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  1. Thanks telkanuru; I've been waiting for someone to start this thread. PhD, History, Latin America, Nationalism and Social Memory in 18th and 19th century Colombia (second cycle; originally applied for Fall 2011). Contemplating: NYU, Yale, Minnesota, UT-Austin, Miami, Princeton, Columbia, Florida, Ohio State, WashU, Chicago, Penn.
  2. Jdealla


    diasporabound, "look for... someone who's a specialist in the region/archives/types of documents" - Thank you for this; since you've been through this process, with success, your suggestion validates the method I've been using. So far, I've found a few Colombianists who work on nationalism (directly or tangentially), mainly Marcela Echeverri at Yale, and Lina Del Castillo and Ann Twinam at UT Austin. But, by digging up dissertations on Colombia and Nationalism, then looking at those granting schools and the committee members, I've expanded my list to around a dozen programs that have advis
  3. Jdealla


    @TL1234 and @Diasporabound: Since January, I've been preparing applications for Fall 2015, and I'm interested in studying Nationalism in 18th-19th century Colombia, particularly the role of history and literary culture (using the revolutionary press as a starting point, and then diving into the histories written post-independence) in the formation of social memory and, therefore, group identity. So far, I've compiled a tentative list of potential programs and advisers, but since both of you work on Colombia, and since at least one of you works on Nationalism, would you mind offering your g
  4. Thanks Loric, I suppose I do have a bit of time, but you know, I'd rather not spend my limited free time studying for a test, a standardized test, if I don't have to. After 9 or so hours in the office, I usually run low on fuel for my intellect, and I'd rather burn that little bit I have left for important things, things that I enjoy, things that will help me both in graduate school and in life: reading and writing. I should have stated this in the question, but I'm really wondering about how schools may view the old score, if they'll even accept it, actually. Most program pages I've l
  5. Hi All, I took the old GRE in Nov. of 2010; for someone applying to History programs, I did fine, or so I think: 650 Verbal (163 est. current score), 640 Quant ( 151 est. current score), and 4.5 AW (ok, I did not-so-fine on this one). I have some time from now until application due dates in Nov. and Dec. to retake it, but really, I'd like to not retake it and spend that time on more important pieces of the application, like a new writing sample, program research, developing research ideas, new SOPs, etc. I work full-time, so the many months between February and November may deceive; my fre
  6. Got an e-mail from my former professor at UNC today with a rejection. It's time for me to move back to the States and start job searching.
  7. Checked Wisconsin today as well. I'm in the same boat, so far, I'm 0-2. I'm looking at it all as positive news. A rejection means the list of possible places I could live next year is shorter. An acceptance with funding means I know where I'm going to live. I'm hoping you have some good news for us BadgerHopeful.
  8. Got my Princeton rejection today. It was my top choice but I'm happy to finally be in the game. 5 to go.
  9. With the appearance of the Princeton poster today, results from 5 out of 6 of the schools (no word from Georgetown) I applied to have made it on the results board and I haven't heard a peep. Do Latin Americanists hear last? I'm trying to take the advice of not reading too much into the results, but it's difficult when your life's path is what's being decided and reported. Hopefully something will come soon.
  10. It's my number 2. Maybe they'll let a couple of us in. That'd be nice. When I saw the results page today with Wisconsin and Indiana I refreshed my e-mail for about an hour straight but then decided to call it a day. Hopefully the rest of us will get something from them this week.
  11. Oh, and congrats to natsteel. I'm pretty sure I would have just left class for good. I know that if I'm teaching an English class here and I get an acceptance with funding I'm going to tell my student that I'm going out to celebrate at that moment (even if it's my 6:45 am class) and they can come with me if they want, but if not, then we're done for the day.
  12. I would love this. It's my top choice and I think it'll make things easier going ahead if I already know the response for my top choice.
  13. Anyone besides me optimistic about getting some sort of results this week? I'm thinking that the adcom members up in Wisconsin dig themselves out of the snow and finally post the decisions on the website. Hopefully some of us who haven't heard anything back yet will finally get some (good) results this week. Let's hope so.
  14. Congrats to the Lat Am history poster on the results page. I heard Duke was a tough acceptance this year due more of their acceptances enrolling last year than they expected. I'm hoping to hear the same from Wisconsin soon. Did they mention anything about funding?
  15. As a Tar Heel and a UNC applicant I am offended by this comment. However, due to your winking face, a lack of response from UNC and their low stipend, I will forget your slight (subject to change if they do accept me). But hopefully at the end of all this I'll be able to say that I was just saving myself for Princeton. And hello, Wisconsin, we'd like a response soon....
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