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  1. Is anyone attending the info session today on campus? Or if you went last year and have any idea what to expect, I'd be super grateful!
  2. I have a friend that got into Washington State University and attends there currently and says that her class/school collaborates with Eastern Washing University. They are both roughly the same cost of tuition and are located in the same city. Does anyone know what really sets them apart? Is one easier to get into? Their EdFind looks very similar too.
  3. Not much advice with the schools you listed, but why not any from California since you're a resident there?
  4. That was super helpful! Thank you so so much. I'll definitely pm you as I go through the app process! Thanks
  5. Hello!! So I am from San Diego, CA (SoCal) and am looking at some Bay Area schools including: CSU East Bay, San Jose State, and San Francisco. Does anyone know anything much about these schools? I've looked up all the discussions I could find but I figured I might open up the discussion to others with the same questions. -Are there any red flags with these schools? -How long do you typically graduate? -Is there any strong reason why one of these schools is better than the rest? I'm considering not even applying to SDSU because of how competitive it is. I really like a focus on autism and special education but I know we should be well rounded. My stats are: 151V, 149Q, 4.5W. Cumulative GPA: 3.84, CSD GPA: 3.79. I have 7+ years working with kids with autism, 2 years as a behavioral therapist, 4+ years observing/volunteering with a SLP at a school district, NSSLHA member, deans list x7, bilingual in Spanish, and I just got an ASHA volunteer position.
  6. I got $5000 total, have amazing GPA and a bunch of volunteer hours, etc. $5000 total for a school that costs $82,000... BS
  7. I'm in the EXACT same boat! I'm looking at CSU Northridge, University of Akron, and University of Northern Colorado (Except they're only accepting people starting Oct. 2020)
  8. Hello! I’m looking into online/distance SLP grad programs. I’m already $65k in debt, so I don’t want to pay more than $15k per year (I’m located in CA so I know there’s some restrictions because of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA). I have good grades (3.8+ GPA, great LoC’s and above avg GRE scores). I got accepted to emerson and NYU with scholarships but it didn’t cover enough of the cost. I really like North Colorado University, CSUN, and Akron University. Id prefer to do my clinical practice/extends hips towards the end of the program because I’m working as a nanny and committed to 1.5 years, they are flexible and will allow me to travel up to 3 weeks for clinical/labs. What is your best experience?
  9. Hello! I got into all 3 schools and denied acceptance due to the steep prices. They offered me a $5000 scholarship (total), which was almost laughable since $5000 spread out would be about 1/9 of the cost of ONE class... If you're rich, choose NYU, if you're not- I'd reapply to other schools. They are great programs though.
  10. I got accepted to NYU and Emerson's online SLP programs recently but both are very expensive. Also, Emerson's program has clinical placements starting very soon (I work) and I'd have to take a pre-requisite that would put me back another $4k. I only applied to these two schools because I didn't have the GRE/letters of rec figured out before the CSDCAS deadline. I was banking on financial aid to help me since I'm now considered an independent and got an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of $0. I submitted it sorta late, like mid April and added the two schools last week. I already have ~$60k of debt and don't want to go into any more. I have decent stats; 151V, 149Q, 4.5W 3.84 cumulative, 3.75 department GPA and lots of experience with research/ABA. Should I pick NYU/Emerson or should I reapply next year, pay off some loans and then choose?
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