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  1. My ets score where pretty close to the real gre. The forst and second time i took it.
  2. Who will be starting any of these programs in the spring?
  3. Who is applying for spring admissions in NY
  4. I thought Howard was a school predominantly for African Americans? But i guess slp program could b diffrent
  5. Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has all the powerpoints for speech disorders and/or language disorders class for undergrad. I would really appreciate this as I lost all my info on my laptop -_-. Im trying to make a folder and use these as refrence in grad school. Any help would be appreciated thanks guys.
  6. Iv heard the same!! They even have "simulated" sessions in clinic if theres not enough clients coming to their clinic........ Professors do seem nice though but at the end of the day clinic and externship placements are more important.
  7. Do you mind sharing these negative things please, i have also heard bad things. I will also be attending but i feel iffy......
  8. They just finished filling their cohort today
  9. I had a 3.9 gpa but a terrbile gre score 143 verbal 140 quant. I got into 10 schools and received interviews. I only got rejected from 2 schools.
  10. Im considering this school but i have heard negative things. Can anybody provide any insight?
  11. Probally because they accept people with low gpas who cant handle it.
  12. How are their clinical placements limited? Did they talk about where placements would occur?
  13. Is anybody still waiting to hear back from st.johns? I know at this point its pretty pointless but id still like to hear back since i put all that work in and paid for the app
  14. Start doing research on the type of loans your school offers!! Take out the least amount possible.
  15. Has anyone started this process yet? The deadline is May 1st .....
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