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  1. We had originally been told the notification date would be September 30, and possibly earlier. Since they required principal candidates to accept the same day they were notified (Monday, September 26), it's likely that they're using the rest of the week to prepare notifications for alternates. Hang in there, only another 48 hours!
  2. Notifications are out, and they're requiring awardees to accept TODAY! Be on the look out for emails, and get in touch with your reps. Good luck!
  3. It seems to me that there would be a lot of variability with this. While some conferences admit panels based solely on abstracts, some also require paper submission by a certain date. This allows not only the panels' discussant(s) to put the work in context, but also audience members the opportunity to read the article prior to the presentation.
  4. Update: I've spoken again with my *wonderful* campus representative, who has informed me that she recently spoke with the DDRA folks. My rep has told me that she believes DDRA has not yet made any announcements, nor do they make award announcements in waves, as we've speculated above. She also said that DDRA plans on making award announcements on September 30, possibly sooner. Either way, we're (give or take) 11 days away from D-Day.
  5. Michigan State University announced 8/31 that four of its students received grants for this cycle. I think first-round grantees/institutions and alternates have been notified already. Rejections will come out all in one wave soon. =...(
  6. I'm sure all of this is possible, but these are the two points of your account I'd like clarification on. Unless my coordinator is lying, they didn't contact "all the coordinators," unless the supposed false announcements only went out to some coordinators. You also state that the Fulbright-Hays folks rescinded the notifications "the next day." This could also be possible, but it means a couple things. 1. Perhaps some coordinators didn't notify their grantees, alternates, or unsuccessful applicants immediately upon receiving the news (shame on them!). 2. If false notifications were sent 8
  7. Thanks for your reply! I've been wondering why this post has been so quiet. My coordinator didn't mention having received any emails. In fact, she explicitly said she had not received word either way. From what I understand, as long as a university has at least one applicant, they're notified that their students were unsuccessful at the same time as grantees are announced. So, I don't think "all" coordinators have been notified. The Wiki post has two responses. One individual was notified on 8/10 (granted), the other 8/14 (alternate). Also, the UW page was posted 8/16. This not only
  8. To follow up on yesterday's inquiry, I've contacted my campus representative and she's confirmed that the DDRA has not sent out notifications. She noted they expected to hear back anytime from now into September. Last year they received notifications late August. So, it appears the posts linked to above are inaccurate.
  9. For those who have applied to this most recent cycle, have you received word on your applications yet? I hadn't anticipated hearing anything until early- to mid-September. However, I came across these posts, dated August 12 and 14, 2016, stating that acceptance and alternate notifications had been sent as early as August 10. In recent years, the earliest acceptances have been sent is August 27, and it seems they typically come on Thursdays and Fridays. So, early August would be an anomaly.
  10. kdavid

    SSRC DPDF 2016

    FYI: This initial batch asks recipients to notify SSRC of their acceptance by March 7. Those on the wait list may hear back by March 8/9. Rejections likely to follow after that.
  11. kdavid

    SSRC DPDF 2016

    Colleague of mine got hers at about 11 am PST. Tailored email. Sounds like one batch sent out.
  12. kdavid

    SSRC DPDF 2016

    Henry Luce/ACLS sent out acceptances yesterday (2/29).SSRC website says by April, so I imagine we'll start hearing from them soon.
  13. I know this will vary widely by institution and advisor, but I was wondering if anyone would like to start a thread in which we could post our lists? I ask because I know not all departments have a standard list of texts that they hand to their graduate students. It would also be useful for looking at other related, but not major, fields. For example, my first field is in modern China, but I'd love to know what first fields in Japan and Korea read as well. Ideally, these lists could be used both for those preparing for orals and aspiring grads to show them what the seminal texts in e
  14. I've just glanced through several posts here, but noticed that most conversation pertains to the US/IIE Fulbright. Has any conversation begun on the next Fulbright-Hays cycle? From what I understand, the last cycle was disrupted. Any word on the cycle that would award fellowships for 2017-18?
  15. Thanks very much for your feedback, farflung. This is a very useful source of information!
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