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  1. AP

    2020 application thread

    Again, if you are waitlisted and receive an offer elsewhere, do email the first program to reiterate your interest. It never hurts and might help you.
  2. AP

    2020 application thread

    Emory, like other departments, is shrinking its cohorts. Typically, you will get an offer when someone else declines. This can happen after the invitation to campus. IDK when Emory holds those.
  3. AP

    2020 application thread

    Re: Adjunctification https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2020/03/12/adjuncts-serfs-of-academe/
  4. AP

    2020 application thread

    Absolutely. In none of the searches I've been familiar with (as grad student and as faculty) did I witness "this candidate has a crappy dissertation but, hey, they've taught three courses". On the contrary, I've seen relative green teachers get positions. Your research is far more important. A done dissertation is right there at the top.
  5. AP

    2020 application thread

    Like @AfricanusCrowther, I'd also want to know more about these other opportunities. If you are not instructor of record, Thing can help you personally but not professionally. (I'm not saying you won't get a job with just TAing, but it won't certainly because you TAed). If you don't have the choice to be instructor of record, then try diversifying your teaching experience. Eg: In some schools, you can work for the Teaching and Learning Center facilitating workshops for faculty/grad students. There are also things like a digital scholarship center where often they hire grad students to provide support and even provide instruction on some digital tool. A friend of mine worked at the University rare books library where he eventually designed an exhibit.
  6. AP

    2020 application thread

    It truly depends on many, many things. I want to be clear on something now that I've been hired and that I've participated in a search at my institution. There is no formula to get a TT job. THERE IS NO FORMULA. Like when applying to grad school, many things are unknown. I can assure you the job market is incredibly less straightforward than grad school admissions. At my institution, an R1, research is very important so conversations swirled around originality of argument, the literature candidates were engaging with, the possibility of grants, the possibility of cool courses. Needless to say, research production such as articles is evidence of cool research. [Tip for Americanists: please, f*cking engage with the literature of your topic outside the US. Eg: if you study gender in urban settings, do engage with scholars that study Europe and Latin America, for example] So, there's no golden time between time of degree and time of job, though if you've been out and you haven't taken a VAP, postdoc, or NTT, it's harder to come back. This is incredibly unfair to women, of course. Always take the TT offer (minus the exaggerated caveat proposed by @telkanuru). You might be able to negotiate postponing a TT starting date for a prestigious postdoc. This usually happens at institutions that do not need you right away, so it's the exception, not the rule. It's always best to do your research, though I can tell you that coming from abroad I had no idea what fellowships were least of all what I should be applying to. Peers and advisors walked me through that in my first and second years. Re: online presence, you've noticed that it doesn't matter. However, know this: people will look you up so having online presence gives you control of what they find. I've been very active on twitter and thus was able to find out about opportunities (conferences, fellowships, archives) that I could have missed. I even organized an entire conference with twitter friends. Again, I came to the US with no network so for me my online presence was a way to creating my niche.
  7. AP

    2020 application thread

    In the departments I'm familiar with (non-Ivies but R1 or SLAC institutions), they have been hiring TT professors since at least 2012. Once or twice, the hires were for senior professors. In all four departments I'm thinking of (my grad program, my current job, my former SO's program, and their current job), people also left (retired/moved to another institution/moved to administration). These are, of course, the minority within Higher Education. they are the exception, not the rule. They only represent how privileged I am and they do not represent the stae of the job market nor of history enrollments nationwide. In addition, as programs are shrinking across the board, several Ivies continue to admit 20 students per cohort. What this model suggests to me is that Ivies/R1 will feed Ivies/R1 even more than they do now. To me, this incredibly dangerous not because Ivies are mean or anything (I have incredible friends and colleagues from Ivies), but because we, scholars, want diversity in academia. Diversity means, among other things, diversity of backgrounds, education, and approaches to the study of the past. If only a couple of programs survive this debacle, that's unlikely to happen... [It's Friday and I've been grading all day. I think I'm thinking out loud and my thoughts are kind of messy]
  8. AP

    2020 application thread

    Meet with other professors that might inform your research. Eg: if you do environmental history, meet with environmental historians, even if they don't work on your geographical region. Also meet with others in your geographical region that might be readers of your work. Eg: If you are Americanist, meet with one or two more if you can, especially one that does a different time period. It's ok to ask your POI who they suggest meeting with. They might know of someone in another department. At my institution, I've met with PhD applicants that study Europe or the US but who are interesting in my research focus (urban history in Latin America).
  9. Given this information, I think you will be asked about your awareness of the job market and what else you have mind after graduation. I've heard more and more faculty accepting students only if they do not plan to only apply to the academic job market. Of course, this varies by field.
  10. AP

    2020 application thread

    That's a great department! I hope you are moved to the "happily accepted" list soon!
  11. An offer is an offer. Unless you don't respond by the date they tell you, they cannot rescind it. However, you can very much contact TN and let them know you have a funded offer in hand. That might help accelerate discussions, or at least tell you where you stand. Eg: When I was applying, a faculty called me saying that I was accepted but funding didn't come through yet. It was my top choice POI. I told them that I had an offer in hand. They asked how much and when I answered they said they could never match it. I'm not saying this will happen to you, but just that the circulation of information sometimes helps.
  12. AP

    2020 application thread

    Really???? Well, I am not so sure why we'd want many pages. I feel this year there are more conversations. But true, less people...
  13. AP

    2020 application thread

    OH NOOOO!!! My truest apologies. Should have double-checked. 😫
  14. Hi! I have friends who are finishing their doctoral programs with kids, but yes, it's very hard. One of my friends gave birth in her first semester! All of them with little kiddos eventually took a semester off, so you might want to factor that in just in case. There are a couple of FB groups that you can join (one is Academic Mamas). There are also a couple of IG profiles to follow. Also, check out if your programs have health benefits, day care (some have emergency care, for when your normal care is unavailable), etc.
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