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  1. There are people, like your advisor, who consider academia as a lifestyle. I don't, for me it is a job. You need to decide whether you agree with him or not. Either way will be fine because it is about you and your life, but you need to be honest with yourself and your advisor about this. I know many people who moved away to be with their SO (myself included). Is it hard? Yes. Is it impossible? No.
  2. How's History at Oxford?

    I would suggest contacting both current students and alumni to receive a well-informed response.
  3. As an international student, I've never had much stuff because I always rented with a roommate that had furniture. But still, during summers I left boxes/my car with friends except one summer when I rented a storage unit.
  4. Fall 2018 Applicants

    @Basura I didn't get your research area. I understand the inclination to accept the PhD offer from CUNY but I am not in a hurry to dismiss UGA so quickly. UGA is in consortium with Emory, GATech, and GSU. If you are doing southern history, landscapes, architecture,... I think it could be a good place. Again, I am missing a big piece of information here (couldn't find it, sorry).
  5. Good deal?

    It seems you've done sound research and it is a good offer for your current situation. Congrats!!!
  6. Good deal?

    $18,500 is an OK offer. I use some online comparison websites to have an idea. For example, when I moved to California I had no idea what everybody meant by 'expensive'. Was it the taxes? Rent? Gas? Now, $2000 for the summer is not much if they are giving you $2000/month during the academic year. How would you pay rent? Eat? Think about these things. In my case, I got a part-time job during the summer. Did you ask if summer and conference travel is competitive? (i.e. not guaranteed?)
  7. Visitations and Impostor Syndrome

    Imposter syndrome is more common than you think. I had it for real when I began writing my dissertation. I would just stare at the blank page on the screen tryin to figure out why the heck they picked me if I cannot write. I have friends that are having job interviews and campus visits and they come with that feeling: "they think I am so great, they don't know that I'm just a regular applicant". Right now, the most important thing you can is develop some techniques so that it doesn't hinder your enjoying recruitment.
  8. Call the consulate, but I doubt that in the context of the state department a recruitment weekend counts as an emergency.
  9. Fall 2018 Applicants

    When I applied (five years ago), I heard from Princeton and Harvard around mid-February, maybe the 15th?
  10. Have you tried subscribing to H-Net?
  11. Fall 2018 Applicants

    I love how the forum sparks this time of the year. Here I'm applying for completion fellowships. So my stress level is similar to yours in the sense that the rest of my life depends on this moment. If I don't get funding, I can't finish. By all means, congratulations to those admitted! And if you have happy thoughts, send them to my selection committees way so they give me the money!
  12. Any Consequences for Accepting?

    You are not obliged to respond right now.
  13. In the humanities at least, you can use/polish the thesis to fulfill the requirements of the WS. Mine was ok, but got a lower grade than I deserved and I still got in.
  14. Time to receive a decision

    It varies from program to program, which explains why you haven't received any information yet. Until April (rarely, but possible) you can still hear from schools. If you are interested in a particular school and program, I suggest you search in the results search bar.
  15. There is no need. You could contact the Program Coordinator, but it does not seem useful after submission unless your POI or the AdComm requested this information.