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  1. I'm a little conflicted with my long term goals since I think I would certainly like an academic career and to pursue a PhD, I've heard quite a few stories about how a PhD in history is quite impractical and becoming a tenured professor nigh impossible. Currently my game plan is pursuing a career as a NYC High School teacher however I would not be opposed to taking positions in banking, finance or . I have lived in NYC my whole life so I'm no stranger to the living expenses and have the great fortune of living with parents that own the house that I live in. I probably could afford the cost of
  2. Hello everybody I am coming fresh out of my undergraduate studies from a CUNY school this summer and looking to apply for History MA programs. As far as I understand I am late for most college applications for the Fall 2021 season as I only decided to pursue a masters about a week ago but a few still seem available. I've so far been very interested in Columbia's Dual MA/MSc in International and World History with LSE as well as Columbia's European History MA. I don't know much about NYU's MA in History other than that it's still open. If anyone could give me feedback on those programs and tell
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