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  1. Hey oseirus and other 2014 applicants! - I'm on the fence about applying for the second time to PhD programs this year. I won't be done with my MA until early Spring (long story) and the bulk of my thesis work will coincide with app deadlines. I tried that once and neither the thesis NOR the apps worked out for me. So, I'm still waiting to see what my advisor and my sanity thinks before I say I'm going to do it. In the meantime, I'm scrambling to find work to hold me over. But I believe I mentioned before this time I'm sticking to US schools since the UK just doesn't have the money for th
  2. Thanks, annieca. Yes! The process was very helpful. I learned more than I thought I would about ALL facets of applying for a PhD program. I also understand now why so many give up. I'm completely exhausted. But I know what I want, what I must do to get there, and where I should be focusing my efforts. This board was a tremendous help, too. I wish you luck in your new program! But I hope you hang around to see us all through the next app seasons
  3. After having to hunt down the good people at Sussex to find out about my scholarship status, I finally received an answer. No funding. So, I'm back for round two Fall 2014 and I've decided to concentrate on US schools this time. I'll settle for research trips or a nice post-doc in the UK. :-) I've got about six schools in mind, but I'll reveal those as app season draws near. I decided to take my time and finish my MA thesis this fall while I find a job to hold me over. @oseirus - Nice to see you hanging around again!
  4. I'd say he's interested in both helping you out..and you. Meeting at his home more than once and giving you the offer to come over anytime sounds personal to me. But, it also sounds like he's trying to gauge whether you're interested.
  5. From the research I've done so far, it seems Asia is the most lucrative and there are many different avenues I could take regarding TEFL certification and such. I've been lurking on the forums at Dave's and have found a lot of helpful information. I've narrowed it down to China, Korea, and Thailand. Now to find the best programs that work with my time frame. Thanks for your help!
  6. I've only heard good things about teaching abroad, especially in Asia. I stumbled across Dave's ESL Cafe. It looks like a great resource.
  7. Coming to the end of this application season, it's almost certain I'll be reapplying next year. I'd like to go abroad and get some teaching experience. There are a range of programs that I've found on the internet. My problem is there are so many, it's overwhelming. I need a good-paying position to cover my expenses and school loans and if I pay for the TESOL/TEFL certification I want to know I'll be able to find the work I need. Does anyone have experience with any of these programs, or some insight into which ones have the highest and best placement in other countries? Though I'd pre
  8. Thanks, annieca! I'm ecstatic that everyone here had found a place to go! I'm not sure what I'll do if I don't get the funding...but no matter what it will be an adventure
  9. Well it isn't over for me yet. Boo. Nottingham is off the table since they couldn't come through with funding, so now I'm left with Sussex. I'm not holding my breath. This year may be a bust.
  10. I'm the secretary of my university's chapter. I agree with CrazyCatLady - it looks great on a CV AND they have a lot of opportunities for students wanting to gain experience in an honors society heavily involved with the academic community on a local and national level.
  11. You lucky sods! (those who have made decisions! ) I finally got my rejection from UCSB. I'm bummed, but I figured as much by this late in the game. Therefore, I'm just waiting to hear about funding from Nottingham and Sussex - which might not be for a month or so.
  12. Great news! I'm glad you've decided. Congratulations! And bonus, now there's a spot open at UCSB (from whom I still have not heard - sigh.) Enjoy Arizona
  13. Hmmm...I'd say tell them this, but I'm not sure it would help the situation any.
  14. Congratulations on your decision. You made an excellent choice
  15. Guitarslayer - thank you for the condolences. But you better keep us updated on the funding decisions and where you end up!
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