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  1. It is going to take you a while to heal from quals/comps. IMO, your own recovery should be your priority. I recommend that you have a conversation with yourself, @chiper91, IRT the extent to which you both can and want to support her transition to another school. If the best you can do is an offer along the lines of "let me know if I can help you pack for a couple of hours," you'll have done plenty.
  2. Sigaba

    Applying to MAPSS

    A leftist world view does not require seeing the opposition as a monolith any more than a conservative perspective requires a theory of American government drawn exclusively from a selective reading of the Constitution. That the OP paints with a broad brush suggests a person who is not necessarily well informed about how historians view that method of political analysis. IRT what kind of work is done by academic institutions performing background checks on applicants, you're probably absolutely right. No history department has ever had a graduate student or professor go off the rails by prioritizing personal causes over scholarship. As those kinds of misadventures have never occurred, no one has ever applied a different level of scrutiny before investing time and money into a graduate student. And to your point, professional academic historians are too incurious and unskilled as researchers to type three or four words into a search engine and hit enter. Even if they were so inclined, the application process is completely about merit and nothing about politics of any kind. No academic is going to use any information beyond the application materials to advance his interests over anyone else's. And if they were to do so, they'd leave a trail of evidence that an aggrieved party could use to make a case for bias. And now that you mention it, no academic administrators have ever come to the Grad Cafe while a member ranted about how screwed up a program was. This BB has no administrators or academics as registered members. And http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/10/business/they-loved-your-gpa-then-they-saw-your-tweets.html was fake news. As was this http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2017/6/5/2021-offers-rescinded-memes/ . And this school is just joshing when it talks about that https://gradschool.princeton.edu/policies/rescinding-offer-admission When you're putting together your time table, keep in mind that having a M.A. in hand is no guarantee that a history department won't ask you to start from scratch by having you take more courses and prepare more research papers. Also keep in mind that your proposed "gap" may not serve your long term interests as well as going straight to a doctoral program. Even if you manage to adhere closely to a well-crafted reading schedule, the office work can take a toll all its own.
  3. Sigaba

    Intolerant student in feminist class

    I disagree. A boss saying "I'll take over from here" after running down the options with a professor is one thing. Handing off a task that you've been hired to do because it's distasteful or because one might get a negative teaching evaluation is another. Also, I think that you're sending mixed messages about "absolute professionalism." Then you say "cover your ass" a couple of times. Then you mention "problems" with a student's "egregiously offensive" paper. What happens when a student with a contrarian point of view offers an argument that directly goes against your point of view and manages to check all the boxes for a very high mark?
  4. Sigaba

    Intolerant student in feminist class

    A pitfall of this tactic is that your boss's solution may not be to your liking. From a professor's perspective, it may be "easier" to give the paper a low, but passing, grade and to move on rather than to address the larger issues at hand. The WTF moment that follows can be unpleasant and nudge one towards a different path. Or so I've heard.
  5. Sigaba

    Apps Submitted Slightly Late

    In the here and now If either of the two schools in California are public institutions, I would expect that the applications will be marked as received late and not processed. Public institutions may be restricted by law and by policy what can be done with late applications. If either of the two schools are private institutions, you might consider making a phone call or two and asking when the materials were received. If the conversation turns to why they were late, I very strongly recommend that you avoid saying anything along the lines of "Will you let me slide?" or going into the nuts and bolts of what happened. Reasons are not excuses. Other applicants followed the instructions and submitted their materials with time to spare. By asking for a "pass" you are implying that their something about you that warrants a different set of rules. Instead, have a conversation in which you take responsibility for your choices ("I understand that I failed to submit my application materials on time..."), pivot (use "and", not "but"), and ask how the department typically handles similar situations. ("...and I am calling to ask how...") If you're asked questions, answer them exactly, avoid the temptation to make excuses. Regardless of the answer you receive, respond professionally, say thank you, wish the person a joyous holiday season (and mean it), and ring off. Don't turn this experience into an exercise in self-flagellation. There'll be many better opportunities to beat yourself up next fall when you're in a program. In the future Assume that tech gremlins will always conspire to lay waste to your plans. Budget more time to the submission process so that you can develop a plan B if things go off the rails.
  6. Sigaba

    Tax Change Impact - Tuition Waivers Taxed!

    This kind of statement is part of the reason why Republicans are successful at maintaining party unity when it comes to tax cuts. It's not "a transfer of wealth" if a corporation gets to keep its own money. A different (better) argument is needed.
  7. Sigaba

    Intolerant student in feminist class

    Make sure that you're applying the same standards with the same level of rigor to all of your students' work.
  8. Sigaba

    Intolerant student in feminist class

    Why? It is an instructor's job to handle difficult situations, not the students'. Needing, relying, or benefiting upon/from the "support" of students may be helpful in the moment but actually undermines the integrity of the subject and the instructor. The response should be the same as a paper that has editorial comments that the TA doesn't find egregious. The paper gets downgraded for not fitting the guidelines for acceptable work that were established in the first section meeting and consistently enforced throughout the term. IRT your specific situation, sooner rather than later, ask about the training you're going to receive before and during next year. Also, see if there are classes offered by the school of education that can help you get ready.
  9. ^This falls into broader issue of student's rights that you and I have been kicking back and forth for a while. MOO remains that when what "is right" collides with a student's rights, the former should prevail as often as not. If a professor asks a student not to read a letter, the student should agree and keep the spirit of the agreement, or find someone else to write it. If a student waives the right to read a letter under one convention but then splits the hair so she can see it, the integrity of the process for everyone is compromised. It's my view that the Ivory Tower is in bad decline because a critical mass of professors wants little to nothing to do with a critical mass of undergraduates. Educators bear the lion's share of responsibly for this state of affairs. And yes, I know that abuses of power take place in the Ivory Tower (not bitter, though). And I think that a significant measure of accountability falls on the shoulders of students seeking to leverage every procedural advantage they can out of a system designed in a different age. @TakeruK, I am not talking about semantics. I'm talking about LoRs that are frank, warts and all. IMO, the process is about programs picking those applicants who, warts and all, present the potential to be professionals that will advance a domain of knowledge. "100% positive" letters do the applicant, the letter writer, and ultimately, the profession an applicant wishes to learn a disservice. YMMV.
  10. Sigaba

    Applying to MAPSS

    Your tweets speak for themselves. Are you sure you want them to speak for you? Going forward, I strongly recommend that you lead with the above. The GPA, the test scores, the achievements don't define you as a historian.
  11. Fair enough. However, you don't want them to write you positive letters. You want them to write honest letters that describe accurately your potential, your strengths, and your weaknesses. If you're a strong candidate, the letters will have a positive impact -- that's something different.
  12. Sigaba

    What would you do if your University Professor cheat?

    You failed to comprehend my post. I pointed to the fact that there are over a million posts on this BB by members who have been here for varying duration. You failed to understand that. You instead decided to make it about post count. (Is this the first time you've used this argument.) You have not spent time reading the OP's other threads and the replies he has received. You have not spent time reading other member's posts on academic integrity, power in the work place, and other related topics in scores of threads on this BB. (Hint. The search button is your friend.) Instead, you come here and grandstand. And everyone should agree with you because you have not demonstrated you know what is going on with the OP.
  13. Sigaba

    What would you do if your University Professor cheat?

    @TomJeff, you have been a member of this BB for less than 30 minutes. Unless you've spend several thousand hours lurking here and reading posts by members on similar topics, and can demonstrate having done so by pasting links to specific comments, your opinion is unlikely to carry much weight at this time.

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