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  1. Final rejection from my 3 apps. I'm out. Thanks for all the support! You are all wonderful!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. newms


      Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

    3. Langoustine


      Sorry to hear. Good luck on whatever is next!

    4. wanderlust07


      Sorry to hear this. Best of luck moving forward!

  2. Wonderful! It made me happy. Thanks
  3. I'm sorry to hear that I was really bummed last year when I was rejected, though it was a really nice personal email rejection, which lessened it a bit I guess. I'm not feeling very optimistic at this point. It's just such a great program that I'm trying not to give up hope on it just yet.
  4. I'm in the same boat. Not really sure what is going on, I'm glad you emailed to check in as I've been debating whether or not to do so. I interviewed for the MCS track back in early January and haven't heard anything since. I went through the interview process last year and was rejected in early Feb. I don't really know what to think at this point, as it seems they sent out at least one rejection. It's my top choice and a fantastic fit for me, and the only one I'm waiting on at this point, as I've been rejected from the other two programs I applied to. Anyway, no news on my side. Just wanted to share in my anxiety over this wait.
  5. I've been going through so many bottles of wine ya'll. Crazy times.

    1. Zouzax


      don't get me started! the wine shop owners near me know my name, what wine i like, and have now started saying "See you soon!" when I leave which is really giving me a complex.

    2. fbh


      I've had to resort to only letting myself drink Friday-Sunday. Don't want things getting out of hand...

    3. cogscipixie


      my local wine/liquor joint is starting to see me more than once a week. it's rough times.

  6. Thanks, that does help to know. Guess I'll just keep on waiting.
  7. Hi All, Just wanted to update and commiserate. I've been officially rejected by one school, unofficially by another (they already did interviews and acceptances, so I know its out), so I'm just waiting on my last one (which is my top choice). I interviewed at UW-Madison in early January and still have not heard back. The person I interviewed with said I'd have a response by late Jan or early Feb. So last week I PM'd someone that I knew had an interview, they received an acceptance in late Jan, but their POI said that there were two rounds of interviews and they were in the first one. I've since seen a rejection from this program from someone that had an interview, but have not heard anything at all myself. I'm not sure what that means for my status, but it feels so late in the game at this point. Last year I had an interview and received my rejection notice on Feb 8. I'm trying to decide if sending a polite email asking to see if my application is still under review would be a good idea. Probably not, but I'm just getting so tired of waiting...and waiting...and waiting. I guess I'll just keep trying to stay sane through the waiting. I think I can do that Anyway, I hope everyone is hearing good news or at least getting through the waiting! Best of luck!
  8. Trying to be hopeful. Sending out good thoughts for everyone!

    1. newms


      Right back at you!

    2. Zouzax


      you too!!!!

  9. No news is beginning to feel like impending bad news.

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    2. Zouzax


      you and me both.

    3. Langoustine
    4. elbee4


      i feel the same way but i'm trying to stay positive

  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone received any update since their interview. I was told decisions would be made by Late Jan/early Feb. Last year there was an acceptance posted on 1/29, and I heard about my rejection through email on 2/8. So, at this point, I'm thinking it may be rejection again. But, I haven't seen anything posted by anyone on the results page other than an acceptance in the Communication Science program. I'm still sort of clinging to hope...but it's getting harder each day. Thanks for any info you have!
  11. First official rejection today. Still waiting to hear from my #1.

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    2. aem88


      Thanks for the support! Feeling a bit discouraged, but on the upside...snow day tomorrow!!

    3. newms


      Good luck with your #1!

    4. Zouzax


      don't let it get you down! even the best of the best get rejections. good luck with the rest

  12. Sigh. No news.

    1. newms


      I'm in the same boat with ya!

    2. Langoustine


      Samesies...Hang in there guys!

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