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  1. Pollitopinpin


    Probally because they accept people with low gpas who cant handle it.
  2. Pollitopinpin

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    How are their clinical placements limited? Did they talk about where placements would occur?
  3. Pollitopinpin


    Is anybody still waiting to hear back from st.johns? I know at this point its pretty pointless but id still like to hear back since i put all that work in and paid for the app
  4. Pollitopinpin


    Start doing research on the type of loans your school offers!! Take out the least amount possible.
  5. Pollitopinpin

    Loans for LIU Post

    Has anyone started this process yet? The deadline is May 1st .....
  6. Pollitopinpin

    Still waiting on a decision

    Did you get an interview for sacred heart? If you didnt most likely they didnt go thru your app. I was interviewed waitlisted then accepted. But i rejected their offer.
  7. Pollitopinpin

    Good friends in grad school?

    What school do you go 2? Thats how it was at my undergrad. Alot of the girls had bad attitudes. I wish there was more men in the field so class would be more diverse and fun hahaha
  8. Just found out my school would be about 20k a semester vs 20k a year. Boy did i misunderstand my financial aid letter. This has me wanting to give up on school all together.
  9. Pollitopinpin

    Should I give up??

    You should deff ask. Some will tell you their cohort is full or they will tell you how many spots are left. Dont give up!
  10. Pollitopinpin


    Would that mean they have bad externships? I assumed the praxis really depends on the student. Its up to them weither they put in the work to study and pass. Maybe they just had bad students. I saw they do accept people with lower stats.
  11. Pollitopinpin

    NY acceptances. What school did you choose?

    @samiamslp they were put on probation because they had a low rate of students passing the praxis exam.
  12. Pollitopinpin

    LIU Brooklyn

    I just got accepted as well. I have a 3.9 gpa. I am intrested in this school however I am concerned about their accreditation as well.
  13. St.johns has a secret waitlist. They wont tell you you're waitlisted. They keep going down the list till the class is full. As long as you havnt gotten a rejection your most likley on it at this point. Good luck!
  14. Pollitopinpin


    I just got off the waitlist for nymc. I am so excited. I was wondering if anybody has received any funding or the award letter? I will also be looking for a roomate. A family friend owns a condo and will let me rent it. If anyone is intrested please let me know.
  15. Go with Hofstra. The professors provide a ton of support, they guide you through clinicals sonyoy never feel alone. St.johns is rough theres not alot of support its pretty much just figuring it own on your own. I know people who went there and did not life the program because of the lack of support. Also clinicals can get messy. You might not get the placement you want.

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