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  1. Sigaba

    Fall 2019 Applicants

  2. "Terrible advice" because it worked for you once at one institution. And since then how successful has your approach to applying to graduate school been?
  3. Sigaba

    420 Friendly in Graduate School

    Is Harvard investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in your education so you can be an activist (for any cause) or so you can learn the craft of professional academic history? Also, IRT your working class background. I recommend that your pride in your achievement against incalculable odds not get in the way of the fact that you're attempting to join a profession that has rules situated in a different constellation of social and cultural assumptions and values. While the constellation has shifted over the last half century, certain values remain fixed. While it is unlikely that any one or two professors are going to sit you down and walk you through the "rules of the road," you are expected to adhere to those rules--even if BTDTs appear not to themselves. (Or maybe because they don't.)
  4. Sigaba

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    The point that I'm trying to communicate is that historians may interpret the kinds of comments you're making much differently than you intend. They may double check their interpretations with each other; it's less likely that they're going to get to the heart of what you're saying or advise you that you're stepping on your crank in a way that resonates immediately.
  5. Sigaba

    420 Friendly in Graduate School

    Ultimately, the questions are: Does a graduate school/parent institution have policies that provide guidance on matters centering around recreational drug use? https://www.hupd.harvard.edu/drug-and-alcohol-policy https://handbook.fas.harvard.edu/book/drugs-and-alcohol Will members of a department, regardless of their past or present practices and habits, look fondly upon graduate students who get buzzed, drunk, or high if such activity becomes a distraction when it comes to year-end evaluations? Will future employment opportunities include a background check that includes questions about recreational drug use? Are your intellectual skills such that you can afford the "time off" from getting lit and then getting your head back together? A consideration. Those not in the circle of knowledge may never know if a department has had a hard time with a faculty or staff member or graduate student over drugs and booze. There can be an unspoken agreement to take steps in the future to cut ties sooner rather than later with such individuals in the near future.
  6. Sigaba

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Congratulations on being admitted to Yale. I recommend that you dial down your apparent contempt for Harvard unless you're absolutely sure you're not going to be interacting with academics who went there or were taught or mentored or supported by those who did. The Ivory Tower is a much smaller place with much thinner walls than one would think.
  7. Sigaba

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    This is the kind of question that gets a graduate student on the outside looking in when sensitive conversations are taking place in a department. If job talks are by invitation, it's also the kind of question that sees a graduate student not knowing they're taking place.
  8. I would say nothing about your spouse applying to other departments or for jobs if you're applying to universities in the United States.
  9. Making such a recommendation would be extraordinarily bad form.
  10. Sigaba

    How many times to apply?

    Based upon the information in your posts on this BB, it's hard to assess how invested you are in history. IME, the ability to communicate commitment to the craft goes a long way. Keep in mind that no decision you make in the near term is etched in stone one. If you decide to focus on other pursuits for a spell, you can always apply to a graduate program down the line.
  11. Sigaba

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Of the eight programs, how many offered degrees in history?
  12. Sigaba

    Second "Under Review Email?"

    Consider carefully the sources of the guidance you're receiving before taking action.
  13. LoR's help to answer a question "Can the applicant do the work at the graduate level?" An LoR from a professor one knows as a graduate student is arguably more beneficial to an applicant than a reference letter from a professor one knew as an undergraduate.

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