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  1. The AdComm is a group of maybe three people in the Department. So, no, the fact that a professor is not in the adcomm does not mean that they are not going to supervise any students. Professors on leave would not participate.
  2. I worked for several years before starting my PhD and I cannot say enough benefits from it. I do think you'd be in a better position, especially for your field, to enter the PhD with more field experience. Further, I've known several higher administrators doing their PhDs as they worked. It was like their work was their field work. of course, YMMV
  3. To be 100% fluent and bilingual, you need to move to a country where all your life is in English.
  4. Re: Faculty and emails. It may happen that the person you are contacting is, like @OHSP's advisor, just bad at responding promptly. Others may be on precious leave (or maybe not so precious, if it's medical). Others might be waiting to hear back from their department what the policy is regarding admissions is. Admissions to programs are never decided by any one organism within the university. So, be patient and it is absolutely fine to write a follow up email if you haven't heard anything in a week. (No one will decline your admission for being respectfully insisten
  5. Did you get any reason for the rejections? Sometimes journals explain that your paper is not a good fit for them, so you know maybe you can sell it elsewhere. Something that worked for me was to workshop my paper. During my graduate career, we got together with other students in my field and once a month we commented on pre-circulated paper. It was lots of work for everyone, but very useful. This urgency to publish before you graduate can be field-specific (in History, Americanists publish like crazy). I suggest you approach your advisor about this. They will know better i
  6. AP

    Lost In Research

    I know people fall into: 1) Those who changed the geographic area because they realized they were more interested in X than they thought. Eg: switching from Latin America to Africa for decolonization. 2) Those who within the first year dropped the project they came in with, while they maintained the general topic and geographical area. Eg: Someone came in wanting to do memory studies in confederate monuments and shifted towards museums, the civil rights movements, and memory. 3) Those who came with the opposite: a loose idea of what they wanted to do –like memory or decolonizati
  7. Well, a reason can be that departments need grad students to exploit as cheap labor and TA/teach. So, it's not that they are ready to fully support them in the long run, is that they still them.
  8. Yes. I've been telling graduate and undergraduate students alike the same thing: Anticipate that you may need to shift your project at some point. At least until November, we don't know if/when this crisis is going to end. We work with what we have.
  9. Though sad news, I agree it's the most responsible move in order to guarantee funding and support to current students. I'm very worried for international projects who still cannot travel abroad due to their own safety measures, country of destination COVID response, or lack of funding because school won't support international travel. These students will need more than a year to recover.
  10. I think neither is Pitt. Read something on twitter.
  11. I applied to two countries. For now, don't worried about things that haven't happened or offers you don't have. When the time comes, you communicate with the programs to see how they can assist with decision deadlines. It's not worth your energy to worry about that, use that energy to write stellar applications so that you actually have the problem of having to choose.
  12. CC your chair/DUS or keep them somehow in the loop. Protect yourself and anticipate this person is going to fight you tooth an nail. Also, you cannot learn critical thinking without writing clearly. If you cannot summarize (A basic skill) you cannot synthesize, compare, assess, or evaluate.
  13. Per this Zoom Help article, you can have presenter view while only sharing the presentation and seeing the chat/other Zoom windows. I suggest you practice with a friend, since it sounds you’ve never done this before.
  14. No, again, they wouldn't typically Google you. If they do, it might be before an interview (if you program has interviews), but no one would go out of their ways to try to find your hidden posts. I know this is hard to believe, but faculty don't have that much time in their hands. They would do a Google search like anyone does. I don't think anyone would click on your social media, except maybe Twitter? To see if you follow someone they know. If a university-related post appears, they might click on that because it would be more pertinent. Other than that, there is no secret faculty
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