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  1. FWIW, as it was explained to me by a professor: in some circles, calling professors "doctor" can be taken as an insult because the usage implies that some professors are not qualified for their jobs. Sometimes the logic of the explanation works better for me than at other times (like right now). Still, the takeaway was clear -- one is safer using "professor" than "doctor".
  2. It will depend upon the culture of the department and the preferences of those making admissions decisions. For better and worse, many academics simply do not like teaching and some cast a suspicious eye upon those who do (or appear to). I recommend that you start looking at the departmental websites of doctoral programs. Take a look at the CVs of professors of interest. To what extent do their careers emphasize teaching? Are they earning awards? Is their service to the profession centered around teaching and mentoring? Or are they publish or perish 24/7? FWIW, there are many threads that discuss the ups and downs of teaching while doing course work. The discussions include the benefits of teaching and the potential impact of losing time to focus on one's primary responsibilities.
  3. Sigaba

    Am I right to be bitter, or just a sore loser?

    I think that you should ask for a refund after you've spent time managing the way you feel about the outcome. I am saying that your core argument should be that you did not receive complete information about the circumstances of the solicitation for more applications. The thought/feeling behind your argument should NOT be that you were cheated or misled. This is to say that you bite your tongue in order to get your refund and then you go on with your life. Down the line, if and when you discuss the process described in your OP, you use the coded language of the Ivory Tower: irregularities, miscommunication, and so on.
  4. Sigaba

    Applications 2019

    FWIW, I think you made the correct decision.
  5. Sigaba

    Applications 2019

    Congratulations on a very successful application season. A slightly different question than @psstein's query about an absentee advisor. Do you know if you work better in a hands off or hands on environment? (Because distance does not automatically entail detachment.) If you attend Penn, you will have two years to get as much guidance as you can from this professor while also developing relationships with other professors (and would they all have to be at Penn?) who can provide the support you need in case he decides "Hey, I'm retired" after he relocates. (It happens, despite the best intentions.)
  6. IME, this approach has earned the respect and eventually friendship of professors. It has also helped me to avoid some departmental drama.
  7. If the UG materials are good and relevant to one's field of study, a review could be profitable. IMO, what other students do or don't do is less important than what works for an individual student.
  8. Please make sure you check and recheck the requirements for all institutions/schools/departments that have the ability to accept or reject the course work you perform to fulfill any and all prerequisites. A department/program may allow a professor to say "you're good to go" while a school has a different set of standards and the parent college/university has yet another. Information available online is not always up to date and that administrative staff and faculty members may not know policies chapter and verse.
  9. Sigaba

    Applications 2019

    If you've not done so already, do what you can to schedule "exit interviews" with those at your current institution who have helped you get to this point. Pick their brains for suggestions on how you can improve as a historian at Villanova. Please consider the advantages of not, repeat, not asking what you could do to become a stronger applicant.
  10. MOO, this thread is not a good idea. For current graduate students, the thread is an opportunity for CLMs. (It is exceedingly unlikely that one can post detailed information about a program or a department without also putting a thumbtack on a map that says "I am here." It would not take much effort for a vindictive member of the faculty or staff to change that thumbtack to a bullseye.) For aspiring graduate students, the thread is an opportunity to mistake rumor for hard, verified information. The thread is also an opportunity to build a bad habit--saying/writing anonymously things that one would not say in person. IMO, better opportunities for sharing information on this BB are available in long-running threads centering around lessons learned, supplies, and logistics. This BB has a significant number of posts in which experienced graduate students share tips on how to get up to date information on a department that is more reliable and with less risk. YMMV.
  11. Sigaba

    Thinking about getting into Harvard...

    Identify graduate students and professors at your university's school of education. Visit them during office hours (or schedule appointments), and ask them what they did to get where they are now. Is there a difference between a master's degree in education from Harvard and the University of Arkansas when it comes to compensation? Both institutions offer data that allow one to assess the validity of that comment.
  12. Sigaba

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Bosses who begin sentences with disclaimers like, "Not to be a control freak..."
  13. Sigaba

    Moving with Books

    Shipping and packing materials of interest may be found here. https://www.uline.com/ FYI. The thread linked below includes additional links to threads dealing with moving.
  14. Sigaba

    UT Austin Review

    Forwarned is forearmed and one can warn others without exposing oneself or others to unnecessary risk.
  15. Sigaba

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    As the saying goes, "That was your first mistake." 😀 It's more likely that for reasons that are largely beyond your control and are unrelated to what you've posted here, other students "rank" ahead of you for funding. The easier said than done challenge for you is to be patient and to disperse the nervous energy in ways that are not bad for you or anyone else.

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