking multiple practice tests, where you give yourself the full allotted time! For the math, there's a dozen of math practice questions that I would recommend taking on the Magoosh site. For vocabulary, which is going to be very reflective of your abilities as an SLP, look up "High Frequency GRE Vocab" https://quizlet.com/42069269/top-50-high-frequency-gre-words-flash-cards/. This helped me a lot, especially when I was cramming on time and couldn't look at the 300+ words.
  7. I took a gap year and when I asked each recommender for a recommendation I politely asked them in an email, included the course that I took with them, the grade that I got, and any identifying information that would help them put a face to a name. Hell! Even put a small photo of yourself if you think that would help. It will also make for a MUCH better letter of rec if you do the brute work and put together a folder including your resume/CV, your transcripts, and any projects that you worked on/research. I hope that helps!
  8. Hello! I'd love any information from any of you that are attending a CSU school! I'm mainly curious about prerequisites and transferable classes! Thanks
  9. What school did you end up choosing? I know I want to take at least 2 classes this semester and another over summer but I'm worried that they won't transfer over. I've reached out to admissions but they're a bit hesitant giving me advising help since I'm not technically admitted yet.
  10. I feel like most schools will look at each person's entire application. Obviously having a low GPA/GRE is a red-flag, but even if one score is significantly lower, they will still review it and look closer at other things (i.e: experience volunteering, working, personal statement, etc.) California schools seem to me like they only look at your stats before they open up the whole application, but not all. Go on EdFind and check out their GPA/GRE facts and see which are most applicable to you!
  11. Usually they don't really have a hard minimum score. If you're low on the GRE they usually will weigh your personal statement and GPA a bit heavier to give you the benefit of the doubt.
  12. Hi!! Looks like we're applying to roughly the same scores! How do you feel about the pre-reqs that all the CSU schools require? I feel like I should try to take some online?
  13. I'm pretty sure those are all of the ASHA-required courses. I'm more so talking about classes like: Aural Rehab, AAC, Autism, Counseling, Clinical Methods, Speech Sound Disorders, Fluency, etc., the classes that are just like specialized courses that they consider "pre-requisites." Good luck on a post-bacc though
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