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  1. Sounds like you've got a great chance. If your writing sample and SOP are solid I'd say you've got a strong package.
  2. Going into debt sucks! If you can pay it off or easily make small payments each month then go for it--otherwise forget it. Debt will control how you live. I have a MINIMUM payment of $1,000/month and with my MA all I got was a job that pays me $1,800/mo that leaves me with $800-not a lot for living in LA (I live at home with Mom and Dad and still break even each month after gas, food, med/dental bills, cell hpone, car payments, car insurance etc...and I don't even pay utilities or rent). Seriously work with a financial advisor and realistically look at your future job prospects, salary and debt payments. It's hard to imagine what it's like until you are in it and paying--and by then it's often too late.
  3. I'm applying to most of the same schools you are (I did last year and the year before too!--It's rough out there!)I think you have unique ideas so it might be hard to find a match but I know a lot of professors are into fandom so keep looking. When I was browsing sites today I know I saw some...I just can't remember which ones. Apply broadly is my advice since it's soooo tough so anything to increase your chances is good--I understand this is hard when you can't find a match though. Good luck.
  4. 1. Surf net until I've seen everyweb page in existence. 2. Make an action plan to raise $55K-100K so I can climb Everest before age 35. 3. Research CHEAP vacation ideas (Backpacking, Ranch or Farm Vacation etc.) so I can travel like other broke young people my age- minus the debt. 5. Bury myself in new hobbies by subscribing to related magazines and list serves and learning about it (I'm so into backpacking, outdoor survival and Everest Summit Bids so Nat'l Geo, Backpacker and Outside on my mags of choice) 6. Figure out ways to make money while I'm at my desk job (I just tried selling my factory sealed Nintendo Wii on Ebay..no bids yet but I still have 3 days to go. 7. Sit and stare and figure out what to do to repatch my life and not end up miserable and depressed like my elders...although I think it's too late. 8. Maybe I'll get back into on-line Spanish classes and web building... 9. Just let myself waste away by sitting here and staring.
  5. I technically wasn't in the Film (Tisch) MA program. I did the MA program through Gallatin (which I don't really reccommend). My feelings about NYU are that people do keep to themselves. Check out International House (www.ihouse-nyc.org). I lived there for three years for free (they gave me tons of scholarships). It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I met so many incredibly amazing people there. I became so outgrowing, strong, openminded and assertive after being in NYC and especially I.House. I got a brand new life when I went to NYC and I.House and it served me well upon my return to LA. I.House is one of the ebst things to have ever happened to me. The people, the experience, the activities, the financial help....I can't even describe how it's changed my life for the better... Everyone has a different experience so maybe you won't be as moved as I was but from what you are telling me it sounds like we are in the exact same boat and I can only tell you that the experience will be worth it. You'll always have time to come back here and build contacts. It's googd to have contacts in two places so why not try this. some filmies are sooooo into their craft that it is really hindering them beause it's too much. It's like they aren't even human. You will go through so much stuff in NYC that will seep into everyting you do upon your return. Do it.
  6. I was in the exact same boat as you in 2006. I'm from LA and I chose NYU and have NO regrets. You are right that you will never have a chance to experience NYC the same way again. While it's always possible to just move there when you want later in life, now is the time. NYC will change you're life! I lived there for three years and came back here(Los Angeles)after my MA at NYU.I'm so glad I experienced both worlds. I never really liked NYC that much but it toughened me up. Now I've got connections on 2 coasts. There will always be time to make connections at USC and UCLA without being a student. There are so many ways to make connections without being in school in LA since SOCAL is a mecca swarming with filmsters. Go to NYC for a little while and then come back. Both will always be around and no matter what you're age or what anyone says, you'll always have time to make connections in LA. Don't rush it. Don't be sooooo focused. Try new things. It will help you tog et a change of scenery. Don't leave a chance like this in the dust. Live life a little and grow strong as a filmmaker and theorist by branching out a little. Trust me on this. Telling other LA film junkies I was in NYC makes them jealous, want to talk to me and gives me a colorful history, is an icebreaker and has just enhanced my life soooo much. Go to NYC and then come back to awesome LA when you are done. You won't regret it.
  7. Luck you. it's nice to find a fit like that and ahve something to look forward to in the months ahead. I hope it's every bit as good as how it seemed to be when you visited. I heard so much great stuff about that school. Best of luck to you.
  8. It's been quiet on our cozy little film thread. Anyone with any earth-shattering news want to speak up?
  9. An old Chinese legend says it's bad luck to write a name in red ink. They say that the person whose name is written in bad ink will soon encounter very grave misfortunes. I work for a Chinese company and write names in red ink all the time when no one is looking and nothing bad has happended. Don't sweat it.
  10. I do have one story that is a little like the OPs. There was a women who was accepted into a program but couldn't get into a very crowded class she needed to graduate. She bought the books for the class and attended everyday despite not being officially enrolled. Eventually they kicked her out but she went on the lawn outside the window of the classroom and listened. The teacher allowed her to come to class and take the tests and graded all of her homework assignments and even the final. She ended up being the best student in class and aced all exams and papers. Because she did such a good job administration later added her retroactively and she was able to graduate.
  11. It doesn't hurt to try. They are likely not going to tell you...but you never know.
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