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  1. Why start a new thread when there's an established conversation already for this application season?
  2. IMO, a few more details are needed. How long ago did he retire? Is he still an active participant in the profession? (Will his work advance existing historiographical debates?) What kind of research are you doing? Are you exercising independent judgment or checking boxes on a list? (Have you found something he might have otherwise overlooked?) How engaged are you? Are you just making a buck or leaning forward and being a thoughtful (junior) partner? What are your other LoR options? (Are you looking to switch things up drastically because things didn't go as well for you as you'd have
  3. IMO, "fit" is a word aspiring graduate students use to show how well they understand that academic history is a profession in which decisions about "fit" are made by faculty members, not students.
  4. Posts are down this season (so far) but don't let that deter you from asking your questions, especially since three faculty members and several current graduate students are actively lurking.
  5. @Grospatapouf While the Small Wars Council has gone quite, if you register and post an introduction there, you may get some suggestions on ways to match your MIL experiences to your academic aspirations. As you navigate the path of your educational career, you may come across active duty / former / retired American SOF types. In my experience some can be very particular in how they interpret statements like "I... served within a special force unit." (A former commanding general of USSOCOM was recently dragged into an exchange on Twitter over who is or isn't a Ranger.) Please sp
  6. @carlrogersfan98 the resources below may provide food for thought. https://www.kecksci.claremont.edu/prehealth/Grammar.pdf https://grad.ucla.edu/asis/agep/advsopstem.pdf
  7. Have you looked at the University of Texas at Austin? There may be opportunities to integrate many of your interests and skills in innovative ways.
  8. Here are links to two older threads that may help.
  9. Please keep in mind that professors may have a different (read: opposite) vision of "fit." So as you seek information to gauge how a program will help you serve your self interest, please consider the benefits of phrasing your questions thoughtfully and tactfully.
  10. I recommend that you pursue option number three while concurrently seeing if your department will allow you to take a class or two at nearby schools; if you can do your outside field in a department/school that will bridge some of the gaps between your department and your primary interests (as in your institution's law school); and if you can have a committee member from a neighboring schools. IRT your parents' health issues, please do what you can to find a sustainable balance among your personal preferences, your personal professional development, and their needs. Do al
  11. To @AP's point, season after season across, disciplines and fields, members of this BB have lamented how professors' in person expressions of interest and enthusiasm in an applicant do not translate to offers of admission. My hunch is that this dynamic may increase this season as many continue to hunker down and to limit social interaction because of ongoing concerns over COVID-19. People are getting chattier. (I am definitely old school. I am not a fan of academic historians using social media. But since Kruse didn't ask me, I'll go back to yelling at the clouds.) @TheWitWitch
  12. Please read the fine print of your stipend to see if it covers any part of the summer IRT fees and tuition. You may be able to bang out some requirements and/or take classes that are offered rarely. Figure out a dollar value for the available benefits of being a graduate student including library privileges, shopping discounts, transit subsidies, and access to facilities (including parking). It's unlikely that you can cash out any of these benefits but their value to you may be high. For example, understand how many items you may check out at once and how often you may renew them. With th
  13. Some academics consider getting one's undergraduate degree and subsequent graduate degrees at the same institution as "incestuous." (A professor said this to me when I entertained the idea of going to my UGI for graduate school. At the time, I was eager to go somewhere else. Put me in a time machine, I may make a different decision and take my chances.) Wait. Where was I? Sorry. Right. One could ask professors directly, as @serpentstone suggests, or phrase the question much more subtly, or one could look at the CVs of people who have the kinds of positions you eventually want to earn.
  14. @AliasName FWIW, in the social sciences and humanities, graduate students can (but not always) qualify for a master's degree by banging out the required classes and/or preparing a thesis or a report and/or passing qualifying exams. If such options are available to you, you could earn your masters and then consider your options (stay and continue on or go elsewhere and start again). If you get a master's where you currently are, you may have the opportunity to get LoRs from professors at your current institution. (This is to say you could have LoRs from professors who can write on your abili
  15. It may be worth your while to spend some time studying why quantitative methods are not in favor, especially among Americanists. (R. W. Fogel, The Slavery Debates, 1952-1990, a retrospective isn't too terrible a place to start.) I also urge you to consider the potential benefits and challenges of a "big data" approach to a discipline that straddles the boundaries between the social sciences and the humanities. You don't want to end up being the House of Klio's version of Miles Dyson. (Or maybe you do! What's the worst that could happen? 🙃)
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