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  1. I would add that mentioning a SO might be especially risky this application season. A lot of couples are spending an incredible amount of time each other because of COVID-19--the strongest relationships can be experiencing bone crushing pressure. I can easily imagine a member of and admissions committee reading a comment about a SO or partner and peering up to see the love of one's life now turned to one's most hated foe. If the experience is an essential element of who are and want to be as a professional academic, consider the benefits of focusing on the lessons learned while minimizing
  2. As you make your calculations for a potential pivot, please keep in mind that AI and ASI will be used to fill ever more positions. So the quest is not just for transferable skills, but transferable skills that cannot be done for less by a robot. Please also keep in mind that even in the face of increasing odds against getting an academic job, you may end up in a department with a lot of true believers. Right or wrong, they may not be pleased to find that you're thinking about alternatives.
  3. Questions that follow include how high are the hurdles to getting approval for pursuing dual degrees, what do professors actually think about such opportunities, what is the rate of success, and how well do recipients of dual degrees do in the job market?
  4. I am not qualified to answer your question. My recommendation was based upon the experiences of a friend who supports non profits but does not have a degree directly to those organization's core services. Have you considered the benefits of using a resource like Linkedin to study the educational background of people who currently have the kinds of jobs you would want down the line?
  5. It is important to have a high level of investment in one's interests. It is also important to understand that what is right for you may not be right for the gate keepers of an academic profession who make decisions on admissions, hiring, publishing, and so forth. What kinds of works are practioners of historical archeology writing? Can you see yourself contributing or expanding the debates their works address? Are these academics getting jobs? Are they getting promotions? Also, a lesson I have learned / am learning the hard way -- sometimes the leading edge of a new trajectory
  6. Have you considered a degree like Penn's MS in non profit leadership?
  7. In my experience, an academic department is a collection of interconnected and over lapping black boxes, One of the most innermost, inaccessible boxes is how ineffective some professors are when it comes to teaching and mentoring graduate students. For me, it was only after I'd figured things out for myself that the professors I knew best would speak their minds. My guess is that this kind of vital information is held close because professional sensibilities restrict what one can say about colleagues. A part of me gets it -- I am the type of person who typically gets along well with those prof
  8. @Irvine student, how have you addressed your concerns with your department directly?
  9. I recommend that you find ways to express empathy in a manner that is both appropriate and concise. While you're seeking to embark upon a professional career with energy and enthusiasm, the professors reading your email may be getting crush by the cascading traumatic impacts of COVID-19 on their lives, their livelihood, and their life styles.
  10. @Allbert before changing your topic again, see what you can do to get your GPA up.
  11. The deployment of strategic nuclear weapons is unlikely in the next twenty years. The United States most likely foes in a general war (Russia and the PRC) do not have the technical means to degrade the American armed services' second strike capabilities with the first wave of missiles. (In a nutshell for a first strike to work, the attacker's warheads have to hit all of their targets at the same time --because the impact of the resulting EMPs is unknown-- with a circular error probable sufficient enough to ensure that the target is destroyed. This task is complicated by the assumed need to put
  12. @steak99 welcome to the GradCafe. Please note that many, if not most, questions have been kicked around in past application seasons. Using the search function is a good way to get a running start on generating answers. To get you started...
  13. There's a fourth possibility, albeit unlikely. The Powers That Be have measured the risks of COVID-19 against the benefits of scoring better on KPI that are being used to determine future levels of internal and external funding for either the graduate school or the history department. In this scenario, there's an assumption that if they have to shut things down for the next flare up of COVID-19, that the graduate students will figure out how to work harder and get finished faster because they're a cut above previous classes.
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