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  1. It's not all on the pols and bureaucrats. Not in California, anyways. In the 1990s, voters kicked a can down the road. The resulting sinkhole is being filled with crumbling infrastructure and fading dreams. It's worth pointing out that while budget management is ultimately pragmatic and political in nature. If you were to have 100% budget transparency, "concerned citizens" could sandbag approved policies and projects by sharpshooting costs through the mistaken belief that running a public organization is just like running a business which is just like balancing a household checkbook. ("Wh
  2. The comparison is my experiences and observations in the private sector to the scenario laid out by @remenis . My point is simply that sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is another train or a gorilla with a flashlight. IRT public sector work, my department does a fair amount of project work for public clients. I would not want to have a public sector job right now. The needs of the here and now are outpacing other considerations. Strategic plans are being shelved, day to day operations are in constant flux, budgets are getting slashed to the bone. Positions are being eliminated t
  3. How many careers are envisioned in the scenario above? https://www.kornferry.com/content/dam/kornferry/docs/article-migration/Briefings38_Nomad-Economy.pdf https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/nlsoy.pdf https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED582350.pdf IME, working in the private sector (three industries) is not without challenges and risks. No one has tenure. No one. I'm currently in an industry that had two firms that bear the name of one of its founders. He is with neither. In a different industry, founders --and many others-- were tossed aside when c
  4. Hi, @history45 Welcome to the grad cafe. Please give some thought to searching for "graduate history programs extend deadlines" on Google. You may find results that are helpful.
  5. Please clarify. Did you get the book's title wrong or the book's author wrong? (Either / or, I don't think it is an unrecoverable error if your SOP is solidly written otherwise--especially if you're applying to an educational psychology department.) If doing so will ease your state of mind, please do contact the appropriate person by telephone and see if you can swap in the corrected document. I do not recommend going into detail--just say that you belatedly caught a typo. Try to think of the request as "it's no big deal one way or another" even though you may be dying inside. If the a
  6. Even though I was told by a professor that I might have gotten a job had I been born a decade earlier--"maybe"--I would never advise someone not to pursue a personal or professional goal. (The day I passed quals, the committee member who represented my outside field said Think of yourself as a teacher. By which he meant that it was my responsibility to give people information that enabled them to achieve their goals--my opinion of those goals notwithstanding.) I would (and have) recommended doing a herculean amount of due diligence--including reading the OP again and again. There may be "
  7. The professor who knows your work best has given you helpful but challenging guidance. You can do it!
  8. Something is missing from the narrative. By my reading, the first time you were unwilling to make adjustments to your work based upon the recommendations of multiple professors. The second time, despite your previous experience with an "extremely specific" project area, a similar dynamic played out but in a shorter time span, and you got PNGed "by someone senior." Now, you're doubling down by consulting a lawyer using money you need to get back home. Something is missing from the narrative. Recommendations I suggest that you use your remaining time in the UK fi
  9. In order, yes, submit at least one more application, and focus your efforts on your SOP and limit work on your writing sample to making adjustments for clarity. The peril of your plan is that you are not merely competing against applicants who are dedicated to the study of history. You are also competing against applicants who are committed to the study of history. Committed applicants believe that COVID-19 does not materially impact their "chances" because they are competing against themselves; their potential, their hopes to contribute to the profession, and their doubts that they will
  10. And also... https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/sanantonio/obituary.aspx?n=michael-william-rollin&pid=194224408&fhid=5701 https://scholarworks.umt.edu/etd/5202/ Keep in mind that you've got the nucleus of a strong statement of purpose. You've identified the needle you want to move (at least provisionally). Overstating the "newness" of the needle may not be as beneficial as you indicating that you have a sense of where that needle fits on a branch on a tree in a forest.
  11. Be careful. Unless your German is excellent and you know the historiography like the back of your hand, using a word like "never" can be a costly mistake, all the more since it is an avoidable one.
  12. BLUF: I would not recommend discussing this specific work as you propose unless you are confident enough to center your "chances" of acceptance around your understanding of the book's value to ongoing historiographical debates. Based upon a cursory glance, Export Empire seems like an enviable work of scholarship that moves the needle. However, what's fashionably called "soft power" has a concept often explored and hotly debated among historians studying diplomatic, military, and naval history for decades--particularly (but far from exclusively) Americanists. If you're going to mention
  13. @Dogukan93 Welcome to the Grad Cafe. Your question may generate bespoke guidance were you to ask it in the current season's application thread in the History forum. https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/38-history/
  14. Were I in your situation, I'd make an effort to write an efficient introduction that contextualizes the writing sample both within the relevant historiography as well as the larger thesis/article. For examples on how this task has been done in the past, I would grab one or two very influential works by historians and see how they went from doctoral dissertation to featured article in a journal to published work. (J.C.A. Stagg's Mr. Madison's War (1983), may be worth a look if you're an Americanist.)
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