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  1. I wonder if OP is talking about a type of decision that a fresh set of eyes won't see any clearer--Is this about empathy more than editing? @Adelaide9216 , let your informants be your guide. Look at your notes, listen/watch to your recordings (if any), remember what they emphasized (through repetition). Differentiate between descriptive statements and analytical comments. It may be more appropriate to prioritize the latter while using nice turns of the phrase to pepper the former. Consult previous articles in the same journal. How have others addressed the tough choices you currently face?
  2. Sigaba

    TA or not???

    Get a sense of the preferences of the Powers That Be in your department. Especially the DGS, your advisor, and committee members. If they so much as hint that your focus should be on your work, focus on your work. For better and worse (mostly worse) many professors DGAF about undergraduates and have second thoughts about those who do.
  3. Sigaba

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I believe that you'd be making an avoidable if not unrecoverable error if you were to write on a work of anthropology.
  4. Sigaba

    Is it normal to feel bored in a Masters program

    One can work as hard as one wants or does not want to work to earn a masters degree. As many (if not most) professors are unlikely to put in the energy and effort to motivate masters students, it's incumbent upon students to figure out how hard they want to work and to develop the tactics and work habits that will get them where they want to go.
  5. Sigaba

    Accidentally lied on resume

    Background checks can be outsourced to third parties.
  6. Sigaba

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    When you're editing, consider the advantages of (1) Budgeting your writing time with at least 33% of the time for editing/proofreading. (IIRC, the recommended split is 60% writing / 40% editing) (2) Doing one type of editing at a time. That is, one pass through a document for argument/consistency, another pass for clarity, another pass for citations/references, and a final pass to scrub for typos and other avoidable errors. (3) Walking away from a document for a day or longer. (4) Scrubbing for typos by reading a printed copy of the document backward, word by word. IRT the changing sensibilities towards error-free writing, typos, spelling mistakes, and split infinitives all do not matter--until they do. One cannot anticipate how readers will use avoidable errors against an applicant. One cannot spend forever chasing down that last gremlin. Make a decision that allows you to do the best you can under the circumstances and find ways to be at peace with your choice.
  7. Sigaba

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I recommend not including identifiable information in screenshots.
  8. Sigaba

    PhD A or PhD B?

    IMO, program A sounds like a better choice overall than program B. If one were to draw a series of concentric circles with you in the innermost circle and your community as the outermost circle and then chart the benefits of each program, I think one would find that program A's benefits are much closer to the inner circles and B's benefits align closer to the outer circles. Conversely, the drawbacks of program A would fall into the outer circles while program B's appear to fall into the inner circles. A question: Are you 100% certain that if you go to program B that you won't have to start over even though you will already have a master's? And by 100%, I mean a signed document?
  9. Probably not. If you want a doctorate in politics, your dissertation committee will want you to demonstrate that you can create knowledge in political science. You may be able to arrange for a historian to sit on your committee but she will likely defer to what your committee chair recommends. I recommend that you look at the listings for jobs where you would want to work as well as at the background of established professionals. I think you will see a pattern rather quickly.
  10. Sigaba

    LoR Dilemma

    I do not recommend using this tactic. Applicants to graduate programs are not professors' managers and, therefore, should not address professors as if they're subordinates.
  11. I am going to disagree with this post slightly. I do agree that when asking for support, one is best served when one can be specific. I also think that there may be opportunities to build rapport and to get different support if one can show enough trust to say, "I need help." Those three words can subtly communicate the need for support above/beyond the needed technical guidance to include the need for a professionally appropriate amount of emotional and psychological support. YMMV.
  12. Sigaba

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    I highly recommend that you write this email concisely and include the most efficient summary of your scholarly interests that you can.
  13. Sigaba

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    You might address this concern by reading master's theses that have been previously approved. Pie in the sky, you'll be able to find examples produced in your department and/or addressing the same subject and/or using a similar methodology. I believe that if you spend a few hours doing this kind of background research you'll find out what I suspect: you're doing just fine. Right now, your greatest opponent is your fear of failure, not your ability to work hard, not your ability to think things through. What would you do if you weren't afraid of failing?
  14. Sigaba

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Have you had any luck searching for answers to these questions on jstor and other academic data bases or Google?
  15. Sigaba

    LoR Dilemma

    I think that you are alienating this professor (if you've not already done so) by attempting to micromanage her. I think that if your tone in the OP reflects the way you are thinking when you communicate with her, she's receiving from you a message that is contrary to your best interests. Can you think of ways to dial down the frequency and intensity of your communications with all of those who are doing you a courtesy by writing you LORs? (FWIW, I once overdid it sending reminders to a professor. The next time he saw me, I grinned sheepishly and apologized. He glared.)

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