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  1. - Sadly I'm not around as much as I used to be ... this MA thing takes up more of my time than I thought ... I need to bang out a chapter by the end of this month so I can have my referees look over it and give me their take. How are things w/you?
  2. They also have some decent scholars working in the topic of the Atlantic Slave Trade
  3. Oh I don't think it was off topic and I agree with your overall point ... but in defense of Huntington he was saying that different regions were going to have some common link .... and in the case of the "Islamic world" it was the common theme of Islam ... now would you consider Nigeria part of the Ummah (I mean they are part of the OIC) or would you consider Turkey? All that plays to your point but he was making a simple point so I say we cut him some slack
  4. What do you mean by Huntington being naive?
  5. they usually have a cohort of 15-20 out of 150-200 applicants
  6. My personal list is slightly Eurocentric but growing up these were the minds that influenced me the most 1. Niccolo Machiaveli 2. Otto, furst von Bismarck 3. Thomas Sankara 4. Edmund Burke 5. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  7. @TMP: is your transnational history program akin to other global & world history programs or does yours have an emphasis on what was once called "diplomatic history"? @anyone else: Any Africanists out there this year?
  8. Well hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, historians and non-historians, I humbly return
  9. I personally think digital history is the next wave
  10. Well hello there friends how y'all doing? Speaking from inside the bunker, so to speak, the MA/MSc is geared towards a global/international approach to studying history. So for example, if you are an Americanist, your research topic should in theory be able to offer a narrative of American impact in a global context. Now if that is not what you are really keen on and looking more for specialization (and my apologies if I am presuming incorrectly here), I would recommend the MPhil. As everyone here has said, the money can be an issue but there are always ways around those so please don't let
  11. Well the question I have to ask you is what you are trying to do. Is your aim a global/international approach to history or are you trying to specialize?
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