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  1. Was Joan of Arc crazy?

    Congratulations. You've managed to write a post that is even more anti-intellectual than the OP. You will be eaten alive in the Ivory Tower if you respond to controversial questions/subjects by wrapping yourself in your faith, especially when it suggests a monolithic characterization of hundreds of millions of people.
  2. Fall 2018 Applicants

    I have done a poor job this application season pointing out such programs to aspiring graduate students. I would add to @gsc's recommendation a suggestion that one perform some due diligence before putting eggs into an inter-university basket. Just because two institutions have a relationship that enables cross pollination, it doesn't mean that worker bees can make honey where ever they like. Different hives will have different priorities and sensibilities. (Don't worry, I'm not going to drone on too long here.) In addition to contacting departments about the specifics of such programs, look at the works of the historians you envision on your committees. Do you see evidence of collaboration, collegiality, and genuine respect? Or are you going to be bouncing back and forth while cross town rivals use you as a ping pong ball?
  3. Fall 2018 Applicants

    I recommend a longer conclusion. A longer conclusion will allow you to show how well you can pivot from a specific topic to larger / broader issues. Demonstrating this skill may be pivotal as your intended emphasis differs somewhat from the emphasis of your WS. IRT the introduction, I would try very hard to it to five pages. Next year, you'll be writing review essays that summarize vibrant fields of debate into paragraphs. You will sit in seminars in which professors run through reading lists, summarizing 500-800 books in one sentence. You will spend hours in library stacks, skimming/reading selectively through books for their core arguments. There is no time like the present to work on this skill and no better opportunity to show readers that you can think and write like a historian. I understand that this recommendation may cause anxiety. As @Tigla points out, one becomes attached to one's writing. However, as a very accomplished professor commented on my writing, "sometimes less is more."
  4. What would you do if your University Professor cheat?

    Well, thank you for slumming and enlightening us.
  5. Fall 2018 Applicants

    FWIW, I agree that your writing sample may be top heavy. Are there opportunities to take some elements of the historiographical discussion out of your introduction and integrate them into the middle? What follows is a rough sketch of what I'm proposing. Paragraphs describing an event E or a dynamic D. Paragraph summarizing existing interpretations. (Thus far, historians studying X have fallen into one or more categories...) Transition. (However, these interpretations overlook [A, B, C] and therefore merit (slight/significant) reinterpretation.) Paragraph with your analysis of E or D. Transition. (The same factors that shaped E or D, played a less/more significant / different role in ...)
  6. Funding eligibility if I work p/t at university?

    Congratulations. Be careful. Make sure that this job isn't a "hustle" in the eyes of any professor who has power over you. Also understand that approving a course of action and approval aren't always the same thing. It's very unlikely that a professor is going to pull you aside and tell you what she or others in the department really think of student affairs. (To put it bluntly, the existence of this forum and other virtual communities speaks volumes of what a critical mass of history professors ultimately think about students.)
  7. Think of your current specific interests like playing in a classical orchestra. If you switch from one wood wind to another, it's unlikely that any eyebrows will raise. If you switch to another section, just be prepared to discuss the transition as part of your growth. A jump to an entirely different group of instruments or genre may require you to convince Professor Eleanor Shellstrop otherwise when she sniffs, "That's not music, that's EDM."
  8. Be mindful of an unfortunate fact of the Ivory Tower -- many academics are disdainful of those who aspire to teach. Even if your potential advisors have won teaching awards, others sitting on admissions committees may want graduate students who are focused on research.
  9. What would you do if your University Professor cheat?

    "We." I read your note. I don't believe you. If you really cared about this issue as much as you'd like others to believe, you'd have filed a lawsuit against the professor, his department, his school, and the parent system. You'd have gone to the press. You'd have gone to all of the schools he's attended. You'd have identified former classmates and interviewed them for evidence of similar behavior. You'd be financing the effort with crowdfunding. And you would be using your true name when leveling allegations that could torpedo a guy's career. If you really cared, you certainly would not be dithering around, parsing words, asking leading questions, tasking others to do your research for you, and arguing with anyone who dared to disagree with you. My theory is that you were a student of his. As a thief thinks everyone else is a thief, and a liar thinks everyone else is a liar; my theory is that you were caught doing something dishonest and/or he thought less of you and your work than you do. You got what you had coming to you. Did he take away your funding? Did he take your name off an article? Or maybe he just didn't nod his head vigorously and sit in awe of your brilliance. (One does not wonder why.) In retaliation you're conducting a whispering campaign that would be actionable under the California civil code--in a word, the word starts and ends with 'l'--were it not for your intellectual weakness and lack of will. You dress up the latter with self serving catechisms and the former by adopting a username you're unworthy to use. Here, let's play your game. Unless you provide exhaustive and conclusive proof that the theory outlined above is untrue, then one can rightly assume that there's something to it. Next step is to make a mountain range out of mole hills while weaving a tapestry of self righteousness. TL/DR: Read more. Post less. You will find numerous threads started by members with actual courage. Notice the differences between the way you approach your issue and the way they address their problems. It's not even close.
  10. What would you do if your University Professor cheat?

    Since the OP clearly has it all figured out, the question remains. Will the OP take his concerns and evidence to the responsible institutions, publishers, and professional associations and shares the subsequent experiences here or will the OP continue to strut around like Galileo did after he discovered Las Vegas? TL/DR: Don't talk (and talk and talk) the talk if you're not going to walk the walk.
  11. What would you do if your University Professor cheat?

    What have you done with your findings? That is, other than starting multiple threads on a BB.
  12. Fall 2018 Applicants

    This would be a good time for those of you who are lurking to register and to post how things are going this application season. Sure, there's plenty of information to be gained "for free," but why not share what you know? Have you received especially information from professors and graduate students at your current school? Have you received information that is at odds with the recommendations provided here? How have your attempts to establish rapport with potential POIs worked and not worked? Have you been welcomed warmly as a prospective graduate student? Have you been given mixed messages? Have you been ignored? What is your "to do" list and schedule for the rest of the current term? How are you balancing your current responsibilities with your applications? But most of all, how do you define yourself as an aspiring graduate student in history? What are your fields, areas, and intervals? What direction do you see the profession going in the next ten, twenty, forty years?
  13. ...may constitute harassment under your school's policies, if not also law.