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  1. I have a very quick question for the board: Is it super bad if I signed my admissions letter in RED INK? Thanks! (the reason I'm asking is because I was just given a small lecture about this from someone close to me)
  2. I could use some opinions from the board. I was enrolled in a program on the west coast, and they gave me funding - it was my first grad program ever. I went for a year, did well, and then personal events forced me to withdraw for a semester about 3 weeks into the Fall. Because of the way the programs at the first school are structured, I would have to wait almost 2 years before the classes I missed would come up again. Obviously, this means I'd have to apply to another school if I hoped to startup again in the Fall of the next year. So I have stellar letters of recommendation, a near perfect GRE (I took it again), and I've been studying in the meantime. Should I contact graduate directors personally, and do you think I have a chance of admission to another program? I have submitted my apps already. Will I have financial aid or funding, do you think? Thanks in advance.
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