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  1. The NSF GRFP specifically permits applications from individuals interested in pursuing graduate degrees in the history of science (as opposed to history broadly, or other specializations). I am still 1 to 2 years out from applying to any post-undergraduate program, but as a student interested in the history of medicine, has anyone here had any success with getting the NSF to fund a Master's or PhD in the history of science? Or even an adjacent field, like medical anthropology? I am curious as to whether this funding source is actually viable for social sciences / humanities folks.
  2. UPenn has closed all Arts & Sciences PhD admissions this year (picture from reddit). Unless you want to pay for a PhD, I guess.
  3. There is a reddit thread compiling programs that are not accepting applicants that many of you will find useful: https://www.reddit.com/r/gradadmissions/comments/iekjt5/updated_list_of_programs_not_accepting_applicants/
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