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  1. Hello all, I will be attending George Washington University this coming Fall and I am looking into scholarships and other ways to pay for the tuition & books other than with student loans. I was offered an award to reduce the cost of attending GWU for the first year. Any suggestions on what you may have done? Even for those who did not attend or who are not planning on attending GWU your recommendations are appreciated.
  2. Anyone know the stats on Univ. of Montana distance education program? I don 't know if the current stats on ASHA are for their on campus program.
  3. You are not being pessimistic and you are not alone. I 100% agree. I know some of my fellow classmates are on the same boat. I was recommended by a Professor to try applying to CSU Chico or CSU San Marcos. I might try CSU Chico. Do you have any suggestions on schools I can remove from my list?
  4. I know my GPA... lol That's a good suggestion to re-evaluate every school. It's good to know you went to Concordia. What do you like best about that university? The tuition is a bit of a concern.
  5. Hi Madison. CA schools are very competitive. I don't think it would be worth the money. I might try CSU Chico but I am on the fence. I know they look at GPA the most. Maybe a 2nd opinion will change my mind.
  6. I am stuck on the schools I should remove from the long list of schools I have. My background: I am a post-baccalaureate student. My undergrad GPA was 2.8 and my Communicative Disorders GPA is 3.6. My GRE scores are 150 for verbal, 149 for quantitative and 4.5 for analytical writing. I have worked and voluteered at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center for a total of 7 1/2 years. I shadowed a group of SLPs at Rancho before I entered the field. As a student, I was active on campus in Communicative Disorders clubs like NSSHLA. I had a leadership position as an Outreach Repres
  7. Hello all! Central Michigan University requires one to two pieces of work from one's Communicative Disorders undergraduate program of which I am especially proud of and highlights my potential as a speech-language pathologist. I have no clue what I can upload to CSDCAS. Any suggestions??
  8. For those with lower GPAs which schools did you apply to? Any suggestions on schools that do not look at GPA as much? Tips for finding at these types of schools would be helpful!! My GPA is low but I have great experience and so are the recommendation letters I have received. This application process is depressing. It seems like this program is for who are overall perfect (high GPAs and great experience)
  9. Good to know!! Thank you!! Looking at all those stats was depressing. My gpa is not that high but I have a good amount of experience and my professors letters of recommendation are great!!
  10. I do not know if anyone noticed but ASHA updated their stats for some grad programs the past couple of weeks. So some schools stats have changed! A couple of schools that I was planning on applying to are now off my list.
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