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  1. meeting with department head went great! But I have a LOT of prep to do. Better get started.

  2. heading to my dream school this week for a meeting with the department head! This will either be amazing or a disaster!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Zouzax


      ill let you all know how it goes! eek!

    3. MoJingly
    4. katerific


      exciting! good luck!

  3. so strange how life works ... as of yesterday I had no real plans or offers, and now today I have one offer & one really exciting lead ... never lose faith!!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Zouzax


      thanks all!! the solid offer is a study one .. I think I told you guys about it before on the Linguistics forum. I had received an informal acceptance in February but after months and months of waiting for an official response I thought it was over. But received the letter 2 days ago! The lead is a study option as well.

    3. newms


      Wow! That's a long time. Congrats!

    4. Strangefox


      This is absolutely fantastic!

  4. hey, im in linguistics and translation .. you?

  5. Hi ,what are you applying

  6. WOW it takes a long time just to receive confirmation. Almost ready to give up :-/

    1. Zouzax


      the result is: after almost 5 months of receiving a run-around and incorrect information .. Im giving up

    2. newms
    3. Zouzax


      dont worry newms .. things happen for a reason :)

  7. the long, strenuous visa process has begun ...

  8. wow. certain schools in Europe are very, very casual about getting back to people in a timely fashion.

    1. Langoustine


      I am so excited for you! You must be moving soon right?

    2. Zouzax


      hey thanks!!! im leaving in 3 and a half weeks! but first im going to visit my family, then ill leave to my permanent city from there. But i'm having a really difficult time with the visa process so lets see :-/

  9. leaving in 5 weeks... still dont have a plane ticket, nor have I figured out how Im shipping all my stuff .. yet Im still sitting on the couch.

    1. bgk


      Enjoy because soon you'll be yearning for the free time for couch-sitting...

  10. is checking my email obsessively ... feels like February all over again!!

  11. had this nagging urge to harass the lab about the status of my paperwork. I finally gave in on Monday and sent an email -- they wrote back saying they never received any of my papers!! Thankfully I sent that email or I wouldve been screwed!

    1. newms


      Whoa! Hope it works out for you.

    2. MoJingly



    3. Zouzax


      thanks! i sent everything again and they said they received it. Could you imagine? the deadline for paperwork is June 14 I would've been out of the running if I hadnt checked.

  12. 10 more days until I receive (or don't) my final confirmation from the lab ... Im going to pull all my hair out by then!

    1. MoJingly


      you can do it!

    2. Zouzax


      thanks Mo!! it feels like all I do is waiiitttt

  13. this. this. THIS!!!! I feel guilty all the time that I can't call my mother & tell her to quit her job because I'm going to take care of her. And the way my parents talk, you would think I ran off to a crack den to sell myself for money. Hey, at least I would be paying the bills. Not really but .... really.
  14. this summer has already been full of surprises. Looks like I'm moving 2.5 months earlier than planned. I guess I better start packing!!

    1. MoJingly


      AHH! Good luck!

    2. Zouzax


      thanks!! actually this is because of a not-so-great situation, but im trying to make the best of it.

      life is crazy sometimes!

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