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  1. Declined admissions offer from Rush University.
  2. Declined my offer from: Pacific University St. Xavier University
  3. Yes? The funny thing is, they sent me a separate email about my financial aid offer, but I can't figure out how to login! I posted a topic here in this forum to ask for advice, but no one responded. It involves a login/ID I can't figure out and don't see in any of my records. I will be declining my offer (though I wanted to see the financial aid offer first before declining). But in order to decline I need that same login.
  4. I heard my response from Rush on 2/24 by email. They did not contact me by the email I used in CSDCAS, though (my school email). If you used a different email address for the supplemental application (my personal email), that's where they sent the response.
  5. To those who have been admitted to Rush University, how do you log in to view the financial aid offer? I am fairly certain I will be declining (due to cost), but I feel like I should at least look at my financial aid offer before doing so.
  6. So far, I declined admissions offers from: Midwestern University (Downer's Grove) James Madison University
  7. I interviewed via Zoom (online) on 2/15. I received the phone call with acceptance/GA position offer on 3/2. Then, I received the email with GA specifics and the official admissions letter on 3/6. I'm on the fence about declining this offer, because I really want to go here, but another school has offered me a very competitive/valuable GA position (half-off tuition plus weekly stipend!!), so I would be foolish to choose to pay $30,000 more per year in tuition at Pacific, right?? Still, it really hurts. I will likely be declining this offer tonight or tomorrow.
  8. Finally heard back from every program and I was accepted to all of them! I will be choosing NIU because they offered me a very generous GA position yesterday.
  9. Ahh! That's basically a mortgage payment! You're definitely making the right choice, thinking about tuition costs before its too late. I hope you receive a great offer (GA position/waiver) from an amazing program!!
  10. Yeah, cost of tuition is at the front of my mind. Originally, I was most concerned with what I felt was the "best" education, but now I just keep thinking "a degree is a degree" and if I could pay off my student debt within a few years, that is so much more appealing then paying loans back for the next 30 years of my life.
  11. Hi! I'm also waiting on a decision from St. Xavier. Haven't heard anything yet, but I did hear we can probably expect to hear something in early March.
  12. I completely agree with this. When I first started making my long list of potential programs, I was looking all over the map. Now, I believe I will choose whichever school is the most affordable. I just can't get my fear of student loan debt out of my head! I cannot justify graduating with $100k in loans and a $600-$800 per month student loan payment on top of other bills, mortgage, and a possible car payment (hopefully not). No way! I don't want to make that SLP money in my new career and see NONE of it because of bills and loan payments. At one of the interview days I attended, I asked
  13. No problem! Honestly, the way I think of it is: Students are advised to apply to as many schools as possible (sometimes 8-16!), but they can only pick one. They decide against schools for so many reasons, location, price, etc. For every school we are accepted to that we turn down, that's an acceptance for someone else on the waitlist. Stay patient!
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